After Alia Bhatt & Sussanne, Suhana Khan lauds Hrithik Roshan’s open letter for Aryan Khan

Updated on Oct 08, 2021 02:10 PM IST  |  188K
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After Alia Bhatt & Sussanne, Suhana Khan lauds Hrithik Roshan’s open letter for Aryan Khan (Image: Suhana Khan Instagram)

On Thursday, October 7, actor Hrithik Roshan took to social media to extend support to Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan amid the ongoing alleged drug case filed against him. Now, sister Suhana Khan has appreciated the Krrish actor’s amicable gesture by reacting to the post shared by him. 

In the open letter, Hrithik urged Aryan Khan to remain ‘calm’ amid the chaos. The Krissh actor articulated how god gives strong people ‘the toughest balls to play’. He further went on to promise the star-kid that one day when the sun shines bright, it will all make sense to him. He wrote, “I’v known you as a kid and i’v known you as a man. Own it. Own everything you experience. They’r your gifts. Trust me. In time when you connect the dots... I promise you , It’s gonna make sense. Only if you have stared the devil in his eyes and kept your calm. Keep calm . Observe. These moments are the makers of your Tom. And Tom is going to have a brilliant sun shining. But for it , you must go thru the dark. Calm , still , owning your own. And trusting the light. Within. It’s always there .Love you man.”

Read the entire letter in the post below:

Now, Suhana Khan has appreciated Hrithik Roshan’s letter by liking the post. Apart from her, Alia Bhatt and ex wife Sussanne Khan also praised Hrithik’s note a few hours ago. While Alia use a red heart emoticon to show her support, on the other hand, Sussane said, “true to this” in the comment section. 

Speaking of the case, Aryan Khan, Arbaaz Khan Merchant, Munmun Dhamecha and 4 others' NCB custody came to an end on Thursday. The court sent the accused to 14-day judicial custody in the cruise drugs seizure case. The court hearing began on Thursday afternoon and went on till evening. 

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Anonymous : Raid the Kapoors Khans and Bhatts. Bollywood will be cleansed forever. Only Bachchan’s Kumars and Devgans are clean.
REPLY 0 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : gonna supporting each other
REPLY 1 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Hrithik is talking wisdom here ! Okay ! But the timing is bad..i mean..let the 23 yeard Old realize his mistake first. We need not pamper him without giving space to even realize his blunders right. It will only help him grow
REPLY 7 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : only good people suffer... bad escape... Hrithik is right. Aryan will learn and grow from this experience
REPLY 1 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Hrithik no need for these comments. You will just invite more commentary on the little guy
REPLY 1 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : that kid i mean that ADULT always looks high just like his parents n their friends
REPLY 7 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : yet no one supported ssr may they all rot
REPLY 3 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Wow this Bullywood always stand with whom they see money. Absolutely no appreciation for NCB and Center. Guy is caught with drugs and deserves what he is going through. If not for his last name
REPLY 20 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Leave it to NCB's family members to appreciate them.
REPLY 0 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : People are quick to judge and criticise. He’s being victimised for no other reason than his last name. Do you think he’s having fun ?
REPLY 0 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Sab ki
REPLY 4 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Ncb is a joke. Indian system is shambles
REPLY 6 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : I don’t understand one thing…people do make mistakes children do make mistakes so what??? Move on it’s not like we haven’t made any mistake better learn and move on
REPLY 2 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : but how will Aryan read this in jail !!?? :P
REPLY 7 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : His dad and mom will read it to him
REPLY 1 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : and u supporting the killer who crushed farmers in Lakhimpur.
REPLY 5 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Boo hoo, clearly now he was arrested for just reasons. Enough of this babying Indian offsprings of celebrities.
REPLY 22 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : apne ghar mein dekho, I'm sure you'll find someone who consumes drugs... sirf celebrities nahi karte... its everywhere in India, and its a menace. All kids have to be taught about it. So, please... think before you talk
REPLY 0 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Now this "CHILD" will NEVER smile.....
REPLY 15 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : if you wish for something like this for a 22 year old, tum jaise logon se toh achha hai Aryan...
REPLY 0 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Shamelessly supporting the khans.
REPLY 18 2 weeks ago
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