After Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra’s red-hot magazine shoot, fans root for the actors to get married

Recently, Parineeti Chopra and Arjun Kapoor featured on the cover of Brides Today India's September edition and looking at their chemistry, fans immediately ask them to get married. Take a look!
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Recently, Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra featured on the cover of Brides Today India's September edition and they looked like one red-hot couple, don’t you agree? Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra are always up to some mischief and publicly pulling each other’s leg. However, this time around, they blew us away with their sizzling chemistry on the magazine cover. And knowing Arjun, he couldn’t stop himself from passing a mischievous comment. While posting the cover photo on Instagram, Arjun wrote, “What an amazing moment for @ParineetiChopra! Congratulations on this amazing opportunity of sharing the cover with me !!!.”   

And knowing their camaraderie, Parineeti was quick to reply as she wrote, “Absolutely thrilled for @arjunkapoor, who gets a chance to share a magazine cover with me! Hi baba how does it feel to achieve this milestone?......” And while the actors were busy passing cheeky comments to each other, their fans took it a notch up and asked the two to tie the knot. That’s right, and we too agree with the fans.

But amid all this, here’s what the fans had to say. While some fans asked Arjun and Pari if they are dating, others asked them to get married and showered them with beautiful compliments like ‘You two are just mind blowing’ and ‘You both should marry, God bless’. Are you listening, Arjun and Pari?

On the cover, Arjun is seen holding Pari in a dance move position with Pari's hand over his shoulder. Arjun sported a white shirt paired with a sequenced blazer and pants. On the other hand, Pari wore a red sheer print sequenced dress with her hair kept straight with a side parting.


I agree! These two are actually good together! Start some blind items on them so we can actually believe them once in a while!

parineeti has chemistry with everyone

Aditya and Parineeti look very good together. But I think Aditya has a type.. skinny is the key word.

aditya has no type..he goes for what is served easy...believe you me


I request Yrf.. can we please have some PR with these two. Rather than having Alia-Ranbir shoved down our throats!!! Atleast it will be cute

Does anyone like Alia-Ranbir?

I think Pari- Aditya Roy Kapur make a better pair! #TeanAdiNeeti!

parineeti and Arjun have absolutely no romantic chemistry so there banter works for them as a pair. parineeti and sid m seem more attracted to each other

Don't think Parineeti is Sid's trype

sid likes models

they are really funny

See, Karan goes about it all wrong. Arjun and Parineeti are beginning to promote their movie and have PR romance, yet people are already raving that they should be a couple. Same was with plenty from as recently as Bhumi-Ayushman to as classic as SRK-Kajol, people are like "Why aren't they together?" If you just stuff them down as a fake couple from the beginning like Ranbir-Alia, people know its fake.

when the chemistry is natural and comfortable it automatically becomes a lot more authentic and the audience like that because it is real. fake anything is a put off and forcing a couple is too. this why ppl like varun-alia so much because they are not dating but they have real chemistry

Sorry Pari, you aint no Mailaka lol

Ya Arjun would never go for someone as simple as Pari. He needs hot bod Malaika!

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