After Shah Rukh Khan, Ranveer Singh to play modern day Devdas in Arjun Reddy's Hindi remake

Ranveer Singh will reportedly be seen playing a modern day Devdas in the Hindi remake of Arjun Reddy.
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It was only recently that reports of Ranveer Singh being part of the Hindi remake of Arjun Reddy had gone viral. 

Arjun Reddy is a popular South film featuring Telugu actor Vijay Devarakonda which is said to be a modern-day re-telling of Devdas. 

A source told a leading daily, “The producers have met Ranveer and he has shown a lot of interest in the project. They will show him the film in the next couple of days and a decision will be made.” 

Parallels are being drawn at lead characters of Devdas and Arjun Reddy wherein the duo was self-destructive and had resorted to alcohol post a broken relationship. 

Recently, Rohit Shetty had confirmed that he will come together with Ranveer Singh for the remake of the hit Telugu film, Temper. Rohit Shetty has bought the rights for the remake.

“We have bought the rights of Temper but our film is not exactly a remake. We wanted to take four-five scenes from Temper but we thought it’s better to buy the rights. It’s what we did with Singham. Our film was different from the original Singham except a few scenes. Here also, we have written our own film taking the exact idea,” Rohit Shetty said. 

When asked about comparisons with the original film, “Comparisons are inevitable. Which film releases nowadays without controversy or comparisons? So, that’s not an issue. We don’t want to hide anything so we are clearly saying that yes, we have bought the rights. I don’t think that would happen with me because I have done Singham and nothing of that sort happened with it,” he said.

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Hero in the telugu movie looks so handsome. just saw on youtube. Certain times, his hair style makes him look like Hrithik roshan.

Pls do not compare with devdad. Vijay killed it with his acting skills om telugu version. Just loved the movie. Vijay was awesome, and handsome too...

you mean after Abhey Deol ?????

Enough with the remakes guys!

DevD with different ending

Not after Shahrukh Khan but after Abhay Deol.

Bollywood is so out of new ideas that they are remaking hit movies from the south and other parts of India. The only difference is that they are remaking these movies with bad actors and equally bad directors

He will DESTROY that role... he will be too good! If this really happens... Vijay--prepare yourself for some MAJOR Ranveer is the better actor comparisons... Not saying Vijay was bad... Love Vijay and he is a terrific actor and will go far... but Ranveer will take this character and take it somewhere else and it will be a sight to see :)

He should take a relaxt tablet. Too loud and to much overacting!

Arjun Reddy was awesomme and made it believable bcos Vijay was not a pretending superstar

Ranveer is the only actor who can do any kind of role in today's gen

Arjunn Reddy is neither Dev D nor Devdas remake. The only common thing is dog and alcohol. AR is a totally different take on new age love story with a medical college background. Really excited to see Ranvir play the role.

Loving Devdas too much.

Abhay Deol has already played it in Dev D. Do something new.

He can be excellent choice for this role ))))

I am a telugu person. Arjun reddy is really a far better story than SRk devdas... nor is it completely devdas story to begin with . Director sandeep vanga said ranveer would be apt for hindi remake...I was exactly thinking the same when watching the movie.

so excited

Wow, this is superb news. Arjun Reddy is the latest Telugu film which is a blockbuster and got rave reviews from everyone. I'm so happy that the versatile actor Ranveer Singh will do it in Hindi. Excellent selection.

This is awesome news. Of the current lot only Ranveer can do justice to Arjun Reddy character. I hope they get a fresh face for heroine. Jhanvi Kapoor will be good.

yes but please no shraddha

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