Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, Alia Bhatt & Ranbir join Rishi Kapoor for an EPIC family photo

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan and their daughter Aaradhya joined Alia Bhatt & Ranbir Kapoor in New York and spent time with Rishi and Neetu Kapoor. Check out the pictures below.
News,Ranbir Kapoor,rishi kapoor,alia bhattThe latest picture shared by Ranbir's sister Riddhima Kapoor Sahni screams of family love.
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Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor jet off to New York last week to spend some quality time with each other as well as Ranbir's family. The  Brahmastra stars were also spotted on the streets of the Big Apple as fans posed and clicked selfies with the couple. Now, the latest picture shared by Ranbir's sister Riddhima Kapoor Sahni screams of family love. Riddhima took to Instagram to share an adorable family picture including Rishi and Neetu Kapoor

Well, it wasn't just the Kapoor Khandaan present. But Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan and their daughter Aaradhya were also visiting Rishi and Neetu Kapoor. The picture perfect snap shows Alia sitting beside Rishi Kapoor with Neetu clutching her arm and standing next to her. Right behind Alia is boyfriend Ranbir.

In another picture shared by Riddhima, Rishi, Neetu, Ranbir and Alia are all smiles as they pose for the camera outside a restaurant. Check out the latest pictures below: 




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#sam missing!

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Don't they look like a big happy family? 

Rishi Kapoor who had moved to New York along with his wife Neetu Kapoor after he was diagnosed with cancer is expected to return to India by August end. He has been recuperating slowly and steadily. B-town celebs often make sure to visit the veteran star when they are in New York. 

From Deepika Padukone to Aamir Khan, Neetu Kapoor often shares pictures of their visits with her fans and followers. Alia and Ranbir will be seen in Ayan Mukerji's Brahmastra which is slated to release next year.    

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very nice post. I was looking for that.

Abhi-Ash...the most flop, unfit, fake, boring couple of Bollywood. And Fakewarya called themselves as the Power Couple of Bollywood. Lol.

OMG... Mother India isn't holding, kissing, or suffocating her precious daughter. That's shocking!

Aaradhya looks weird im pretty sure shes retarded poor girl all due to her overprotective mother

This is rich coming from a retarded troll like u...LOL

For once Aish is not clinging on to Aradhya

Hate should be towards ranbir who is fame digger he went after dp bcoz she was on top bcoz of her first film thn kat who got famous now aalia who is on top rank thanks to nepo daddy kjo

oh wait .. the 2nd pic of neetu's daughter ... what is that expression ? did she just realised that she is good for nothing ? hahah

Kya Ranbir kat ke sath bhaag gya..Alia ki rajpal yadav se shaadi ho rhi hain..Neetu n Rishi in shock..

Ranbir moved from Kat to Rat?


employment ka sawaal hai baba. Ranveer number 1 ban jai ga iss liye KJO aur Bhatts ko kush rakhana hai

Negative comment from the same group of people only and self declare all haters for RK and Alia and they are in every post to comment about them. How sad their life is.

Ranbir and Aishwarya actually look good together. He looked his best however with Katrina. We are #teamkatrina here.

Sorry to say, Ranbir seems like the kind of guy who would be more into Aishwarya type girls than a cheap, fluttering butterfly , brown nosing types like Alia.


how can I add comment

how come Alia is bf of Katrina she is ten years younger than her maybe aunty and cunning kat wants to be around with filmy background by tagging them in some way and pretending to be kind.

The only unhappy person in this entire pic.. ranbir.. He must be a masochist or something to keep doing this shit to himself

Somebody is jealous ouch Abhiash guys have a wonderful holiday btw they own an apartment in Manhattan. You don’t worry abt them but worry abt how you are going to spend your holiday hater

no. they don't apartment in nyc. don't spread wrong news. public records are available to check who owns in nyc. do you even know that? i own in NYC so i know the gov. website. if you do , go check on it.

they stay at a posh mandarin oriental hotel on upper west side.

Oh yeah Kareena & Saif have all the time to holiday in Tuscany & London 3-4 times but cannot visit their uncle right ?? What an upbringing...

Meanwhile they are unaware and dont care about your comments

Unhinged person the nation will not listen to your poison

God has blessed them with wealth fame and name so stop the jealousy cause he ignored you.

so kat is back to telling rk how good they looked together-which they didn't by the way they looked like siblings and he looked as bored and disinterested around her as he looked with alia, but kat only sees and obv believes only what she wants to-and begging him to take her back, begging his mom to let! how delusional can she be, he moved in with her when he wanted, his mom couldn't stop it, he dumped her without telling her because he wanted to, no one made him, he never really loved you, he was infatuated with you, stop telling yourself otherwise, stop waiting and pining, he didn't marry you when you were the hottest girl in BW, he won't marry you now, that's not how he works, he likes em hot and happening, so as someone who really hates seeing women wasting their lives on men who couldn't care less about em here's my advice to you, get a grip, get a life that doesn't revolve around a guy who never cared about you enough, a guy who's telling you in more ways than one that he has moved on and is serious about someone else..take the hint kat and get it through your head that it is OVER and move on like he did

alia and rk might feel that they are not at fault. parents are ignoring mistakes for money and career.but god can see who has done what. people who wrong others can never be happy. time will teach alia her mistakes.

Amit ji working hard n jobless ash Abhishek going on vacations to compete with Saif Kareena. Saif Kareena works so hard, Abhishek buckle up u need to stop tripping and earn so ur dad can relax

laughing stock of bollywood!

Chooha means rat bandriya means monkey nagin means snake

Why Aishwarya wears so much paint, everyone else looks normal .. she is trying hard to pout that failed too

The only person with full makeup —- trashwarya Oberoi bachchan

These haters and jealous are killing Bollywood!


Lovely pictures of family reunion. Talented people - their work speaks for them and haters are busy passing comments.

Abhishek is no star material, normal looking guy. Aishwarya needs better style, its either curls or straight. Rishi's daughter looks better than her.

That's because Fakewarya wears a wig. She makes so much money, she should buy better quality fake hair.

Alia is chooha of bollywood, chalo haso haso haso mere saath hihihihihihihihihi

Flop abhishek. Get lost

School hols for Aaradhya ?

I entered this topic only for Ash & Aaru. I like none from the rest of the gang.

Make them burn Ranbir and Alia both with your stardom, fame and millions!

Flopwarya oberio bachchan hairstyle is wierd

Kangana stop the comments only you can be that jealous of Alia

Neetu, please don't ruin your son's life. Let him go back to Kat as his heart is there. U made peace with Deepika n now it's time for you to hand over the kandhaani kangan to Kat and wholeheartedly accept her. Oh Alia can be a good play date for your grand daughter.

alia trying to hard to be kapoor bahu

Is the lady in blue Nafisa Ali ?

Instead of doing this aidh and aradhya shoulf be admitetted to mental hospital asap

Alia should be beaten to death alongwith kjo .Guys support me please in thie noble cause please

Loser short below average man uglia posting so many positive comments.Bhaag yaha se

The comments here are just too funny cant stop laughing. Someone please tell me the meaning of chooha, naagin and bandariya, i am from America I don't understand

You are the same person typing away those words and fake bitch you are asking for meaning. America or England eeveryone knows what those words mean.

Chooha is rat
Naagin is snake( female)
Bandariya is monkey( female)

I want aaradhya's outfit. very cute

I want aaradhya's outfit. very cute

Ranbir needs to quit the limelight for a bit and go to a spa maybe. He always seems to look tired.

WTF are these comments? For real people?!! I swear such comments make you sound crazy and psychotic. You need to visit a doctor. Prayers for you guys

Alia is so innocent sweet and harmless, she hasn't done anything to deserve such immense hate, and let me tell you that alia always said she had a huge crush on ranbir, he was single and maybe he liked her too. Please stop this hate focus on ur lives and do something productive with your time instead of wasting it in spewing too much venom

Idk about their relationship status, if it's casual or real or promotional strategy, but I know one thing for sure - both RK and Kat are not over it. It's very evident from Katrina's interviews that she's somehow keeping her shit together and it's commendable but sad at the same time. Kat you beauty ❤️ And with RK, I really really hope he gets rid of KJo and Ayan because look at all the hate he's receiving. His talent has never been questioned even when he gave flops after flops but look at him rn... he's being hated so much just because of this publicity tactic( which I think it is) he has indulged himself in. Idk, people are just not excited for Brahmastra the way they were with Sanju or are with Shamshera just because of this whole fake couple thing going on. RK-Kat-Alia really remind me of Justin-Selena-Hailey just the difference is that Hailey was not friends with Selena. Justin is also going overboard and fast with his PDAs and decisions which he'll end up regretting soon. Selena on the other hand is healing herself first, just like Kat. Anyway, I'll always be a RanKat and Jelena shipper even though future holds something else for them.

wow wow one jealous hater have a very interesting conversation with himself in the comment section lol seems like even his brain shrinker lost all hope for him and dumped him so he now burns his a$$ here lol it's sooooo entertaining

Putting all jokes aside, it's a well known fact that RK and Ayaan are doing drugs for years now, what's new now is that Alia is doing drugs and her latest airport pictures confirms it, RK is a bad person and so is Alia and anyone part of their inner circle is same, kjo kareena and the list goes on, if there is ever something as the dark corrupt side of Bollywood, these people sure represent it....disgusting people that deserve each other

Wait.. nobody is talking about obsessive mommy witchwarya rai bachchan here

By looking at his recent pictures; ranbir has once again proved that he's officially drugbir kapoor
Post it

Alia has proved once again that she is a chooha, the official chooha of bollywood aka uglia bhatt kapoor

Alia desperately trying to save her "innocent" image. But the audience knows better. No self respecting woman would go after her friend ex.But narcissit Alia can do anything for fame.

All the hate comments are for these jokers. I guess ash has become too irrelevant to be hated on. Poor thing

Neetu is looking younger than Alia

I second that friend..yyyy ranbir???u n kat actually looked like dream together..n u actually loved her..we all could see that..very sad!!!Alia's second name is cunningness,shrewdness n she is not even 10th of wat kat or dp is..absolutely sad!if love means Alia..i am better off alone..She is weight on our souls..we all hate her..eye n heart sore!

muuuaaahhhhh to the lovely beautiful family.....❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Which irritating celebrity has the funniest and most entertaining comments on their posts? Pls vote
1) Uglia bhatt
2) the official duck of bollywood anushka
3) botox buddhi Katrina
4) the official joker of bollywood embarassing ranveer
5) depression queen deepika
6) drug addict ranbir
7) home breaker PissCee
8) the official grandpa of bollywood srk
9) king of crimes Lallu bhai
10) pout aunty Kareena
11) skeleton ananya
12) the official psychopath of bollywood kangana
13) sodumb kapoor
14) baap of nepotism Kjo

post pv don't ignore this pls

Haha all too funny but #13 my fave

You nailed it man LOL, here are my picks:
1) Uglia Bhatt and Drug Addict drugbir
2) botox buddhi Katrina
3) the official duck of bollywood anushka
4) baap of nepotism Kjo
5) Witchwarya Rai Bachchan (you forgot to mention her)

So happy to see Aishwarya in kapoor family picture, she looks gorgeous and the adorbs aaradhya on Rishi’s lap! Awwww.

Someone tell me what he saw in that uglia girl, I mean did he look at her face?

Alia being very sucessful that's what he saw in Alia he wants to be very successful and tag along with a successful actress.

She isn’t that great but then neither is he. He looks like a has been addict. What did she see in him? Made for each other I guess

I just came here waiting for the super hilarious comments about the biggest jokers in B-town, drugbir and uglia

wow you're life must be miserable if it's your the only pleasure to mock people who will never know you lol

No my life is amazing, I just love to hate all celebs here because they are so stupid and annoying. Making fun of them makes me feel great and also reading nasty comments about them. I am an evil person you know

I guess It's now officially confirmed tuat drugbir and his uglia are the no 1 most hated celebs on this site. Congratulations on the title DRUGLIA

Guys I think we should give this besharam couple a new nickname "Druglia" what say? ;) LOL

She's the worst looking actress in bollywood that's why she is called uglia

Besides all the nasty comments and personal love or hate, I genuinely don’t understand what does Alia have that Kat didn’t. He looked so so amazing Witt her and they looked so in love.

Katrina was always a very bad person.she always mistreated her crew and even her fans.extremely cold.never gelled with ranbir's family.gave an interview trying to pressure him into marrying her.she only came to ranbir because salman was abusing her and kapoor family tag.and now she is back to salman for work.she left ranbir when he had flops and still uses him for publicity after 3 years of breakup.such a woman cannot be a good wife to anyone.yes she was very beautiful...but her heart was black.hope that answered your question. And if you want to know how i know all this...i am an ex crew member she dismissed because i was 5 minutes late for traffic. Pv please post. I hope ranbir and alia are always happy because they are always very nice to their team and their fans

Pv spare us. Nobody cares about drugbir and his uglia

Bitter comments are repeated by same person again and again.

Some Anon below is so jealous so burn burn burn!


Alia should be beaten to death alongwith kjo aunty.Guys please support me in this noble cause

Yes I also agree, the official duck of bollywood should be beaten to death as well. She has a very arrogant and irritating personality, I just cannot stand her

I am with you!

Ranbir looks stoned. Poor guy needs it 24/7 now with Rat

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