Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: Abhishek Bachchan is my favorite actor

Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan have worked together in several films. Aishwarya said that Abhishek Bachchan is her favorite actor in a recent interview.
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Bollywood’s power couple Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan have worked together in several films- Guru, Umrao Jaan, Raavan, Kuch na Kaho and others. They have been a popular on-screen couple and may star together again in a cop drama.

Aishwarya had told Hindustan Times, “Yes, we have been offered movies together but an announcement can be only be made once the script is finally locked. Even before a decision can be made, stories do float around.”

Aishwarya returned from France two days ago. She nailed the red carpet looks at the Cannes Film Festival. The actor was the cynosure of all eyes at the Cannes Film Festival. Aishwarya talked to Daily Mail about her experience at Cannes. She said that she would love for her daughter to style her.

When asked who her favorite actor is, Aishwarya said, “Abhishek.”

About husband Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya had said in an earlier interview with Filmfare, “He’s special because he’s himself. He’s a normal guy. When he walks into a room, he carries his lineage and his upbringing. It’s all out there in the obvious and yet you know he’s a guy in the room you can have a conversation with, you can hang out with, you can have fun with, you can have an intense conversation with. He’s someone who’ll have a straight face even as he jokes with you. He was born into showbiz and he has a lineage to carry. Despite all that there’s nothing showbiz about him. That’s the nicest part. He’s relatable and engaging as a person. And he’s my man, the father of my child.”


So much toxicity for this very decent and lovely couple who keep to themselves. I wonder whose pr is out to get them

Abhi-Ash are my favorite Bollywood couple. Love them a lot.

i think abishek is a very good actor. of course, he cannot touch his father and even he knows that. but the thing is that BECAUSE he is a good actor he does not overact and ham as much as say shahrukh or salman does. anyone will have to admit that SRK or salman are not any better actors than abishek but its just that they know how to overact, over-emote and ham and play to the audience. in bollywood, audiences don't like subtle. but i do think in relation to his wife, it truly is a case of real life abhimaan playing out. notice that when they first got married he was her arm-candy everywhere, including cannes. now he does not even attend cannes. this year he could have gone over the weekend since even aradya was there too. and its not like he has any work or job he will be missing for the weekend. but i guess he doesn't go because now he realises how foolish her looks when he tags along when it is HER accomplishment and you can see videos were he is embarrassed to pose with her when the photographers keep calling her name and not his name. but more than that i am sure his parents, especially jaya, would have told him not to accompany ash to events where she is the one being honored or the center of attention because then its very embarrassing for the bachan name to just be standing there while she takes the limelight. pinkvilla please publish

I feel he is one of most SECURE husbands who supports his wife in everything she does or achieves and he doesn't mind accepting the fact that his wife is more successful than him, no male ego, which is a BIG thing.

Ash and Abhi doesn't mind hate. They are happy that sooo many people cared to click on the post about them.

He was phenomal in Raavan....wish he had gotten a National Award for it

No, he wasn't ! Abhishek's performance in Raavan lead Amitabh to criticize Mani Ratnam , especially the head business . Aishwariya was praised by him. Watch the Tamil version where Vikram did the same role & totally shows his craft & experience.

Is ash living separately or has she totally disconnected herself with her in-laws and husband. Any sane woman would post a family pic (atleast with husband) or with entire family when her FIL is such a megastar in same industry. Its weird! And if she has disconnected then Iwould say better have guts to come out of it publicly and don't latch on to Bachchan surname as that's the one which is giving you limelight and fame.

They look so adorable together.

ya ofcourse...considering her acting standards...she can have him only as her favorite

Her acting standards are much better than Rani.

Really? Pray tell one masterpiece of Ash on celluloid (as Ash herself says) which is at par with Rani mukherjee's Black or Mardaani!

Aishwarya is a pretty model. True
Aishwarya is an actor. Joke of the millennium!

Enough said!

lol...even reshma shetty cant rescue her...

Aastha Sharma is her manager,DUH!

What has Reshma Shetty got to do with Aishwarya? Lol.

Lol, does she ever speak the truth

She does speak a lot of truth.

Aish really has so much of time to reply each negative comments on every articles of her .Sahi hai yarr.

Yeah. And that is why he's doing so well ...

Abhishek has given multiple opportunities to prove himself. Thanks to his papa. Papa B indulges his kids with magazine covers, movie roles, awards and what not.

ok. Whatever makes you feel good.

Aishwarya is not fit to be an indian actress. During the Cannes round table she couldnt talk anything sensible. I watched her interview on zee cafe and she couldn't name a single actress she likes in India. She only said Meryl Streep. Never heard her talk about any hindi movies or indian actor/actress. Beauty with brains?? Huh? She is only a beauty queen and must stop working in movies ASAP!!!

So true....I mean there's so many excellent Indian actresses. I know she won't name Rekhaji or Sridevi or Sharmila ji or Waheeda ji, Nutan, Meena Kumari, Suchitra ji, Rakhi etc. For an Indian actress, she lacks any depth of knowledge when it comes to Induan film. She just caters to the western media.

drink your haterade & off to bed with you. you've trolled hard today. bless your toxic heart.

Abhishek was very good in guru and he was really funny in dostana.His potential could be he seems very secure being the husband of Aishwarya rain.They seem very understanding with each other.For once,it does feel good to say something nice about others:)

Her mouth says Abishek, but her heart says Amitabh. Everyone knows she has a thing for her "paa"/sugar daddy

If you have such relations in your family that doesn't mean all follow "your" tradition.

Well! Ash herself admitted once on Koffee with Karan that she found Amitabh (she was married at that time) the moat hottest man in Bollywood.
So, you can't blame others if they call amitabh her sugar daddy!
There is no smoke without fire... Lol!

Abhi and Ash are really compatible. They prioritize their family more than their work.

Sweet couple. Nazar naa lage iss jodi ko.

I agree, Abhi is a good actor.

Why dont they just divorce ?

Divorce is not a joke. Get a life and family.

Why would they divorce just to make trolls happy?

Has she posted a pic of Abhishek on her IG?


Love Abhishek and his acting!


OLD is the word for this interview

Kuch bhi bolti rehti hai yeh mother india.

Kuch bhi bolta hai yeh

when are they going o announce their separation ??

Only a homeless person would want a home to break.

He is a good actor provided when given good substantial roles...his best were Yuva and a Guru...not dramatic or overacting..I like him!

He is still to explore his potential.. He has impeccable comic timing..

Abhishek is much better actor than Ash, but Ash is definitely more beautiful.. They bring about a balance when they act together..

Old photo. Old interview. Nothing current? Why? Because their equation is no longer what it used to be. Videos don't lie. Their dynamics are sio clearly seen on the videos. It ain't good.

Abhi was actually great in Yuva and Guru..! I am still shipping for that guy!

His not a actor. He doesnt even know how to act. Very sad compared to his father. His like his mother. Doesnt know how to act.


what do you want her to say-- Salmon Khan is the best actor ? pl

Abhishek is one of the best actors because he doesn't overact. Many Bollywood stars don't know the difference between theatrical performance and cinematic performance. They overact and exaggerate their dialogues, facial expressions, physical movements. Abhishek keeps it real. He is unfairly criticized because people compare him to his father. Fact is Abhishek is more controlled actor than his father was at 41!

Haha.. this reminded me of how Ranbir ranked Katrina first in kwk when asked to rank actresses.

Hahahahahha OMG! Only a poor actor like aishwarya could say that !! Lol

In the land of blind one e eyed man is the king!!

It’s all out there in the obvious” ???? Huh what does that even mean?

I wondered the same myself

how boring!

LOVE Abhishek! He IS really a great actor. Comedy is his forte (to me anyway) - he has a superb comedic mind and his timing is fantastic!

chalo, atleast he's someone's fave.

Lol. So funny.

What else she can say? I wish she dared to say 'Salman' :)

Awww, how cute. Love you Aishwarya and Abhishek. You two are couple goals. Most good looking couple. Stay blessed while your haters spill venom and jealousy in the comments section

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