Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Vikram to star in Mani Ratnam's Ponniyin Selvan?

After much ado, Mani Ratnam is said to be back with Ponniyin Selvan. He has apparently plans to cast none other than Aishwarya Rai Bachchan opposite Vikram.
News,Aishwarya Rai Bachchan,Mani Ratnam,PonniyinSelvaAishwarya Rai Bachchan and Vikram may come together for Ponniyin Selvan
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Mani Ratnam's Ponniyin Selvan has been in the news for some time now. A historical novel by author Kalki Krishnamurthy, it is the story of Arulmozhivarman, who later became the Chola king Rajaraja Chola I.  Apparently, the book took three years to complete as Kalki had to visit Sri Lanka three times to gather information for it. No wonder then, that talented filmmaker Mani Ratnam has his eyes on this for a long time. The filmmaker had also announced the project with popular stars Vijay, Vikram and Mahesh Babu. There was also a buzz that Karthi and Ram Charan may be working with Mani on this one.However, things did not materialize as the project was getting too challenging. 

However, news now has it that Mani is once again all geared up to give this one a try. Buzz is that the success of his film won him some confidence and supporters. Apparently, Mani is all set to rope in his personal favorite, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in this biggie along with Vikram, Vijay Sethupathi, Simbu and Jayam Ravi. Amitabh Bachchan could also end up portraying the role of Sundara Chola in the film. Aishwarya and Vikram have already worked together in Mani's film Raavanan. Aishwarya and Mani have also worked together in Iruvar and Guru. Well, are you excited for this one?

A regional daily reported a source as revealing how Mani began to go about this. They mentioned that team is waiting for the official nod from Vijay Sethupathi on his dates. Apparently, after he confirms it, the team is to make an official announcement.

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Aishwarya with Mahesh Babu or Prabhas please,
But Vikram is also good, they actually make a Nice pair too

Omg a three film franchise, this is very Big, Aish is really suitable for such Vharacters,
Even Aidh was first Approached for Devasena in Baahubali but Becoz of the older part in First Film, Aishwarya Didn't do it, maybe regreting, so im sure She's gonna do this, becoz its her debut director Mani Ratnam's film,
I wish she gets a Shahrukh Khan film and rumoured Krrish4 with Hrithik

Keep dreaming fekuuuuu

Ash is Best

Ash haters give yourself a true break. If u don’t like her so much then stop interfering or investigating her life so much . Why are u guys reading her articles if u can’t stand her ?? I mean seriously?? Whom are you trying to fool? Are you getting paid for writing such negative articles??? Just back off coz she is here to stay whether movies or no movies okkk she will always be popular & will definitely keep you guys frustrated. Big ash fan pv pls post & not delete.

Wait for her team to deny this rumor in 2020

Mani take better actor

she is a drama queen, who cares Mani movie

Good luck Aishwarya and Mani! Eager to watch...

Gulab Jamun 2.0. Another year she will talk about it along with what a great mother she is. Then she will "OPT OUT" from the film. Getting so easy to guess!

It's a blink and miss role that she's been offered. And it's not confirmed whether she got it. So no need to plant this rumour.

Only Vikram has been finalised. There'sno mention of Aish. As usual Aish PR trying to gatecrash by announcing she is in the film too.

Show me Mani Ratnam saying this on tv or it isn't happening.

For a film of this proportion and cast, Mani Ratnam never said a word about it. How come Aish is talking about it.

After watching the Filmfare interview all I can say is no, just no.

This over acting ki dukaan will ruin the film.

Hope this is not true.

Another PR stunt. Will fizzle out just like Gulab Jamun.

Don't do it, Mani !

Vikram, Vijay Sethupathi, Simbu and Jayam Ravi-just name calling. Aish PR trying hard to show all these are lining up to work with her.

After Vidya, Kangana has also headed to the south. Both are smartly going for story power.Vidaywith NTR while Kangana has the writer of Bahubali on her side. Aish's style is different. Catch good directors,butter them up,get a solid cast, edit their roles, and then stand there and take all the credit.

yeah right! Mani Ratnam suddenly woke up and decided to take her in his film. He couldn't think of any other heroine.

Aish wants to desperately announce she has work in hand. But the question mark says it's all a lie, just like Gulab Jamun was.

The question mark at the end of the title says it all.

I didn't believe anything about Gulab Jamun, nor am I believing this.

She took all for a spin for years with gulab jamun.

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