Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is FINALLY on Instagram; check out

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has finally made her debut on Instagram. Fans had been waiting for her to join the social media platforms. Check out the details.
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Finally, a good news for all the Aishwarya Rai Bachchan fans that she is on the social media. All her well-wishers had been missing her on Instagram and now, they can be in touch with their favouirte star through her posts. The name of her Instagram handle is Aishwaryaraibachchan_ARB. 
Check out the screenshot of her Instagram account: 
“Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has always been a private person and her presence on the social media platform is basically her way of thanking all her well wishers who have been hiving her so much love through the start of her career; a way to directly connect with them,” a press release from the actor’s PR team stated.
Earlier, Aishwarya wasn't convinced to be on social media. She had said in an interview, "I think you should use it for its strength and not get drowned in it for its capacity to isolate as well as and make you just an individual and cease to be a people’s person."
But last year, the gorgeous actor went on to say, "The time has come for me to join social media."
A source stated to DNA, "Ash has a huge fan base on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Her fans have been waiting for her to be on social media for a long time. It’s due to constant requests from her well-wishers, admirers and fans from all around the globe that she opted to start an official handle to keep them abreast of her life and projects, etc."
The source added, "Ash’s closest buddies from the industry, which include Karan Johar, Manish Malhotra and others, have been telling her to join social media. Even her team persuaded her a lot. Before her 17th Cannes appearance, the L’Oréal team also discussed this with her. Finally, she decided to go ahead."


I saw the first post. It’s beautiful. She has shared the picture of a very special moment.

Didn't she preach about ppl on social media having no life for the longest time?

She posted pic of herself with daughter Aradhya. Its very loud and clear that Ash + Aradhya are one party and rest of the bachchans are another party. Either she stays in marriage or comes out of it, both the parties are strongly disconnected and don't care about each other any more. Yes, Abhishek has to make some appearances with Aish even though he seems least interested to even getting clicked with her (Sonam's reception).

NO thanks, I'm already bored!

Her first post would be of Aaradhya and the caption would be 'MY God's child and my best and only friend'

Can't wait for kareena to join instagram so i can see Lil taimur. Hope sonam convinces her to join.

Ok, followed her...although I'll most likely be bored in a few days and unfollow

Cant wait for her first post!

no thanks

Last year Katrina joined IG, now Aishwarya, Sonam said she has been trying to convince Kareena to join IG. So we can say the only actress who has not joined instagram is Kangana.
Btw, among all, I would love to read Kangana’s captions and seeing Taimur’s videos shared by Kareena (that video of Taimur shared by Jacqueline is the cutest thing in bw ever).

YES!!!! Finally!!! :-)

She will surpass Deepika in the title of the most boring IG account

Her first caption should have been started with “it’s an absolute pleasure...”


See now Kareena will do the same.

Kareena is still relevant


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