Aishwarya Rai Bachchan gets trolled again; fans ask, 'Why is Aaradhya Bachchan always wearing makeup?'

The gorgeous Aishwarya Rai Bachchan finally made her appearance on the prestigious Cannes 2019 red carpet, but that's not what fans are currently talking about
News,Aishwarya Rai Bachchan,Aaradhya Bachchan,Cannes 2019Aishwarya Rai Bachchan gets trolled again; fans ask, 'Why is Aaradhya Bachchan always wearing makeup?'

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Cannes go hand in hand. She has been an Indian mainstay at the annual film festival and fans had been waiting eagerly since day one for the actress to make her appearance. Well the day finally came and Aishwarya graced the red carpet in all her glory. She donned on a beautiful one-shoulder metallic gold gown with a long trail and complimented the Jean-Louis Sabaji ensemble with bold mascara, nude lips and sleek straight hair.

While the actress posted a few photographs of her red carpet look on her social media handle, she also posted pictures of herself with husband Abhishek Bachchan and daughter Aaradhya Bachchan. Before arriving in Cannes with her daughter, Aishwarya and the rest of the Bachchan clan had attended Shiamak Davar’s Summer Funk Show. The family came to cheer for Aaradhya who was performing at the event and recently Aishwarya posted pictures taken on the day of the event.

In these photos, Aaradhya looks adorable in a pink dress paired with a denim jacket and a pink bow on her head while her mom and dad look cool in casuals. However, fans of the actor and actress are more focused on how much makeup little Aaradhya has put on for the event. The comment section of the post is full of messages asking why Aaradhya Bachchan is always wearing makeup.




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Take a look:

Aishwarya and her daughter have been trolled many times before. May it be for holding Aaradhya’s hand while walking or for what the star kid chooses to wear.

On the work front, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan will next be seen in Mani Ratnam’s period drama which is based on Tamil novel Ponniyin Selvan.

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Girls don't use extreme makeup, plastic surgeries, skin whitening, bleach, green contact lenses, Photoshop, and other plastic because you can hide your real looks temporarily but your genes can't be changed and they will reveal themselves just like in the case of Aaradhya.

Guys, relax. Vrinda taught Fakewarya to fakeness, plastic-ness, cunningness, and makeup skills. Of course she has to pass these to her daughter.

In an interview with Filmfare a few months ago, Trashwarya said she's the most beautiful actress in Bollywood and there is no one more beautiful than her. How humble and down to earth! But why does Ash's plastic ass burn anytime anyone says Aaradhya is shit ugly. That's the truth, right? If Ash and her fans call others ugly then they should not get pissed off at Aaradhya being called ugly fugly.

People still believe Fakewarya is naturally beautiful even after looking at the piece of shit ugly child that came out of her most beautiful vagina? Lol. Fakewarya is all makeup and plastic.

Aaradhya is the ugliest child in the world. What happened? Did baby forget to inherit mom's white foundation, bleach, green and grey contact lenses, extra large false eyelashes, thick eyeliner, truck load of makeup, wigs and hair extensions, plastic, cheek implants, lip fillers, bronzer, blush, highlighter, blush, lipstick, and truck load of makeup.

Has Abhishek ever seen his most beautiful fake plastic wife without makeup? She probably looks as dark and ugly as Aaradhya beneath that shit load of foundation, makeup, highlighter, bronzer,
pressed powder, blushh, false eyelashes, wig, green contact lenses, bright lipstick, cheek implants, lip fillers. And you thought it's easy being the most beautiful. Haha.

That is the thickest eyeliner I have ever seen on someone.

When Aaradhya was around 2 years old, a reporter at a Loreal event asked Fakewarya if her daughter has started wearing makeup (he was making fun of Fakewarya because she's covered in makeup all the time). Fakewarya got pissed and started behaving rudely towards the reporter. She showed her mean and vicious personality on stage but people still think she's humble. Haha.

Aaradhya wears makeup because that's the only thing her mom knows and does. Apart from having affairs, using men to climb up, bitching about others, lying about her skin and eye color, changing wigs, stabbing people in the back, laughing like a hyena, lying about being the first choice for all films, acting as a victim, acting as the best daughter, wife, Mother, actor, dancer, and calling herself the most beautiful.

So much makeup and this ugly duckling still looks ugly fugly. Aaradhya, the ugliest child in the world. And her mom calls herself the most beautiful woman in the world. Hahahaha. Disgusting.

She will be more beautiful than her fake plastic mom, thanks to the most expensive makeup her mom can afford as well as plastic surgeries, skin whitening, green contact lenses, wigs, and other plastic. Just wait and watch losers, just wait until this ugly duckling transforms into a fair skinned light eyed beauty like her mom did at the age of 18.

Why is everyone talking about lipstick? Have you seen that eyeliner? I have never seen a child wearing a thick eyeliner like that. Wow.

Instead of sending her to the school and giving her education she is teaching the little girl how to pose and do makeup

Kylie Jenner in the making.

she's turning fake like aish, surely she is teaching the little girl how to pose, how to fake smiles, flying kisses

No school. No friends of her age. Never with the father and grandparents. Traveling always all over the world with the self obsessed mother. Walking and posing on red carpet at the age of 7 wearing makeup. Heck of a normal childhood she is having.

Well said. Why does Aishwarya feel the need to shove her poor kid in the limelight especially given how cruel people can be. When this kid is older people will be even more cruel if she is not as pretty as her Mum or flops in Bollywood despite being a batchan. She should enjoy her childhood free from this. No friends her age , no school, always a5 glamourous events. This is going to skew this poor kids view of the workd. I feel something is wrong with Aishwarya. Her Naracisstic and self-absorbed personality won’t ever allow her to see this

I feel sad for Aradhya- she is a child who has done no wrong. Her mother is pushing her to celebrity and limelight and in today's overexposed social media world, everyone can voice their opinion to the world. People will be cruel and there is nothing anyone can do. This kid is growing up in her mother's looming shadow and will have severe issues especially if she will not meet people's expectations in terms of beauty. Aishwarya is being very short sighted and even more selfish. The child seems to exist around her mothers's career and needs and not the other way around. Frankly I don't understand why any parent should post photos of their children on social media. Pv post sensible comments. My comments are always lost

It will be difficult for the kid to deal all this as she grows up .Because honestly she a cute kid as all kids are but she won't be as beautiful.putting her infront of camera too soon will invite criticism as well.and when she will grow up and read all many view on her ..She will blame her mom to put her in spot.and will be a difficult teen to handle.i bet you will see more of her with dad as she grows,

Omg....that girl looks like a psycho on that pic

With or without make up - this girl is soooo ugly!

It is common for children performing at school concerts and events to wear a little make up. Had she been performing for a Bharat Natyam or Kuchipudi or other classical dance concert, there would have been more eye make up (and jewelry) because the classical dance forms emphasize the eyes.

Ash rises like a phoenix everytime. Such trolls don't bother her.

Ash is Trash and she turns everyone else into Ashes. And yes, people's comments bother her a lot that's why she personally replies to them on Pinkvilla. Her favorite words are: Troll, Burn, take your meds.

Actually this is only time I have seen her with makeup. For dance performance all kids use makeup

It is good to be a fan and support everything, but there is a small line between being a fan and being aware when something is wrong.

Aishwarya is depriving her daughter of being a normal child, just because she can not have quality time outside of the lights and reflectors. they have money so doing a hole in time is not that bad compared to parents who are forced to take their children to work, but I'm sure those parents would prefer to have their children in a normal life as children.

usually one wears makeup to look good for work, a social event, etc. but a child does not have that kind of events, they also make it very superficial without accepting it as it is.

First u need to be aware that it was a dance event. Secondly, just because her daughter wears makeup at a dance event, doesn't mean that she is being deprived of normal childhood.. Stop making up stories.

Aaradhya is such a beautiful child. Haters can you please shut up and mind your business? Focus on your pathetic lives instead of sitting behind a screen and spewing hate on a celebrity and a child. Aishwarya does NOT care and your opinions are completely irrelevant. You guys are disgusting,sick and shameless low lives. Losers!!!

Aaradhya is such an ugly child. Only a blind will find this ugly creature beautiful. Ash trolls can you please shut up and mind your own business? Focus on bleaching this pathetic girl's black face. Fakewarya cares a lot about her daughter bring ugly, that's why she has started painting her daughter's ugly dark face with makeup. Our opinions are very relevant, and the proof is that you took time to respond to them. You Ash Trash trolls are disgusting, sick, and shameless just like your Ash. Losers!!!

Wish there were a way to send Child Services to the doorstep of every expert-troll. Now that's a reality show I'd watch. LOL!

Wish there was a way to send Child Services to the doorstep of Trashwarya and her expert trashy trolls. Now that's a reality show all India would love to watch. LOL!

You people who troll a mom and her kid, need to look at yourself first. Which kid doesn't play with mom's makeup? I did and now my daughter does as well.

Glad people are finally calling her out on this.....never seen Ara without eyeliner, foundation and lipstick.....this is so wrong on all levels and her fans have the nerve to call real women bad mother.

gosh,,, IF YOU havent been following this pic was taken for aradhya performance! u need to calm down. Her parents are well aware how to raise her..

i hve two daughters (7 and few months), my 7 year old will not keep her hand away from makeup. so i have bought all organic makeup for her to use and play around it.. calm down lady!

thanks make up....this is the truth that your are a paid pr

I feel like most of the people here are teenagers. If any of you have kids, you will realize sometimes kids want to dress up like their Mommies so on some occasions parents let it slide if they want to put on a little eyeliner and lipstick! It's not the end of the world. There are kids dying of hunger and war and people are more concerned about a little child who is loved by her parents putting on some make up! Get a life you all!

Exactly. Stupid people. Ash should just ignore. I am mother too. I see absolutely nothing wrong how ash is taking care of her daughter. If I could afford even I would do same


Aaradhya had a dance school event for which she wore makeup. this photo was taken before they headed for the event. Knowledge is power, and if yu dont know something, keep that stinking mouth SHUT!

Folks--- she is grooming her daughter for show business. She wants her to be the next movie star and that is her business. just leave her alone.

Pinkvilla comments, likes and dislikes are manipulated

Pinkvilla comments, like dislike are msnipulative.

Ash is looking like a drag!!! quite old... pl leave Cannes, met gala and other foreign events to youngsters and stop wasting Amitabh's money.

So?even you and your momma are old...why don't u leave this world?

And you and your momma are not only old but also trashy like Trashwarya. Why don't you leave this world? The less trash, the better!

It's L'Oréal which sponsors her outing at Cannes, not Amitabh,DUFFER!

Does DUFFER Aaradhya know how to read? That ugly duckling skips school to paint her face with makeup and pout on red carpet. DUFFER LITTLE FUGLY thing.

Ash plz plz take some parenting lessons from Kareena who raises Taimur so normally. Or at least from Sonali Bendre who was fighting cancer all alone, whilst her son coped here in India. This dependency is not healthy for your daughter as life is full of surprises. Please teach her to be independent.

Kareena and parenting lessons??? ROFL! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

So? Girls start wearing makeup for events around 5 years. Basic lipstick, foundation powder, blush

Aish and Ara are above this nonsense. The whole world has seen the little munchkin without makeup almost everytime. Only on special occasions, Ara has put on make-up, not always.

This website clearly has no ethics. They allow low lives to attack an innocent kid, because it helps them to get viewers.

No matter how desperate her detractors act, Aishwarya doesn't care about such fabricated tales.

Why she us wearing make up? Because she is ugly as he'll...

Ur momma is ugly as hell and so u r born psycho.

These are the standards of PV moderators, who allow trolls to attack looks of little children... And then this website will act saint on Christmas eve... #Hypocrisy

She is a little girl and beautiful. You have a ugly heart, that's why you act so bitter.

She's a little brat who is extremely ugly. Her heart is even uglier, which shows on her already ugly face.

Attacking the looks of a little girl won't help ur sad life.

No, it's because she was attending a dance event,Duffer!

Aaradhya looks even uglier in that Instagram pic. Be like sridevi, hide your children till you fill them with surgeries.

How much is PV paid for this article?

What the kid always wears makeup and still looks like that? Pathetic. Lesson here is girls do not marry an ugly guy even if he is filthy rich.

Abhishek is a good looking guy. Lesson here is girls don't use extreme makeup, plastic surgeries, skin whitening, Photoshop, and other plastic because you can hide your real looks temporarily but your genes can't be changed and they will reveal themselves just like in the case of Aaradhya.

Not everyone is superficial like u...duffer

Plastic Queen is the Queen of Fakeness and Superficiality.

North West wears makeup and Kim gives a damn about trolls so Aish is just giving a damn to the keyboard mafia

Sounds about right, Ash is the Indian Kim Kardashian..ugh!

Are some people really that dumb to not know that kids are supposed to look good while dancing on stage at an event?

It is obvious that this an article to malign Ash...
These haters are fabricating lies to push their hateful agenda...
It was a dance event, obviously the dancers (Aaradhya included) have to put on make-up...
Aaradhya is NOT ALWAYS with make up, haters love cooking up stories...
PV have guts to post this truth...

So what? My daughter is 4 years old and she often wears makeup.

Aishwarya is always targeted by low lives for absurd reasons. But she always rises above it.

How humble of you to call others low lives! You're a true trashy Trashwarya fan.

Only one troll said 'always'. And Ara does NOT 'always' wear makeup.

They are not fans... These people don't have a life of their own...

Wish is so shallow that's why she always promoted herself as TMBWITW...
But...seriously people should stop all this's so obvious that aish is reading all this and as usual she trying hard to prove them wrong...from talling about having one nanny...releasing a post how she (aish herself) was way better looking than taimour to make her daughter run and dance to prove she is able to walk alone...she is jobless now and really care about what others think...and this make desperate and insecure...

So says a jobless fan of Bebo, who is the epitome of shallowness. :D

No Ash Trash, you're Plastic Queen. Remember when your lover boy Vivek called you plastic? The same Vivek whom you used and then dropped like a hot potato! Plastic is cheap, tacky, shallow, superficial. You're so insecure and shallow that you have started putting makeup on a child. Ash Trash, the epitome of shallowness, fakeness, cunningness.

Go to gym, Bebo. You won't be able to replace Ash in the Mani Ratnam film with such tactics.

Kareena has 4 films lined up who wants to do cameo in a regional film? Aish needs it

This is so rich coming from a jobless troll like u...LOL. Nobody cares about Taimur and his amma.

She is trolled for right reasons .

No, she's unnecessarily trolled, without any knowledge about the function they are attending.

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