Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: I got to work with some great talent but I had to walk away from a lot of work as well

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is amongst the well-established actresses with an impressive filmography. In an interview with a leading daily, she talked about wage parity and juggling between motherhood, films and Cannes.
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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has been working in the film industry for more than two decades. The blue-eyed beauty was last seen in Fanney Khan starring Anil Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao. In an interview with Indian Express, the Josh actor Josh actor was told that she was the first female actor to demand pay as per her stardom and at that time when pay parity wasn't even discussed, so does she think Bollywood has changed in that terms now? She answered, "From the time I started, I’m grateful for the producers I’ve worked with, but right from the beginning, I’ve worked on my own terms. I don’t think I ever brought up pay parity. I was never compared to anybody, even from my modelling days, in the little bit work that I did. I still remember that I did very few shows on the ramp. I bring that as an example because I remember that I was a student and I could hardly attend rehearsals but I had a natural sway to my walk. This was a bit of a debate, because I was obviously getting the pay scale of a top model and if you have to define height, I’m 5’7”, I’m not somebody who is hitting the gym, I was not attending rehearsals."

Ash added, "They said you’re doing your job and you’re fine, you’re getting paid for what you’re delivering and what you’re commanding. I’m grateful that there were people who got that because I’m not just shooting the breeze and negotiating. Fortunately, I got to work with some great talent but I had to walk away from a lot of work as well."

When Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was asked how she manages to do all her duties -  being a mother to Aaradhya Bachchan, shooting for films and ads and attending Cannes every year, she said, "The trick is that it is seeming effortless. It is a lot of hard work, like it is for every working woman or every working mother. But the choices are what we make. When it comes to work, we have to find pleasure within that. When it comes to the kid, it’s all pleasure, there is so much love in that space."


Thank you for replying to my comment Aishwarya aunty.

The most cunning, manipulative, shrewd, vindictive, jealous woman in the world. Her mind plots such cunning traps and her mouth spews such ridiculous lies.

Hahaha....she reads all the comments and then replies not only in the comments section but also releases articles about them. Pinkvilla published an article about her last week in which she is standing in front of Eiffel tower, I commented that Aishwarya is 5 feet 3 inches tall and they have photoshopped Sushmita Sen or Jaqualine Fernandez's sexy long legs on Aiahwarya's tiny, small torso....and now she has released an article about her height.

I also commented that she has a habit of not attending rehearsals. In this article, she's mentioning the rehearsals thingy. Oh Aishwarya aunty, how desperate you are. You've always been a vindictive, jealous, cunning, average looking woman and you're becoming worse with age. You're 5 feet 3 inches and dark and brown eyed.

I have a feeling that within next couple of years, she's gonna implode - full stream - and reveal certain unknown/unheard details of her relationship with Salman. Let's see ...

Liar liar! She is a liar

She was a lot worse in her initial days, I remember reading her articles and she listed all the top makers that were interested in taking her in there movies. Very self absorbed, which made Sushmita even more likeable as she had and still does has a way with words.

Relax peasants, the queen is only telling it as it is!

She is so self absorbed!

dude, she is so hard to understand. they're asking about pay disparity, and her answer is I got paid a lot for a little bit of work. Makes no sense.

I think she looks at Alia and is jealous. She had alllll the network, contacts , looks and yet such a mediocre career. Well not everyone can act sweetie.

She could never act and never made any attempt to improve her acting. She was always full of herself and just focused on her looks and wanted to be a Hollywood star.

I thought she was dropped out of films by bollywood goon Salman and now she's saying that she walked away from a lot of work by choice?!...and when people call her fake she and her fans get upset..after playing victim of Salman and bollywood for 16 long years now the truth is out and God knows what other truth hasn't been revealed yet but hopefully will... Personally I will never believe a word she says from now on and this is coming from someone who used to admire her so much

OMG.....For her first film she was offered 100 crores and her latest film 1000 crores and they also gave planet Mars to her because she deserved it.

Oh god she is living in the pasr. Wake up... you are not relevant anymore

Love you Aishwarya. A lot of jealous haters are commenting here but let that not disturb you. You are wonderful. Stay blessed. I admire you since you worked hard and earned the fame and popularity you did by your own, without succumbing to pressures and bullying by a lot of bollywood goons

Oh god- there she goes again. Bragging about her greatness. She is no longer relevant. Beauty can take you only that far. Why is she still in the past?

OMG, What is she ?

Aishwariya should really take a look at how vain some of her speeches are coming across to listeners . For the record , the first actress to demand & get a higher pay than her male superstar costars was Sridevi and this was with the Shahenshah himself - Aishwariya's pa !

LOL! Still talking about herself!

Aishwarya be like Main apni favorite hoon

I read this whole interview in some other publication. I don't think she realises how unbelievably annoying she comes across. If there was anyone who is in need of some introspection, it's her! She is self conscious to an extreme level.

She thinks so high of herself while the truth is she’s not a good actress.

Thankk god you walked away from some films coz they would be superflop if you were in it....Pls learn some acting from with brains....

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