Akshay Kumar fans mad at Rohit Shetty for changing Sooryavanshi's release date for Salman Khan

Rohit Shetty announced the release date of Sooryavanshi and with Salman Khan and Alia Bhatt's Inshallah releasing in Eid 2020 too, the clash has been averted and Akshay Kumar fans are angry. Check out their reaction right here.
Akshay Kumar fans mad at Rohit Shetty for changing Sooryavanshi's release date for Salman KhanAkshay Kumar fans mad at Rohit Shetty for changing Sooryavanshi's release date for Salman Khan
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Ever since Rohit Shetty and Akshay Kumar first made the announcement about Sooryavanshi releasing on Eid 2020, the fans have been wondering if there would be a clash with Salman Khan's film next year. However, given how Salman and Rohit are good friends, fans did have an idea that they will avert the clash. And, so it happened. Sooryavanshi is now releasing on March 27, 2020, and all the fans of Akshay seemed to be angry with the reports about the change in date.

And well, the fans have taken to social media to express their angst since they feel he shouldn't have announced the date as Eid if he did not intend to keep the same. Various trends took over Twitter and amongst those trends also happened to be one which read, #BhagodaRohitShetty and #SameOnRohitShetty. While that's that, this also lead to Akshay taking to Twitter to put an end to this once and for all and he wrote, "Since the past few days I’ve noticed certain negative trends being done by people dearest to me…you guys. I can see and understand your angst, all I can do is request you all with folded hands not to start/participate in such trends. I took up Sooryavanshi with a very positive outlook, let’s continue making and releasing it in the same way." Meanwhile, here's how Tweets look like:

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And while some fans have now quite understood the point, some seem to not be very happy with the decision that has come along!


Eid release and Salman flick will click their is no match even Aamir khan flick might not work iam amir khan and hrithik fan but fans of Mr Salman khan are loyal and different league
I don't watch every movie of my favourite but Salman fans do watch and it's reality he is super Star that's it

Akshay has to thank Rajnikanth for helping him give his first 200 crores film of his career.

Let's face it, Akshay is a smaller star compared to Salman. How many 300 crores movies has he given in his long long career of 20 years. Even Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor gave 200 crores film before him.

Salman khan is superhero. Not like other waste heros

Again Salman Khan ACTING Like Salman KHAN. Toxic Masculinity but not TOXIC SUPERSTAR.

Yaya that is y he has three 300 cr films

India is clearly divided into Muslim and Hindu groups.

Akshay, Reshma and Karan fooled Salman about Ajay os not doing a movie about the battle of saragarhi to make him produce Kesari. As soon as Salman learned the truth, he backed off from Kesari and fired Reshma. But Akshay kept his dirty games going and hired Reshma as his manager. Salman is just giving it back. Even with all paid negativity around his movies, his flops are doubling Akki's hits.

let's be honest - salman is the perfect fit for a rohit shetty film. at the end of the day, directors/producers will go with who brings in the most money and that is def salman over akshay. rohit is smart to side with him/give in to his demands because we have seen what happens when salman is angry

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