Akshay Kumar on his Rs 25 Crore COVID 19 relief donation: It isn’t from me, it’s from my mother to Bharat Maa

Akshay Kumar donated Rs 25 Crore to the PM Care Fund for Coronavirus relief and left everyone stunned. In a recent interview, the Laxmmi Bomb star opened up about the same and mentioned that it was not from him, but from his mother to motherland.
Akshay Kumar on Rs 25 Crore COVID 19 relief donation: This isn’t from me, it’s from my mother to Bharat MaaAkshay Kumar on Rs 25 Crore COVID 19 relief donation: This isn’t from me, it’s from my mother to Bharat Maa
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The entire country is battling Coronavirus or COVID 19 and for the same, a strict lockdown has impacted the lives of many daily wagers and others. For the same, the Prime Minister Care fund was set up and Akshay Kumar contributed a generous amount of Rs 25 Crore a day back and left everyone stunned. Since then, fans of Akshay have been raving about the actor’s COVID 19 relief donation. Even wife Twinkle Khanna couldn’t help but express pride in her husband’s action. 

In a recent interview, however, Akshay clarified that this donation wasn’t from him. The Laxmmi Bomb actor who has always come forward in times of need for the country, spoke about his Rs 25 Crore donation to PM Care and mentioned that it wasn’t his contribution, but his mother’s to his ‘Bharat Maa.’ Akshay added that he is unable to express his reason behind such gestures or contributing to any cause. The Laxmmi Bomb actor also mentioned that he isn’t anyone to donate or give money. 

Concerned about the lives of senior citizen, Akshay even cited the case where elderly people were more at risk as Coronavirus could pose a threat to them. Talking about his mom and the contribution, Akshay said, “It’s important that I refer to my mother here because poori duniya mein ek fear hai that senior citizens will be ignored and left to themselves during this coronavirus crisis. Hum yeh soch bhi kaise sakte hain. Meri maa ki jaan important hai, aapke maa baap ki jaan important hai. No matter who we are, trying to save every single life is critical right now. Maine sirf iski taraf apna ek chhotta sa farz ada kiya hai.” (How can we think like this. My mom’s life is important, your parents life is important.)

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Check out Twinkle's tweet for Akshay:

On being asked about his Rs 25 Crore donation, Akshay said, “Pehli baat toh yeh ki main kaun hota hoon ‘charity’ ya ‘donate’ karne waala? (who am I to donate or make any charity?)”. Doosri baat ki hum apni country ko Bharat Maa kehte hain. Mera yeh contribution actually mera nahi hai. Yeh meri maa ki taraf se Bharat Maa ko hai. ((We address our country as Bharat Maa. So, this contribution is not from me. It is from my mother to my motherland)” 

While Akshay’s announcement left his fans filled with pride, even wife Twinkle Khanna wasn’t behind in expressing her thoughts on her husband’s gesture on Twitter. Apart from Akshay, several other Bollywood actors too came forward and did their bit by contributing to the PM Care Fund in their own capacity. Coronavirus has led to shoots being stalled in Bollywood and many daily wagers’ lives have been severely affected. Owing to that, a fund was also set up by the Industry authorities to provide some help to those who have been affected. Despite the losses being incurred, Akshay, Varun Dhawan, Karan Johar, Ayushmann Khurrana and many others pledged their donations to the PM Care Fund to help those in need. 

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Aashirwaad aur dua. maangi nahi kamaayi jaati hai.akshay ne yeh khoob samjha hai..bharat maa ki hazard dharini is yaar maa ke beta k liye..jio ak

You are the real hero.your kind heart always for poor n needy people.salute you.bharat ki shaan ho aap.lambi umar ho aapka.

and then there are the likes for the SRK, Saif Ali Khan, and Aamir khan who do nothing for the country. Akshay is a true patriot! I love him and his movies.

25 chores is peanuts for a man whose network is 125 million dollars

Thats great .you are the real hero

Akshay sir May God continue to bless your family with lot of health, wealth and happiness.

He is son of soil lol he bought Canadian citizenship for much more price ...why did he bought Canadian citizenship then when he is proud Indian

Thats like

From son of the soil to his motherland. Jai Hind. Bharat Mata Ki Jai

Thanks Akshay U are a great son of this nation
Bharath mata ki jai

Every Indian should salute this gesture and follow good deeds of this True Heros of the country.Akshay sir we are really proud of you. We will keep you as role model and do our Best for people of India.


A super real hero with a great great heart.All respects to him.His family n Our Bharatbarser everyone is proud of him

New respect for the man!!

Akshay Kumar, man with his heart in the right place.

Akshay, the worth of the amount is unimaginable and you are a true hero.

Love you Akshay. Just lot of love to you.

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