Akshay Kumar: My audience will never have to fear about me not doing an out and out comedy

Akshay Kumar gets candid about starring in comedy genre movies.

Akshay Kumar is one of those actors who has tried his hand at every movie genre whether it be a drama, romance or even comedy. While we initially tagged the actor as an action star, Akshay proved his mettle in other genres, especially comedy. 
Talking about comedy with a leading daily, Akshay got candid and stated, "You can make someone cry by crying on screen but to make someone laugh out loud in a theatre full of strangers till their bellies ache with your comic timing is not only extremely difficult, but also painfully embarrassing if you fail at it."
The actor respects the comedy genre as he feels that "it has the biggest effect if you succeed, but it has the most tragic career changing consequences if you don’t."
He continued, "So, one always knows when making an action movie that it’s not always going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you can’t make everyone laugh, that’s it, you’re doomed, banished to the serious couch never to be invited to the party again."
While Akshay has been a part of many social-message driven movies, fans were wondering whether we would see the actor in comedy movie anytime soon? On this Akshay revealed, "My audience will never have to fear about me not doing an out and out comedy, it’s in my blood. I’ll never be able to stay away from my comfort zone or my buddies for too long. Entertainment is my calling."
Akshay will next be seen in 2.0 as the main antagonist as he stars alongside Rajnikanth. 

Credits: Hindustan Times

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