From Akshay Kumar’s action packed act to Lara Dutta’s Indira Gandhi avatar, 5 highlights from Bell Bottom

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From Akshay Kumar’s action packed act to Lara Dutta’s Indira Gandhi avatar, 5 highlights from Bell Bottom

Thursday, August 19th, put an end to the much-anticipated, and talked-about release of Akshay Kumar-starrer ‘Bell Bottom’ on the big screen. After almost a two-year long wait, a big-budget Hindi film made its way to theatres in a country which lives and breathes its cinema. The film released on nearly 1620 screens in India with 6281 shows. In a non-covid world, the screen count would have been upwards of 3000. Although the film has been received well, whether it will meet the makers’ and actors’ expectations in terms of box-office collections, only time will tell. 

Leaving the business talk aside, let us focus on what the film had to offer. Ranjit M Tewari’s spy thriller takes audiences back to the 1980s, to the era of former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Inspired from true events, the film is about a plane hijacking – the fifth one in seven years, and how one agent from RAW- Anshul Malhotra, aka Bell Bottom, and his team handle their responsibility of saving the lives of some 200 passengers on board. This is just the crux of the film, but, ‘Bell Bottom’ has several highlights generously sprinkled throughout.

Let’s look at 5 highlights from the film: 

1. Akshay Kumar delivers an action-packed performance 


Simply put, Akshay Kumar does not disappoint in his role as an undercover RAW agent. The trailer had already revealed the essence of his character, but Khiladi Kumar delivers more than what the trailer had offered. He gets into the skin of the character, who is courageous and patriotic, while navigating through his ambitious mission, and especially shines in the action-packed scenes of the film. 

2. There is more to Vaani Kapoor’s role than just being Bell Bottom’s wife


Vaani Kapoor, who plays the role of Bell Bottom’s wife, Radhika Malhotra, might have a small part in the film, but in no way, is her character two-dimensional. Akshay and Vaani’s chemistry is on flick, but her character Radhika is much more than just a trophy wife. In a recent interview with The Indian Express, Vaani had opened up about her character saying, “She is sweet, refreshing, very lovely. She is also the backbone of his life. As a personality, she is someone who is very level-headed and centered. There is a lot to explore in her character, which one can talk about after the film releases.”

3. Lara Dutta’s comeback as Indira Gandhi is commendable


When the trailer for Bell Bottom dropped, it took viewers a hot second to realize that the woman donning the part of former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, is none other than Lara Dutta Bhupathi. Lara looked unrecognizable as Gandhi, with her makeup and prosthetics being on point. But apart from her looks, the actress also nailed the rhythm of the character – right from her demeanor, to her gestures, which added so much to a film inspired from real life events. Lara’s come back performance is unmissable. 

4. Adil Hussain and Huma Qureshi lend great support to the script


The absence of a good supporting cast limits a film, no matter how good the script, and lead actors. But fortunately, for ‘Bell Bottom’, the case is different. Adil Hussain as RAW officer Santook and Huma Qureshi as Adeela Rehman lend great support to the script. Especially Adil and Akshay’s scenes together add great value to the film. 

5. Good direction and cinematography are like cherries on top


Kudos to Ranjit M Tewari for his commendable job as the director of the film. His vision transfers well on celluloid as he seems to have given much thought to how he wants to project each scene and character. Cinematographer Rajiv Ravi perfectly captures the mood, intensity, and beauty of the film, making Bell Bottom a visual treat as well. 

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