Akshay Kumar thanks Anupam Kher for backing him in his Canadian citizenship controversy; Read On

Akshay Kumar has been in the news for the controversy regarding his Canadian citizenship for which he was recently trolled during the elections. Recently, his Baby co-star Anupam Kher came to his support and Akshay took to his social media to thank the actor for his support.
Akshay Kumar thanks Anupam Kher for backing him in his Canadian citizenship controversy; Read OnAkshay Kumar thanks Anupam Kher for backing him in his Canadian citizenship controversy; Read On
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The Lok Sabha 2019 Elections saw many Bollywood celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Salman Khan, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh step out to cast their votes on April 29 while exercising their rights as a dutiful citizen. In the midst of it all, actor Akshay Kumar was recently criticized for not casting his vote due to his Canadian citizenship. It all started when a reporter asked him why he didn't vote and Akshay avoided the question by saying, "Chaliye Chaliye". Immediately, he was criticized and trolled by the netizens who also questioned his love for India.

The Airlift actor also gave in a tweet which stated that, "I really don’t understand the unwarranted interest and negativity about my citizenship. I have never hidden or denied that I hold a Canadian passport. It is also equally true that I have not visited Canada in the last seven years. I work in India, and pay all my taxes in India." Soon Akshay Kumar’s Baby co-star Anupam Kher took to the social media to show his support for the actor.

Anupam Kher wrote, “Dear @akshaykumar! Have been reading about you explaining to certain people about your loyalty to our country. Stop it! Their real profession is to make people like you & me feel defensive for talking in favour of India. You are a doer. You don’t need to explain to anybody." While some lauded Anupam for this stand, others bashed him for coming to Akshay's support. Now, Akshay Kumar has thanked Anupam Kher on his latest tweet. He wrote, “Dearest @AnupamPKher ji, duly noted, also thank you for this and thank you for being more of a friend than a colleague. Hugs.” Well, it seems that Akshay Kumar is garnering support in this ongoing row by some of his loyal industry friends. 


Canadian Kumar needs to stfu..

So what if he has Canadian citizenship .. I am born in India .. and have been staying in USA for many years !! Paying my taxes here .. love this country and want it to prosper.. but I choose to maintain Indian citizenship... What’s the big deal .. oh yes i am proud to be Indian :)

I so wish Kangana had chosen Akki and not poor HR to send emails to. Tab pata chalta..doodh ka doodh and paani ka paani for mr canadian khiladi

Don't worry. Kangana will take this fellow to task.

Never trust a khiladi. He has been cheating all the women all along and now the country. He has anupam for support now who is another chaloo character.

And a liar too

Akshay Kumar, if you are Indian at heart, why have you accept Canadian citizenship - discard it and be Indian ! if there is some other game behind it, then you are an extremely dishonest person.

He didn’t accept it. He went out of his way to get it. It’s a backup. So that he plans for retirement. Nothing wrong with that.

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