Ali Abbas Zafar: If we would have accommodated Priyanka Chopra in Bharat, it wouldn't release on Eid this year

In an interview with a leading news agency, director Ali Abbas Zafar got candid about Priyanka Chopra walking out of Bharat. The film stars Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif in the lead roles.
News,Priyanka Chopra,Ali Abbas Zafar,BharatAli Abbas Zafar: If we would have accommodated Priyanka Chopra in Bharat, it wouldn't release on Eid this year
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Priyanka Chopra was supposed to make her comeback in Bollywood alongside Salman Khan in Bharat. When Ali Abbas Zafar announced the news last year, everyone was excited to see PeeCee and Salman together after a long time. However, within a few months, Priyanka walked out of the film due to her engagement and wedding with Nick Jonas.

In an interview with PTI, Ali Abbas Zafar mentioned that Priyanka Chopra walking out of Bharat has not changed their equation at all. They are still good friends. The director said, "She had a genuine reason. She was going through something very special in her personal life. It was affecting our dates. If we would have accommodated her into the film, it wouldn't be releasing on Eid this year."

Ali also shared that they text and talk all the time and they will collaborate again in some other film. The Sultan director added, "Priyanka and I are very close friends even now. We text, we talk all the time. I haven't asked her if she has seen the trailer, I'm sure she must've."

After Priyanka Chopra walked out of the film, she was replaced with Katrina Kaif. About Katrina, Ali Abbas Zafar said, "We were fortunate that Katrina, back then, was shooting 'Zero' and 'Thugs of Hindostan' and the films were getting over. Her dates opened up and she came on board instantly. I just sent her the script to read and she said she is doing it. It was that quick."

Bharat also stars Sunil Grover, Jackie Shroff and Disha Patani in pivotal roles. The film hits the screens on Eid this year.

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I LOVE the crazy comments section. It's a circular firing squad with Kangana vs Hrithik, PC vs DP/Kat, Sallu vs PC and Nick vs Ranveer. Pinkvilla, y'all are masters at fuelling the hate

Pc is busy with Jones ..why should she do movies..she has implicated Jones.

Priyanka is friends with Ali n Salman both. Arpita n Priyanka r close friends. Kat wishes Priyanka every year on birthday. They all r friends. Priyanka doesn't want to leave bollywood especially when she is considered an A lister. N currently she has no movie. Now the PR have to keep her in news. N she doesn't have enough stories for it. So ali, Salman n Kat r promoting Priyanka by taking her name.

Peedika fans need to cool it!

Poor shakuntela, looks like she is having another sleepless night.

I don't remember her last hit film. In BM she was just a side kick supporting actress. Mary Kom was an avg. May be Krish 3 but again she was not the reason for film's success. I can't remember her last hit film.

Priyanka chopara is so so so so so so so so so OLD

Nobody wants to work pc anymore. Her Bollywood career (2003-2016) RIP. Look at bebo she is still relevant as a leading lady after 20 years of her debut. That's what we call a female superstar.

PC didn’t do it because she signed the Chris Pratt film just before shooting for Bharat. It would have clashed but then she had to make up for the shelving of the film hence engagement drama.

Indian journalists need to stop asking such questions to actors and directors. The fact that the actor and director chose to answer these questions is also a pure display of their inflated male egos. Audiences need to stop fawning over such people who can’t respect the decision of others even after the film is already complete and in post-production. Sour grapes will remain sour grapes... pv please post

Priyanks should have done the movie ..shadi bhagi to nhi ja rhi thi and ya sara shadi ka tamasha sirf instagram pay likes hasal karna ka tha it was a game k kon zyada likes hasal karta hai ..As chakar ma salamn ko duahman kar diya or achi khasi movie sa hath do bethi ab likes ka achar bnao ....Deepika or priyanka .

Ali wanted to marry either of Priyanka or Katrina. The guy is cleverly being friends with single,hot and successful young women.Now that priyanka is married he should focus on Katrina.

After shown exit from this film now priyanka is playing grandmother of zaira Wasim.

Srk's leftout. She used to clean Srk's nose with her tongue.

There was no point in changing the date as the film's collection won't be affected much as it is a Salman khan film so it will take a big opening and Ali is a good director so this film too may end up doing 300 cr business. It's not like priyanka was gonna add some starpower to the film. Yeah scene may have been totally different if it had Deepika as she is a big star and she would have added 100 cr to the film's collection.

Producer Atul aghinotri's wife Alvira was worried that this homewrecker Priyanka who is world famous for having affair with married men may break their relationship. That's why they kicked her out.

Chopara was dying to work with them and at last minute she trapped that gaykid and did that marriage drama to compete with Deepika.

Deepika was dying to work in Hollywood after Priyanka did Quantico and at last minute she trapped that baldie uncle vin and she did that marriage drama with that crossdresser ranveer to steal limelight from priyanka's world famous wedding.

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Hritik and his pr should calm down. Kangana was the first choice for this film as well as sultan. Anushka and Katrina should be thankful to kangana. Idiot hritik is always following kangana and jumps everywhere and inserts his grasshopper nose in her every matter.

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Priyanka is a bigger star than Salman worldwide.

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Jealous Katrina Pr posting hate comments on international and self made Priyanka.

Self made??? Haha, "self made" with Akki, SRK, Harman, Shahid so so, so on, so on.........

Kat is self made with Kazid, salman , RK, akki, Gulshan , Ali and so on and on and on

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Then better he should have casted another hero who is talented and can act unlike that old Salman who keeps playing himself in every film. Be it bajrangi bhaijaan, sultan, tiger or this film everywhere his same acting, same one expression sane dialogue delivery. His days are numbered mark my words.

Still all his films where he plays himself are blockbusters!! So what’s the use?!? The only film where he played a dimwit retard (tubelight) was a flop. So what’s the message one should get from this. He keeps playing himself because we keep making those films blockbusters. So wake up and smell the coffee

so glad Salman and Ali kicked PissCee out of this film, Bollywood is done with her.

Dumb hater its PC who left the film which these two men cant digest.

Dumb fan she called Salman 1000 times for doing this film and begged him. She shouldnt have signed this film. She thought they will change the dates but good that ali and Salman shown her exit.


When Salman said to media that she called 1000 times for film then why didn't she say anything if that's not true. Priyanka is desperate to revive her Bollywood career which is now over.

They use Chopra to promote their film? Lolololol. You forgot they gave her the final kick ass in Bollywood. Plastic Chopra is history. Get it :)

Katrina is so old.

Bharat will be a huge flop like Race 3.

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So true. It is high time old Salman and Kat Aunty should get married and leave the country. Enough of these talent less stars. India deserve better.

You should have wait for PC. So what if movie wont be able to release on Eid?

Why should he wait for a flop actress. Priyanka's career in Bollywood is done and dusted with that flop gangajal. This was supposed to be her comeback film. She needed to be more serious about her bollywood career which is now officially over.

When you know you made a bad film and your leading actress is a big flop and fail to do justice with the role, you talk about irrelevant things and past. Like Ali and Salman continuously talking about Priyanka and botox aunty is talking about her EX Ranbir.

Bharat has no buzz and a flop music. Public is bored of Salman Katrina pairing. So they are using PC to promote the film.


Ali missing be missing priyanka on his bed at night.

Both Director and Actor couldn't stop talking about Priyanka. Proves they aren't happy with their flop and item girl lead actress and missing Priyanka so much.

He knows PC was the best choice. He is aware of Katrina destroying the movie with zero expressions and botox face.

A plastic PeeCee fan talks about botox faces of other actresses? HAHAHA, what an IRONY!

Clearly sallu and ali aren't happy with talentless kat.

Both Alia and Salman are pissed off for PC refusing them #Queen PC



Old cheepika



Priyanka looks so OLD

Salman and ali are unmarried so that's why they dared to work with Priyanka otherwise this homewrecker dates every single married man

Good that they didn't took that old flop priyamka

Sad they cast old flop expressionless Katrina.

Nobody plans .arriage all of a sudden. She could have married after completing the film. Chopara is so unprofessional

Fake article again by Priyanka. She will never get over it that Salman now kicked her out of Bollywood.

I'm bored of Priyankas lies about this film. These are all false articles created by her and her desperate PR!

Ali is not PC's PR . Hater get a life. PC left the movie and Ali is missing her.

There were reports that kangana was the first choice to play films lead but she rejected the film as working with a khan is below her level. May be Ali wants to work with Kjo and nepo kid hritik that's why he is not talking about kangana

As usual you keep lying kangu

Then why salman said so much about privanka ??

I’m bored of Katrina - Salman combo should’ve got someone else in this film

What’s the use it will still be a blockbuster. Disgusting

Agree. So tired of Katrina.

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