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Alia Bhatt admits to pleading Ayan Mukerji to cast her opposite beau Ranbir Kapoor in Brahmastra; Read on

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor will be seen together for the first time in Ayan Mukerji’s Brahmastra. The film is slated to hit the screens during Christmas 2019.
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Brahmastra is by far, one of the most awaited films of 2019, and besides the unique story line and the film being a superhero sci-fi flick, one major reason why everyone is looking forward to this film is because Alia Bhatt and beau Ranbir Kapoor will come together on screen for the first time. That’s right! While all of Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor fans are eagerly waiting to see the two love-birds romance on the 70 mm screen, little did they know that Alia Bhatt, perhaps, wasn’t the first choice of director Ayan Mukerji.

In an interview with India Today, Alia revealed that she had pleaded Ayan Mukerji to cast her opposite Ranbir Kapoor in Brahmastra. “The idea for Brahmastra was conceived long back when Ayan (Mukerji, director) had just done Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. I wanted to work with him and I have always wanted to work with Ranbir as well. I pleaded to Ayan that please cast me with him,” informed Alia Bhatt. Well, we are sure that Ayan Mukerji is not going to regret his decision because we all are well aware of Alia and her acting prowess. Thanks to social media, while the cast and crew of the film was shooting in Bulgaria, Alia kept giving us glimpses of the on-set masti and we are sure that Alia and Ranbir are going to create magic together on-screen.

But it was way back in 2007 when Ranbir had made his debut with Saawariya that Alia became a fan of Ranbir and wanted to learn the process of acting from him. “With Ranbir, it is a completely different experience because I have always admired him. He is my favourite actor since he made his debut. He will always remain my favourite because he is so honest and effortless. When I set out to work with him, I was thinking that I will understand his process of acting, but there's no process. He is like me, he acts in front of the camera, and suddenly off camera, he is seen eating chocolates, or chatting, wanting to know what is the gossip of the day. He is very hard working, so effortless and that is the beauty,” Alia added.



शिवा और इशा #brahmastra

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Talking about Brahmastra, the film is set to hit the theatres on December 20, during the Christmas weekend and a few weeks back, the team of Brahmastra had launched the official logo of the film at Haridwar, in which we heard the voices of Amitabh Bachchan, Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor.



Aim for the sky they say, and we did!

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ALSO READ: Karan Johar shares BTS video of how Alia Bhatt & Ranbir Kapoor's Brahmastra logo reveal at Kumbh Mela happened

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After 2 years he will definitely be seen dating Sara Ali khan or jhanvi Kapoor.

There's nothing wrong in asking for what you want if it's fair .but Alia should think of other actresses too ...she's snatching their opportunities away by trying to be in every movie..that's too bad some of them are virtually out of work..

Karan needs to place his bets on Kriti Sanon an outsider with star quality. She is everything Alia isnt.. Gorgeous, good height and body, educated, intelligent and good voice.

I can understand Katrina fans frustration with alia dating ranbir as they are jealous that kat is still single while rk has moved on happily. Trust me we all ranbir fans wants that katrina too finds a good guy who can keep her happy.What I don't understand is that deepika fans obsession with ranbir. They are the biggest hypocrites. They feel somehow rnir wronged her leaving her for kat but they desperately wanted ranbir to take deepika back and still wants the same and they won't have any problems if Deepika dumps ranveer Singh even after marriage. Her moron fans have spent their one decade of life in abusing ranbir and his girlfriends. They believe that ranbir should keep crying throughout his life for dumping their idol. Still remember the shit her shitty fandom wrote about ranbir in 2015 that she is saving his career with tamasha. And now they want alia and ranbir films to flop as Deepika is completely out of centre stage.

First of all Katrina fans need to stop attaching alia for dating ranbir. Ranbir opened confessed that he fell in love with Katrina while shooting for apkgk during adhm promotions and he wanted to patch up with her during jj promotions but kat is so cold with him and looks disinterested in having him back or maybe wants to sleep with another man as she is bored sleeping with ranbir for 7 years. So in that case ranbir and alia has all the rights for moving in their life. As for deepika fans, you guys are pathetic , she is married and you still want her to be back with ranbir.

hello ranbir dumped kat and she stayed in their rented house months after he had left.
i dont judge ranbir though as he tried for 7 yrs kat took ranbir for granted.

May be kat asked her to pack his things and leave the house before she returns back. I too think jagga jasoos promotions gave an insight to their relationship. Ranbir was like , I will miss her, she is most motivational, my breakup hurt, she is important blah blah. If she wanted him back she too could have said it. He admitted in rajeev's interview that he fell in love with kat during apkgk . Never done that for deepika or his other countless gfs though. But still whatever makes u happy

It's other way around. Ranbir stole the girlfriend of dhoni and yuvraj, deepika, then stole Salman khan's gf Katrina, then Shahid kapoor's gf Priyanka( they both went on a new year vacation all alone in 2010, surely given how both of them are so characterless, they both might slept together), and at last he stole Sid and varun's gf alia.

Alia is good. Someone has paid Pinkvilla to suddenly publish bad about her. Out of suddenly in so many years how come suddenly this is happening

Take a shot everytime you read 'suddenly' game on

People who are calling Alia names are pathetic. What has she done for this type of bashing. Actual sluts and whores are Katrina deepika kangana and Priyanka who had affairs with married men stole boyfriends

I really want this movie to flop. Ayan and RK for making mockery of RK's girl friends. Alia for being mean, cunning, manipulative and calculative. Kjo for buying everything with money, manipulating people's emotions by comparing Alia with Deepika and crushing other talented girls. All bad people with their bad karma , should get a tight slap on their face

Alia will never ever be India's sweetheart. It was Katrina, It's Deepika now and in future it will be Sara.
Just look at the response Sara got for her debut. Alia debut response was lukewarm and it was the industry people who started praising her highway performance that got people attention.

Deepika fans are the
Most negative ones n toxic, spreading their venoms here

In terms of acting kangana Ranaut is above Deepika and Alia, they both can claim the number one status or whatever spot they are fighting for but Kangana is doing her own thing and letting are talent speaks for itself, didn't Deepika go on KWK and acted like Alia BFF...Kalank failure is karma for what kjo and everyone in the industry did to Manikarnika trying to make the movie flop at all cost to get back at her, but now I am pretty sure Kangana is laughing hard

who is writing Sara name here, this is between Alia and Deepika fans, don't drag Sara's name here

Nah ! This between sensible people who can see the atrocious kj gang and bw for what they are. The audience and observers have had enough and feel its time to speak out. There is a saying that if good men do nothing evil will flourish !

the price you will pay Alia for coming after Deepika with your stupid PR calling yourself #1 hahaha this is just the beginning, don't know what will happen with Brahmastra, mabye its a hit or it will flop, I will honestly come back after two more flops and then write my lengthy post her:) celebrating the end of you and more importantly your talentless mediocre gossip anuty turned producer Karan Johar who ruined Hindi cinema with his crap movies and talentless nepokids like you Alia taking the place of real talent....see you soon:)

I want to give 1000 likes to this but this like button is rigged. I think Kjo paid pinkvilla to manipulate this.

if this is dud like kalank..sara&jahnvi are going to walking away with all of alias projects&kjo will be getting a new pet soon.

ranbir&alia are an odd jodi !They look like baby and baba.

Promotion for next started ! Pls let us njoy failure of kalank first

Making Alia "date" Ranbir was one of the worst PR ideas I've ever seen. I mean, just look at these comments bashing her. It ticked off Deepika fans, Katrina fans, Ranbir fans, Varia fans, ALL the nepotism debaters, and even more.

sis all you had to do was ask kjo why plead

People who think Alia is the best actress we have, have not really seen any kind of good cinema and work. Just some really nice strategies by her PR team and daddy Johar ofcourse. Imtiaz wanted to sign Deepika for Highway, but daddy Johar stepped in and asked him to sign Alia. Good performance from a newcomer but nothing to go gaga over. I mean it just messes up my brain that inspite of having actresses like Kalki, Tabu, Konkana, Kangana, Sobhita(Made in heaven's lead actress), Ratna Pathak, we consider this nepo kid who is mediocre to say the least as a gift to our industry. Whats wrong with the indian audience!!!

I hate seeing alia everywhere and she is definitely not a bollywood queen and can never be. but she was perfect for highway.

Ranbir suggested alia to Imitiaz btw.

She isnt kalank material - atleast not that kathak dance but she is definitely highway material. no need to bash her work completely.

name of these actresses gave such a good feeling !

Looking at the comments one can see why Bollywood is still so regressive. The audience is so caught up in their “faves” no one cares about true art. Hate Alia because you like Deepika? Want one nepotism kid Sara to overtake another nepo kid Alia. I’m not a fan of Alia because the girls lacks beauty, charm, talent, charisma. Nothing to do with Deepika or any other actress. Will Bollywood audience ever grow up and mature beyond petty star rivalries? Hope so

awesome comment.

Don’t understand why Alia’s career is compared to DP, Kareena, priyanka.
Their best work is compared to Alia’s work. People are forgetting that she is only 26 and already doing fantastic compared to these actresses at that age. She has many years to go and will eventually do wonderful work. It would be fair if she was the same age, otherwise the comparison doesn’t even make any sense. She is already a good actress but she will improve with age, as any art is mastered with more experience. Kangana, Deepika did their best work at a much older age with few years of experience behind them, they didn’t have a Raazi at 25.

Alia is all hype besides highway she has nothing exceptional to boast off. Kjo pr is like trump pr you repeat enough times Alia best etc and people start believing. Kalank has shown that Alia is not beautiful and limited in acting. Maybe in time she will be good but she and Kjo are in a hurry to make her a no1 which is a big joke because the last true no1 was Madhuri Dixit. BTW She herself and Kjo try to put her in that league of Deepika, Pc and Kareena , hence the comparisons. Deepika is limited and her best was cocktail and Chennai express. She may excel in her new film but that remains to be seen. Kareena has raw talent but she is lazy and she tends to ham. Now she just known for ramp walks and the gym. Her only real memorable performance is Jab we met. Priyanka has some good performances in Bollywood and was exceptional in Fashion.Sad she is reduced to side piece in Hollywood and plus her acting in Hollywood is atrocious and embarrassing.

Lmao it was not people who wanted to compare Alia with Deepika. It was Karan and Alia who started this whole thing on KWK and Karan putting Alia and Deepika together in the same category and asking every guest, who is better. He literally pitted them against each other, and seems like the two have been plotting to make Alia come across as the current top actress and the one who takes Deepika's position. Can't believe you don't even realize when people manipulate you.

They also did not have a KJO at 18 :-/

Karma is hitting all the enemies of Deepika very hard. Ranbir and Katrina are still unmarried and unhappy with their love life. They are delivering flops after flop. Now alia too is delivering flops.

Hey Karan Johar don’t inflate collections of kalank. It would not help the film from being a disaster. Better luck for Your next film with Alia and Ranbir. Give more time to script.

I really hope that bharat and chapaak are hit so that deepika and Katrina gets some movies and renains a bit busy otherwise they will keep commenting on queen alia posts and keep going in Depression seeing ranbir with alia.

Lol ! Queen ? Of what ??

Newsflash....jerry is a beard ! Not a position to be envious of. And please gone are the days when rk was considered a catch.

I want Sara to take Deepika's position as numero Uno and Bollywood queen now. Deepika is still my favourite but now she is a bit old for playing girl next door roles or a 20 something character. She had sucessful career and now she can enjoy her marriage and produce beautiful babies. Sara will rule Bollywood. Step mom bebo fans and alia fans back off. And yeah Sara is like Ganga so don't throw dirt in her character. Kareena and alia are harlots.

Of course you want one nepo kid to take over another. It’s an assembly line. Don’t complain when Bollywood continues to churn out inferior product. Not that you would notice

Some shows of kalank got cancelled in Pune hope that happens with Brahmastra too. Can’t just tolerate nepopapa and her adopted snake daughter anymore. Snake Bhatt learned her nostril flaring acting from nepopapa. In every movie she has just 5 expressions. I like Ranbir Kapoor though. He is one star kid who knows how to act. Would skip Bhrmastra.

Only thing that is likeable about Alia is that she has made friends with everyone. From Salman to Ranbir, Kat to dp, rv to varun to srk. It's like she is in every camp.
Rest she is fake. I wonder if she knows her real self. Or maybe her real is this only. In public interactions she copies Jennifer Lawrence. That burp n never ending laugh is what J-law is famous for.
Her acting is mediocre as rightly pointed by kangana. Aik ya dou scenes amazing də kar poori movie aise hi act Karti Hai.
You might get popular alia but no one will remember any of your character as you haven't delivered any iconic role like dp(mastani) or kangana(queen) or kareenA(poo) or Priya ka(loads). When your downfall will come then you won't have stardom like Katrina to survive. You will vanish. The iconic roles r remembered by audience although the actress aren't popular anymore. Stardom also keeps u in movies like for e.g Katrina. Whole nation wants to watch Filmfare awards to see Ranbir n Kat hug. Or dp n Kat hug. That's Kat star power.
You better do something before bramrashta starts your downfall.

I do remember a lot of Alia's roles, almost every one of them actually was memorable. I remember Shanaya from SOTY, Kavya from HSKD, Veera from Highway, Ananya from 2 States, Kaira from Dear Zindagi, Vaidehi - BKD, Sehmat in Raazi and Safeena in gully boy. It's just this one film that has failed other than Shaandaar where she was a kid and the story line was horrible. Kalank also seems to have failed because of bad direction and lack of a proper plot. Let's give her a break. I wish she would leave this RK stuff and Kjo drama behind her and go back to being her old self.

I will advise to Alia that start spreading rumors of u n kjo fallout...meanwhile your strong Forte is that u r in every camp....use that for your advantage....maybe party with dp n Kat together....or invite kangana to a party...or maybe take out kangana to a lunch n release n article saying I apologize for not promoting manikarnika n me n kangana r cool with each other....cause you usually make friends with people...do it fast before bramrashta takes u down....n please don't impose that kalank was a mediocre hit you will be trolled badly...

If you remember these roles and these performances, please improve the kind of movies you watch. Movies are art and you clearly seem to have no idea about it. Its because of people like you that this nepo kid is enjoying success which belongs to some well deserving ones.

Just my two cents..a very mediocre actor has been put on a pedestal.. Thanks to nepotism and the high handedness of KJo..

Alia is the cream who will always float o the top,, Delicate, ethereal, beautiful, fir unlike DP who is a lambi ghodi

Its the other way round, RK needs Alia more than she needs him.. PV wh post such disgusting cooments on Alia.. Alia is the best we have in Bollywood and ill be for a long time.. Mark my words.. You guys are jeaolos becuae no talent DP is old and out

LOL ! please do not compare short ugly alia to the beautiful deepika. And if dp is old by your reasoning alia will also be there in 3 yrs as she is 27 and not 26. BTW not because the incestuous insiders say that alia is talented it is the truth. It is PR driven propaganda only. Alia is an average actor. Deepika padukone is a STAR !! and Kalank will be the biggest flop.

Pv why post comments if you continue to manipulate the votes.....

Oh please! Spare us. Stop doing all the movies and maybe concentrate on one movie. Prepare for it. Work hard for it.

WWelcome to ALia wood guys, she is the best we have today. She is so beautiful in Kalank

Even saying the same things that dp said about rk and his acting lol ! Seems that naginjo told her to transform into dp. Where and when will it end... jeez.

Whoever who said Sara is sl.. Go and ask any guy in India today and they will say Sara is their dream girl just like Katrina used to be decade ago and Aish in previous decade. Never heard a guy saying alia is hot, sexy or desirable. Sara don't need to run after men it's alia who run after men. She is simply a characterless woman who is dating the ex of bff. Sara will date a hot and young guy and not some old uncle. By the time Sara will marry, alia will be an aunty with kids or a Kapoor doormat.

Her sister said she is not dumb she knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. Seems that she has been stalking and planning this falling in love business for a long time. Rk has been entrapped ( but then maybe not as he and his family need a baby factory ) She is cunning and just hides behind the little girl look.

dumb alia

Katrina is Ranbir ki Rakhel.

I am a Deepika padukone fan and I can say that Katrina Rnd is posting all the negative comments.

Scary, Alia is not a lover of Ranbir but a groupie.

Another flop in the making.

Is this an attempt to say my sugar daddy Karan Johar didn’t get me this job, but I got it because I asked for it?

200 crore Kalank has become a huge kalank because of Chooha.

Just horrible!In her every film she pleaded co-stars and bromance with them,but fails.whatever u said,ur next upcoming disaster movies in pipeline..1)kalank 2)brahmastra 3)takht 4)rrr 5)inshallah 6)sadak 2 will be flop as well0

Just horrible!In her every film she pleaded co-stars and bromance with them,but fails.whatever u said,ur next upcoming disaster movies in pipeline..1)kalank 2)brahmastra 3)takht 4)rrr 5)inshallah 6)sadak 2 will be flop as well0

No process could be seen in kalank..had she prepared a bit better, she wouldnt have looked so awkward..anyway now enough of alias articles for a long long time..

wow... i think this year will end on a fabulous note for me, watching a 300cr pataka go puuuuuussssssssss

What's new? Everyone knows she does dirty work behind , to snatch others roles and bfs.

Kalank songs were awesome from Ghar more pardesiya, First class and Kriti sanon's debut...Just saying

Ok firstly, people calling her names not cool. Secondly, Alia is ruining her career by wanting to be in every movie thanks to Kjo. She will learn this the hard way that everything won't click. Watching her in a movie every 2 months is just overkill.

There's no one left in Bolly other than mediocre Alia. It's going through a huge crises. Tara Sutaria and Sarah are new entrants. It will take 2 more years to get their movies released. Till then its Alia's show.

i can't believe PV allows such horrible comments. i don't like alia and i don't like rk but reding such type of words on public platform is something i could never imagine and yet it's here! it's so disgusting! PV i never thought even such trashy site like you could allow it but you really fell that low!

Tharki uncle se itna pyar? Kiun Alia? You can get better human being.

She is a snake who tries to steal projects and boyfriends. After all she is Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter. All in the blood.

whose boyfriend she had stolen. it is Katrina who had stolen boyfriends. and yet you people are supporting her. and deepika is married. why ranbir and Alia is always blamed when you don't know them personally.

I feel AB is more visible and successful than RK .She can do better . RK is a has been and his bad luck rubbed off Deepika / KK and now AB ( Kalank ) .

Why is pv publishing comments where people are calling aalia a whore? While they've never published any of my negative comments on Sara whose actually a slut

I hate her for being so cunning n shrewd!We already hate u for being such a sly creature..kindly refrain from saying utter rubbish every day..May Karma be real bitch to u!Amen!

Ok hope Director decision was right

She doesn't have self respect In that relationship.. No matter how successful you are, how modern role you, talk about feminism.. But your personal choice, thinking is so regressive

Alia I have heard people saying love is blind... But itna blind??? Bhagvaan...

I don't say anything about you and Ranbir now.. Let's see after 3 years

I mean seriously I don't underatand isne kya dekhi Ranbir mai? His playboy image?

I am not an alia fan to be honest but I dont think there is anything wrong with asking a director. You want something you try and see if you will get it.of cos some will suffer because they have to audition but all the same I believe what is yours will always come to you. Haven said that....I am not happy with the way people are happy kalank got bad reviews...its not good to wish bad on people even though kjo got what he deserved but pls ....

So very early only she planned all these to fall in love with Ranbir?Alia may be you are successful, bright all but you are still immature.. One day you you will understand how immature you were to crazy about Ranbir.. There are so many good guys around but you are blind in love..digging your own grave

Lol yeh kya bol rahi hai? Pyar mai andhi hogayi hai. . Next movie you do alia Andhidoon...

They actually look nice together

Here come the stalker/haters

Starting with you. You posted the first negative comment instead of saying something nice. Are you dumb Alia?

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