Alia Bhatt is all praises for Anushka Sharma, reveals what makes her so special

Alia Bhatt can’t stop gushing about Anushka Sharma, says she is unique in her own way.
News,alia bhatt,Anushka Sharma,gully boy,Alia Bhatt and anushka sharmaAlia Bhatt is all praises for Anushka Sharma, reveals what makes her so special
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Bollywood is a place where we have seen a lot of catfights happening, while some get exposed to the media, some don’t. The actresses are pretty insecure about their contemporaries that often make them turn in arch-rivals. However, in this competitive world, there are many actresses who are found of their fellow co-actresses and they also share a great rapport. We have seen many Bollywood actresses giving us major BFFs goals. And it seems, one of them is here.

Alia Bhatt and Anushka Sharma seem to be the new BFFs of Bollywood. Alia Bhatt who is currently busy with the promotions of her upcoming flick Gully Boy couldn’t stop gushing about Anushka Sharma. Well, you must be wondering why, isn’t it? So are we. So it all started when Alia and Ranveer were at Radio Mirchi studio for a show and when the RJ asked her about Anushka, Alia couldn’t help but giving out some really great words for Mrs. Kohli.

Talking about Anushka, Alia said, “Anushka Sharma is one of the most real and normal people I’ve met. Who itni normal hai ke wo thodi si not normal hai. Like in her way when you see her in a situation, you speak to Anushka, you could stare at her and watch her speak because she is so herself. She is so unique in her own special way."




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Moving at the pace of nature ...

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Alia further said what she loves the most about Anushka, “She does a lot for animals and the environment. She does a lot of campaigning. She has her own shelter home for animals which I love because it is one of my dreams and I’m so happy that she is the front runner for this cause.”

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Well, we wonder what Anushka would have to say on this. Let’s wait for her reply. 


Anushka must be saying and Alia is the most corrupt I have met.

thats why Neetu love her and Ranbir feels safe wit her. No personality.

I remember I knew someone like that in my college. What a painfully boring fake doormat personality! She was a fan of everyone, good in studies, came first but I don’t think anyone was interested in becoming fren with goody two shoes faker! She and another goody shoes spent all their time together and it was clear they were fake friends. There was nothing true about either..both people pleasers..only some manipulative batch mates used to become their occasional friends when they wanted some fan following and ass kissing! I have a feeling that’s what Katrina did and Ranbir is doing. These ppl are good for the broken ego!

Haha! This is what Ranbir got. His future wife asskissing his contemporaries!

Alia “doormat” Bhatt Kapoor! Perfect fit to be a doormat of Rishi, Neetu, Ranbir, Kareena etc.

alia is always trying to be in the league of gorgeous actresses like katrina, depict, karrena, anushka. she always says something to make it to headlines so her picture can be printed alongside them ....nepo alia bahut chalak hai

Why this sudden love

to make kangana jealous

to make kangana jealous

Wow! all those false declarations of love. Alia looks more and more like her guru, cute and jovial outside but Machiavellian inside, it’s scary.

Last week it was deepika and kangana and this week anushka. Great going nepo kid. Your daddy has give you good training. Keep it up.

I think Alia is trying really hard to piss off Kangana by praising other celebrities. We all know that Alia will never directly say anything to Kangana because that would mean she would have to drop her "I'm so nice & sweet" attitude which she never will. That's her image, that's what sells


Kangana needs to calm down and stop post comments here and focus on her life...

Alia doesn’t know what normal is

both are total fakes

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