Alia Bhatt in an all white look is dishing out perfect summer vibes while on vacation with beau Ranbir Kapoor

Taking to Instagram on Friday, Alia Bhatt shared another brand new picture and we got to say the actress looked picture perfect in an all-white ensemble while she enjoyed her ice cream.
News,Ranbir Kapoor,alia bhattAlia Bhatt upped her fashion game by sporting a pair of white sunglasses and a mini tote bag as she posed with an ice cream.
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Alia Bhatt created a storm at the box office in February for her character Safeena in Gully Boy alongside Ranveer Singh. Then came Kalank which tanked massively at box office in the following days since its release. While Alia will be seen in Brahmastra next in December, the actress has indeed won herself a well-deserved vacation. And Alia along with her boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor have reportedly jetted off to Lake Como to soak in the sun at the stunning location. 

Taking to Instagram on Friday, Alia shared another brand new picture and we got to say the 26-year-old actress looked picture perfect in an all-white ensemble. Not just that, Alia upped her fashion game by sporting a pair of white sunglasses and a mini tote bag as she posed with an ice cream. 

Sharing the picture, Alia wrote, "In a world full of hate, BE LOVE - - oh & eat ice cream." Well, we are loving the whole summer vibe in the picture and the caption. Check it out below: 



In a world full of hate, BE LOVE - - oh & eat ice cream

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soul full of sunshine

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The vacation locale chosen by Alia and Ranbir raised quite a few eyebrows as many speculated that the couple may be planning to tie the knot in the same location as Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh. However, Alia's mum Soni Razdan refuted the rumours of them getting married this year as well. She said, "Look, it is sweet of all their fans to ask everything about them. I am Alia's mother. I really do not want to talk about my daughter's personal life."

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Wow I feel sorry for Alia having to deal with stupid people on the internet bullying her for no apparent reason !! I hope she don’t feed into all this and keep being the best person that she can for herself !!

She tries so hard, particularly off screen to showcase the Casanova she stole away! She is not likable at all... If not for Karan and stealing roles from left, right, and center, where would she be?

I pity RK.For someone who has dated hotties like Dp/ Kat,this is a disaster from every angle.
Pv,please stop projecting her as some beauty. Who are you trying to fool?

To all Katrina do you even judge Alia when Kat stole other people's bfs (not ex..current ones) twice and survived in bollywood for so long without having an iota of talent just by manipulating men! And Ranbir was Katrina's ex bf and Katrina and Alia were friendly with each other but not bffs. Alia is definitely overhyped like a lot of other stars..just don't watch her movies..why make personal attacks. I think the amount of hate she gets by these bullies here it's enough to drive anyone into depression.

Phew Alia has atleast one fan to defend her virtues! I was getting worried there!

DP is super beautiful, more than Alia. She is just not as free-spirited or experimental which makes her appear boring and get less attention. Maybe it's a pisces thing. Just an observation. And Alia has become annoying after she got with RK.

laughing stock shorty ! Anaya and tara are gorgeous can disappear

If they get married then this will be the marriage of convenience of the century. She likes his family name. He's lazy arrogant and irresponsible likes to chase younger women then dump them when they are past their prime.

Clearly, his photography skills are nothing to write home about. Just like his acting or "football-ing".


The 'well brought up' overrated and overhyped girl who stole her best friend's bf.

'be love' every fandom hates you after you're robbing our favourite chances.Get married and just disappear,we had enough of you.

you could not manage friendship so cannot manage love
you began the hate circle yourself

Alia, its just you on Ranno on vacation. So clearly he took this pic. Its only his ‘gentle nature’, ‘zen mind’ and ‘sweetest heart’ that makes him post such unflattering pitures of his gf. Rewind karke dekh lo, sabhi ke saath yahi hua hai.... cut loose after Bramhastra and run!!

Not really. Why is there even a post for mediocre fashion?!

she is the most ugly actress of the story, short fat with a toat face

She is looking beautiful. Keep the good work and positivity up!!

She is looking beautiful. Keep the good work and positivity up!!

you who have broken very first rule of friendship..You try to act innocent but you are very calculative person on top you say why their is so much hate.. people are very smart ..,we know who is really genuine ... don’t teach us

She looks like a white witch .. look at those glasses looking so funny ..though she is trying hard to look cool

Very beautiful

She looks like a white which though trying to look super cool but fail miserably


In a world full of hate created by Alia..n she is eating a ice cream..hate u Alia..cheapster ugly shorty!

such a wannabe.Trying to look cool but fails miserably .Joker

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Who is this short below average man ??

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haha love this comment of yours on each rat posts...keep up the good work

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