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Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor twin in white as they pose with a fan in Varanasi; See Pics

Despite security and a packed shooting schedule, one fan managed to get pictures clicked with the couple who are shooting for Brahmastra in Varanasi.
News,Ranbir Kapoor,alia bhatt,BrahmastraRanbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt have been busy shooting for their next Brahmastra in Varanasi since quite some time now.
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Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt have been busy shooting for their next Brahmastra in Varanasi and the actors have been keeping a low-profile since they left the city. However, fans of the actors in Varanasi are more than excited to have them in their hometown and have been going all out to spot the actors and score a selfie. Despite security and a packed shooting schedule, one fan managed to get pictures clicked with the couple and shared them on social media. 

Whereas Ranbir and Alia were happy to oblige and pose for a series of pictures with the fan. Just a few days ago, Ranbir was trolled heavily on social media after a fan touched the actor's feet and was spotted sitting next to him on the floor at the same hotel. In the video, Ranbir could be seen sitting on a sofa while the fan sat on the floor next to him. This irked quite a few netizens and many bashed him for being rude. 

In the latest pictures, Ranbir and Alia can be seen twinning in white and Ranbir also rocked a pair of cool sunglasses. Check out their pictures below: 



One of my follower @imkeswani met up with #ranbirkapoor and #aliabhatt in varanasi #viralbhayani @viralbhayani

A post shared by Viral Bhayani (@viralbhayani) on

Ranbir and Alia will be sharing screen space for the first time in Brahmastra and the Varanasi schedule is expected to last for another two weeks or so. The couple also visited the Kashi Viswanath temple recently and were thronged by fans. Brahmastra was initially supposed to release in December 2019 but has now been pushed to 2020. 

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Alia is trying so hard. She will crash one day!

alia is typical jealous type girl she is very insecure, RK is boring , I wish alia hook up with hrithick they will make. good couple

mahesh bhatt has all time in the world in talk about others, but he never had the time to teach ethics to alia. Result is that alia has become a snake, an actress who lives off on kjo's recommendation. KK's past may be shady, but she is not evil like alia

Guys please this is called KARMA.Ranbir dated and broke hearts of two most stunning ladies of bollywood toh karam mein usko alia mil gayi .hahahahaha kya karma hai ranbir ka maza agay

Kya badia bhai behen hai .Ek sath fan ke sath pic click krwa rahe hai .Nazar na lage is bhai behen ki jodi ko

Toh kya ab ek bhai behen kisi fan ke sath pic bhi click nahi karwa sakte kya ?? Hadh hai

3 men in one frame

who is this short below average ugly ma in white kurta besides ranbir ??

RK you deserve better dude

PapaJo and his beti are the most dangerous duo in Bollywood right now...breaking/creating fake relationships...lobbying for all major movies/roles for themselves....and may be many other manipulations that don’t see the light of the day!

Are you in Bollywood? If not this stupid thesis of yours should not worry you. Mind your own business.

Salia, Go get some sleep instead of defending your papa-jo's bad decisions. You have been unnecessarily thrust too hard down our throats and we are now starting to gag. Very soon you will be finished. The end is near.

RK used to look smitten by his previous girlfriends and rightfully so! Now not so much...

We know how those relationships ended. So this relationship is for ever.

Alia, Honey its way past your bedtime. Get some sleep so that you don't wake up even uglier. Coming out here, defending your "relationship" , comparing yourself to DP, Kat makes you look pathetic and needy. You should instead feel bad for us that we have to put up with his manufactured bullshit and bear it till your flopasstra releases.

he always loookd miserable with all his exes...deepika and now alia...with kat he was little lively during JJ promotions....otehrwise he looks so disinterested with his girlfrinds lol

Both suckkk

Why does she look so tense? Relax woman.

Ranbir literally has lost his charm. He is no more the RK of Saawariya-YKHD days. Its so sad

How can he be the same RK as in sawariya, it release thirteen years ago. I agree he lost his charm to some extent in ADHM. He looked the best in YJHD and in Tamasha.

This Brahmastra is going on for too long . Too much exposure kills audience's interest in any movie . Personally I think its Thor with AB playing anthony Hopkins' role .

The day they break up, I will finish a whole dabba of rasgulla.

Your life must be so boring, that you are invested this much in other peoples lives. Don't wish ill on others, Karma will come and hit you.

There is nothing wrong in my life as I don't fake "relationships" Why don't you start by taking a good look at your own pathetic little life ? You should probably worry about your own karma than talking ill about what others deserve. Go and get a life.

Alia is the most cunning actress bollywood has ever see. She had an eye on Ranbir since the beginning , she made friends with Katrina to het close to ranbir and snatched her then bestfriends boyfriend. Shame on you Uglia. on top of it she and karan became so insecure of stunning madhuri in Kalank that they mutually planned to cut her role short and dis not made her dance because uglia cannot stand a chance against madhuri. ThankGod kalank flopped. PV pls post.

Kalank is a bad movie over all. Bad story, screenplay, direction. Madhuri looked very bad in Kalank, she was not necessary in the movie, because it was Madhuri they had to add scenes and then the dance and song towards the end which was a drag. Madhuri is a legend I agree, Alia is not competing with her, they r not in same league. The only pus point of Kalank is Aditya Roy Kapoor.

Katrina became so called bff with Alia after Ranbir dumped her. She did not want Alia to get with Ranbir as she knew Alia had a crush on him. Katrina is never best friend with any actress. She faked the friendship with Alia, Alia faked it too with her. She got her man anyway. Alia did not snatch Ranbir away from Katrina, Alia was never besties with Karina.

No Alia did snatch Ranbir from Katrina. Both Alia and KJo planned to separate Ranbir-Katrina. Ranbir and Katrina broke up during the shooting days of KJo's Ae Dil Hai Mushkil because KJo might have tried hard to break their relationship as his daughter Alia cried in front of him at Koffee with Karan that she wants to marry Ranbir Kapoor!

She is always sticking her head out when with RK May be to look tall! Doesn’t help much though

maybe alia is in character and her character is dying or whatever. she looks so weak and ranbir always looks like he needs a shower

Lol! So true

What is she doing in that second picture ? it's kinda funny alia

Is it true that they broke up ?

Exactly who's the fan here?!?!

Alia looks really ugly with that brassy hair and showing off crooked yellow teeth. Come on. You travel with a team of HMUA. You can do better!

Karan did the biggest mistake of his life by making this girl a mainstream heroine. She fits the role of sister or best friend best.

Bringing Alia into movie industry is no way a mistake by Karan, let alone being biggest mistake of his life. She is mainstream heroine whether you like it or not. She gave super hits and karan made big bucks on the movies he produced with her.

Poor Ranbir. He has to resort to such antics to make films work these days.

Saw a glimpse of Alia's first Koffee with Karan episode. She got whitening injections for sure apart from fillers

She is a fair skinned woman, doesn't needing bleaching. I don't think there are fillers involved, she is too young for those, doesn't need them yet.

Not a fan of Alia, but her grand mother(mother's side) is white bhai. Alia actually looked better in koffee with Karan with some weight, now she doesn't look the same

he always looks like a babysitter. how the mighty have fallen

Are they a real couple or is this just for RK to get more attention to boost his faltering image? They don’t suit each other?

alia looks exhausted.

Alia is sooo ugly and on top of it she has a horrible soul,such a fake snake

Did she bite you, how do you she is a snake. Only her friends and family know what kind of a soul she is.

They make this fake appearances together so that ppl don't forget flopastra

Alia, wake up, do not marry this fool! You can do much better than this.

True, Ranbir won't be a super star anymore, so what is the point of marrying him. Ranbir will be a depressed Buddha in a couple of years anyways with no films in his hands

Don't wish ill on others, Karma will come and bite you.

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