Alia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor's video post a walk spark rumours of their move in amid Coronavirus lockdown

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor were snapped post a walk together and well, while fans are gushing over them, there seem to be rumours doing the rounds as well.
Alia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor's video post a walk spark rumours of their move in amid Coronavirus lockdownAlia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor's video post a walk spark rumours of their move in amid Coronavirus lockdown
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The Coronavirus lockdown has everyone staying back home and so, people are trying to make the most of this time together and well, it looks like there is someone who has our attention for the same reason as well. Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt have been one of the most talked about the duos and they seem to be in the news time and again because of their relationship, and of course, their first-ever film together, Brahmastra. And this time around, a video of the two is what has caught our attention and for all the right reasons.

Recently, reports about the duo's breakup have been doing the rounds, however, it was when Alia shared a photo of hers and credit Ranbir for clicking the photo that she managed to shut any of these rumours. However, now, another possible conjecture that has been is that they are in fact, living together right now since a video of them has been doing the rounds. Yesterday, we came across a video of Ranbir and Alia taking RK's dog for a walk and they were dressed in casuals. Earlier, she also shared photos of Ranbir's doggos on her social media.

Check out Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt's video right here:



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While these are mere rumours, they only cropped up because given the current scenario with the COVID 19, one wouldn't simply go for a casual meet up together and fans have simply been joining the dots together. What do you think about it? Drop your comments in the section right here.

This Day That Year


So many weirdos commenting on the couple because they lead such wasteful lives. Film stars owe you nothing. You can watch their movies if you choose to and then shut up.

Yes, their life. Alia is to RK what Sid is KJO.

Baal beti Jodi.

Dad and daughter

She must be feeling like a real life gangubai in a lockdown with him - must be terrible

Agree Ranbir is a b****

Ranbir kapoor had such gorgeous girl friends like Deepika and Katrina! Alia and he make such an odd couple.

Hi Ranbir, I'm genuinely your fan because you are an amazingly talented guy. But time and again you disappoint me by giving out ur private moments with your girlfriends and this is so humiliating for them if not for you. Why do you portray yourself as a Greek God who has gorgeous women around you always. This is so uncalled for and let your work speak for itself. Please please stop this PR exercise.

Guys she works out at RK building gym cuz all gyms closed now That’s all. Not moved in his house. Stop negativity.

Now it can be safely said that it was ranbir who leaked Ibiza pics and pics with mahira.In this lockdown, no photographer can take their pics. But attention seeking has to be within limits

I am loving the new name 'PR Queen' given to ranbir. Yes there is a woman inside ranbir,he is more feminine than all of his gfs like kat, Sonam, Dp and mahira( alia don't look like a woman but a little girl). He is an all time attention seeker and PR Queen.

Yeah and not even going anywhere near him and KJO-Ayaan scene

Why do people live-in before marriage why not marry and then live together. Alia is 27, perfect age for a women to get married and ranbir is 38, at this all his peers are father now. He sleeps with woman before marriage and then he gets bored and then finds another woman to sleep.

Boycott them

ranbir is trapped.. by his parents and his own insecurities. everyone around him is pushing for alia cause she’s an insider...but there doesn’t seem to be much going on there besides pr overdrive and wanting to be number 1. they’re just not that interesting

uffff!! Alia is soo hot.. look at the well toned body.. beauty + hotty

dog is so cute! somehtgn else has his his name lionel or leo?

after all these stunts RK tells media always tells hes casanova . boss your image is in your hand. you dont care what people think cuz if you do you cnat be in news. but nobody is doing movie promotion with girls always. big relases are all stoppd and still nobody doign promotion.

do they think we public are fools? in time of lockdown whho will come to click? they hav taken pics and sent to viral . end of story.

Most disliked couple of b town

publicity stunt for brahmastra. not more or less. its lockdown and nobody outside to take pics lik this...someone they knw taken this video and sent to viral by them . if they really dating they wont put video like this outside. why we dont see RSDP or Virushka like this? they dont walk in building? kuch bhi these two queens of PR. cant sit calmly in diifuct times. still promting

bechara doggie...he want to go other side...he looks so sad :(

both dont care about image. after all this PR queen RK will tell in interview - im acually a yogi but my image is like that. the media write like im casanova yada yada...dude honest people care about image . they come out and be real. tats why RK not on social media offically coz he will have to clarify all his PR tricks. kangu was rigght when she said RK is underground PR mafia.

Hahaha just yesterday I asked for evidence that they are together n here it comes. Gosh , they are actually reading these comments guys.

Oh oh no. How did Neetuji agree to living in ? Hypocrisy much.


Akshay Kumar and Prabhas are real men of bollywood while likes of ranbir can only do such girlish things.

Stop it PR Queen Ranbir. Nobody cares with whom are you sleeping and having fun at the time of crisis.Learn something from Akshay Kumar.

All these celebrities like katrin, Deepika, khans are useless as they can't contribute anything for nation and they are just bothered to remain relevant but here comes the worst guys ever.This ranbir openly says he has nothing to do with nation as his house and life is safe and this alia can only cash on patriotic films like raazi.And then this PR couple is leaking pictures amid outbreak.Have some shame ranbir and alia..

this dog is thug life. just looks away and distances from both rofl!

Not even married, and rabbit looks least interested. And his great mom is totally blind to notice it.

Hahaha the dog represents all of us- audience. Least interested

Its kjo or ayan who took the video and Asked viral to post. These two are not worth for media to risk their lives

I still can’t fathom how Ranbir fell into her trap. She has no looks nor personality

its ayans trap . they are so scared for brahmastra they dont mind anything

These two are the most hated couple in Bollywood I think and they truly deserve the hatred

Haha... it backfired big time for KJO. All the comments are bout the dog than the

ugly couple

Even dog is looking like he is cursing them for using him for ch**p publicity.. RK looks so unkempt n unhealthy n Alia looks like dead rat with no flesh anywhere in her body

Flop raalia

Even dogs can't tolerate this cursed couple

I still don’t get what he see’s in her

MONEY ! Money can buy everything and alia bought him with her money. She will bring huge dowry for Neetu and rishi to maintain their lavish lifestyle and she will bring lifetime employment for ranbir with her 4 production houses. Also alia earns more than ranbir according to Forbes and is a bigger and more popular star than him.

Omg the dog is so not interested in walking with’s looking somewhere else lol sad dog

All are maintains distance look at these liars..they want limelight in lock down also.

Why has alia moved in with RK during quarantine? Ch****a bana rahe hai

someone risked their life to take this?...y tho

The dog is not even bothered . Looking other side and moving away lol

Inki toh aadat hai yeh

Surprising how exactly when they came out the video was taken lol

Avoiding to donate by doing gimmicks ?


Ranbir is a lost soul

Not lost soul ..very chalu soul. Even aloo. M***ing a serious time for PR. They are promoting putting there life on line ...quarantine kaha gaya?

they obviously called the papa, so desperate

Who took the video during the lockdown? Well done KJO

What does he see in her! She’s super average and not his type

Bas kar ranbir. It's too much now.

The dog is so sad he’s looking away lol so cute do

Did kjo write this article? so b***hy article. Atleast leave dog out of flopastra drama . He is looking so sad poor dogo

We are like the cute dog in the video...not giving a shit coz it’s a PR stunt for flopastra. Let them marry we will know believ. Live in ka koi matlab nahi..the only PR couple when whole country is anxious

now who's leaking this video? Can't they just stay calm during COVID?

Ranbir's true love Ayan is behind this recording and leaking.

Dog don’t want to walk seems like

Hey bhagwaan viral team must be reported to the PM and the whole team must be taken to task for this. Why are photographers at the place? They have called so they came

These two won’t leave the media when the country is dead also

Doggie more into daddy than mummy so cute

why is the dog going somehwre else. cute jodi ! marry quick aloobir

wtf. the dog is bored af and is looking other side

dog alia se door ja raha hai ....dont want to walk with both :(....kitna pyara doggie...

Dog ke saat PR ....woh dog ko chalna nahi hai in do nautanki ke saat :D

STFU...pinkvilla she goes to RK gym for workout as all gyms are closed

ha ha ha the dog is not very happy to go for a walk with them. big doggie . love the cutie

give it a break....not now has to give a strong messgae to the brahmastra PR team ...just like farah khan gave the celebs about work out

dog wants to go somewhere else #RKcutedogs

i like how the doggie is least interrested in walking with them...its looking somewhere else and dont walk to walk in the end with them :P..anyone can telll which breed? very cute dog

brahmastra is nobody even rembers the film after corona virus lol these two are so desperate for publicity that they had viral come over for photos ...seriously? #boycott brahmastra

Shut up. Thanks

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