Alia Bhatt confirms starring in Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari's next; says it's an extremely fun concept

Alia Bhatt confirmed in an interview that she will be starring in Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari's next which will be a light-hearted film. Alia revealed that she is excited to be starring in the film as it's an extremely fun concept.
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A while back, rumours were rife of a collaboration between Alia Bhatt and Bareilly Ki Barfi's director Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari. 
In some good news, Alia will indeed be working with Ashwiny as confirmed by Alia herself. The actor spoke to Hindustan Times about working with Ashwiny and said, "I am definitely going to do a film with Ashwiny because she is a fabulous director. The film is sort of confirmed, but I am not saying it myself, as there will be an official announcement soon."
Talking further about how she is stepping away from serious movies like Raazi and Udta Punjab, Alia added, "They [Ashwiny and the film’s makers] have brought an extremely fun concept to me. I am very excited, as that’s going to be my breakaway film from all the serious ones [that I am doing]. Ab main ek lighthearted film karne waali hun."
Are you excited to see Alia in Ashwiny's next? Let us know in the comments below.
Meanwhile, Alia's latest outing Raazi which also stars Vicky Kaushal and is directed by Meghna Gulzar is exceeding expectations at the box-office and has been declared a hit. Raazi, which released on May 11, 2018, is based on Harinder Sikka's best-selling novel, Calling Sehmat.
Earlier, Alia revealed to Filmfare about how it was emotionally exhausting shooting for Raazi. Alia said, "It was exhausting. But that's also why I chose it. There were days when I'd be thinking, 'Oh my god! Aj yeh scenes hai'! I had to build up strength and emotion. That feeling is scary. But it's also addictive. When you move past that feeling, you give your best. Whether it was during Udta Punjab, Dear Zindagi or Raazi. Coming back to the earlier question, I don't know if I identified with the girl. She's an extremely brave girl. I'm not saying I'm not brave. But I'm not that brave. I can't just drop everything."
"I was going through a unique time when I started shooting for Raazi. It was a new lonesome period. I had begun to enjoy my solitude. I kind of detached myself from the world. So much that I would leave my phone behind in my van. The film gave me a lot of silence and time with myself, which helped me grow," Alia added.

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goog thing she is not very good looking, othewise her contemporaries would be gone. im sorry but to be superstar you need a killer combination of looks and talent. not only talent. shes not desirable lets face it. and comparing her to the likes of sri devi, madhuri, even deepika and priyanka....srsly?? her roles are bigger than her talent i keep saying this. if she is good in a bad movie, i will give it to her. but she irked me in shaandaar with her play acting. she doesnt know how to look and act mature at all. very kiddish

ladies and gents kjo has done foe alia what salman did for kat . bollywood just renmae it to starpariwarwood

In India, the most desirable are always the already privileged or the 'Khandhani'. So feudal, and so unfair to real genius. Alia's smug grin is the living proof of this.

she is hailed as a great actress and she is...but she willl constantly be assocated with nepotism, and its the truth. she gets it easier than others you cant deny and neither will she be able to, although she may work hard. wih privelege, she must live with that and she will always be reembered for it. i watched some of her interviews, and i didnt think it was so bad..but then i watched rajeev's interview and now everything the audience really thinks about nepotism and how roles are offered is true unfortuanely. the whole dear zindagi thing, where rajeev mentioned that gauri shinde was "pushed" to take alia put me off

I will never understand why Kjo is sooooo obsessed with Alia. I mean, it's clear that he is very much into nepotism but aren't there many more starkids to support? I think she is the only Bollywood actress who enjoys all possible kinds of privileges and over praise. But, at the end of the day, this situation will affect her. She has no credibility, all the other starkids seem poor and desperate strugglers in front of Alia.

Alia is like that kid in school who is the teacher's favorite, and who in spite of being ordinary is touted everywhere and finally gets the best student prize. So unfair!

her hunger for roles and kjo's influence is damaging to the industry. she needs to be careful to not get out of control...she's starting to come across as aggressive and greedy. its not appealing. she crosses the line in terms of the amount of lobbying that has been done for her in getting certain roles.

anyone wanna guess who will produce this movie? Its a shame that outsiders like Deepika and Kangana had to work so hard for every little thing they got and Alia is being served in a golden plate.

see's kriti sanon and bareilly's success. alia- "i want to work with ashwiney, ill tell papa to have her make a film with me." also alia-im the best...and no other actress should work with these directors, so kjo needs to lobby dear zindagi for me. too bad alia looks and is treated as a kid. will ppl take her srsly as a lead heroine when she is 30 and looks the way she does. i think it is her hyped up time period..let her have it.

I saw Raazi. I liked the movie. I like Alia too in it. But alas, I really would have wished to see likes of DP or Anushka doing that role. They would have brought with them so much more. Alia looks like a kid in most of these movies. Sometimes all that seriousness doesn't even suit her cutesy face. Her body type doesn't look that mature and brave for that kind of role. But she will keep getting considered for these roles till the time KJo produces them. Its not nepotism, its clear partiality on his part! And professionally, thats a big turn off.

aww how cute kjo got another toy for alia how cute daddy will produce any film the star kid wants

how many actresses can just call up a director/producer and lay claim to a movie role? only alia i think, that makes her credibility very low.

she is going to fade out soon..

kriti sanon got no appreciation for bareilly...but im sure alia will grab all the filmfare awards for this one. alia can be good in some roles....but man she is so cringy looking in some movies, i have a hard time apprciating her movies because she is hard to look at. highway was torture and her comment

She copies all the time particularly the syle and mannerisms of dp and kat ( sure she looks at kangana movies as well to hone her acting skills ). Dp said that she wants to do a fun movie. Is it a co-incidence that madam is announcing this? ......don't think so. On a side note and this might sound far fetched but something says that she wants to be to rk what dp was to him. But dp is real and is what she is and you can't be her. And you will never be a hottie like kat. Remember when dp said that ranveer is all madam repeats the same about rk lol !

dont forget she also copies Kangana's style and wanna sound like her in interviews. I guess Kjo is making sure she replaces Kangana everywhere.

So not interested in this girl. Never seen any of her films and will not be viewing any in the future. No love no hate.

Alia Bhatt will NEVER be called a "self-made actress" like Priyanka, Kangana and Anushka. Alia is just a nepotism born product of Bollywood.

she knows how to play the game and with an ace like kjo she will continue to be everywhere. I find her screen presence and voice annoying, the only movie i watched fully alia was desr zindagi and fhat for srk. it’s annoying how much the industry overhypes her

Alia darling I love you! But please take break because I can't see your movie again and again.. It's so boring... Now you are star so don't do 3 to 4 movies a year.. Now you should do 1 Best movie In a year it will be exciting

great news..sign more movies Alia

It’s not fair she’s hailed the best when she’s not!! Six years and she hasn’t managed to attain the superstar status she wants. Deepika did it in five years because she had it all

I am tired of seeing her.

"I am definitely going to d a film with ashwini as she is a fab director" she talks as if she earns every good film in bollywood and other actresses dont. actually we want to see other actresses in such roles, not a 25 year old who looks 12!

i think her looks will hold her back. u need to be a package to be a female superstar. thats just the truth. hype and even just good acting fizzles off. you need the x factor, she doesnt have it i feel what so ever.

Nepotism zindabad

Thank u Kjo for shoving her down our throats! If she was an outsider, she would have been unnoticed until now.. but since she is a Nepokid she gets to work in every other film with big actors

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