Alia Bhatt on Kalank's poor box office collection: 'Accept karke aage try karna hai to come back'; Watch video

Kalank has earned a box office collection of Rs 66.30 crores at the end of its prolonged first weekend. Alia Bhatt has reacted to the poor box office collection.
Alia Bhatt on Kalank's poor box office collection: 'Accept karke aage try karna hai to come back'; Watch videoAlia Bhatt on Kalank's poor box office collection: 'Accept karke aage try karna hai to come back'; Watch video
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Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan, Aditya Roy Kapur, Sonakshi Sinha, Madhuri Dixit and Sanjay Dutt starrer Kalank has not performed greatly at the box office. The movie, which released on April 17, recorded an opening day box office collection of Rs 21.60 crores on Wednesday and eventually witnessed a drop ever since. The movie collected Rs 11.45 crores on Day 2, Rs 11.60 crore on Day 3, Rs 9.75 crores on Saturday, Day 4, and ended the long first weekend with a collection of Rs 11.63 crores on Day 5.

As a result, Kalank registered a box office collection of Rs 66.03 crores, trade analyst Taran Adarsh revealed. While the movie received mixed reviews from the critics, a majority of movie goers did not enjoy the period drama. The audiences took to Twitter to share their disappointment over the movie. 

As the first long weekend came to an end, Alia addressed the poor box office reception at a recent event in the city and said the audiences are the ultimate decider. She said, "Analyse toh mai nahi karugi because that's something that is not required. Janta ki adaalat sabse badi adaalat hoti hai and when the audience does not accept the film, then the film should not do well, that's just the way it is. Aur hume bas accept karke aage try karna hai to come back and make sure to not disappoint this time.”

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While it is disappointing that Alia's winning streak was affected with Kalank, the actress has more opportunities to get back on the saddle. The actress has Brahmastra lined up for release later this year. After which she is set to star opposite Salman Khan in Inshallah. She will also be seen in SS Rajamouli's RRR and Sadak 2. 

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Even in spite of such a lackluster storyline, Kalank needs an actress with fierce eyes, grace, courage, and elegance to play the daring and graceful Roop who has the courage to love a Muslim man when married already. I am not a hater of any of these actresses, in fact, Alia is great in Raazi. But, overacting and having that childish glow does not define Roop. Roop should be played by the actresses like Deepika who loved Ram despite of family war or Priyanka who is a brave undercover agent loving criminals in Gunday. Alia is good for Masala and action films, but she just does not suit these serious period films. She does not have that fire in her eyes and talks too fast and overacts. We need some slow, fierce, elegance for this type of role, which can go to Deepika, PC, Aish, or Madhuri.


PV looks like DP s PR paying you mor.. Alia will never never ever need pr NA SHSE WILL NEVER PAY ANYONE TO WRITE GOOD ABOUT HER. Her audiene like all of us loves her.. She is the best thing that has happened to Bollywood in a long time

Really?? U might be drunk

Note to Neetu .. You've got a match in Aalia..Selfish and phony to the core.. You know what they say about Karma.. what goes around comes around.

I would just like to take a moment to appreciate pinkvilla for posting all the comments..

Next flop Bhramastra

People are so harsh and negative yet none of you can successfully put a stage play together .... She is not stealing anyone's movie ,energy or boyfriend ( he dumped deepika) her movies flop so and she has made great ones .. In life you win some and you loose some. FYI the movie made its budget back so who lost...if you don't like her or Kjo don't watch their interviews or their movies. It's sad that people can be so vile to someone's hardwork and child. Very disgraceful

She needs to stop being forced down our throats. She is not even that great. Do us a favour and buzz off!

Just can’t wait to see that Brahmastra flops terribly. That will be the icing on the cake

The only people who looked in character were Sonakshi, Sanjay, Madhuri and Aditya, and coincidence or not they were also the only people not wearing weird Freshlook green color contact lenses. They completely take you out of character, look horrible on the big screen (Mastani looked weird with them on as well) and for some reason they kept emphasizing the eyes despite the fact that they have plastic lenses on - what with Varun's kohl lined look and bronze spray tan plus Alia's obvious hair extensions. They looked horrible, genuinely they could have made Alia look better but they should have worked with her charms and not try to fit her in the mold of someone else's idea of beauty.

I think they should analyze what went wrong with this movie, because it seems like they keep making the same mistake over and over again. The movie was beautiful, with amazing songs and actors but the story was WEAK. Story needs to come first. How can an area be the worst most disreputable area and there not be a single piece of garbage on the road? Why is there moat in front of Madhuri's haveli that needs to be accessed by boat??! What was the necessity of the ridiculously awful cgi bull fight scene? Even the love story was poorly written and had zero chemistry. Alia looked like she was sleep walking in the role. The dialog was tedious. I am very disappointed with this movie. Karan needs to get his act together and at least remember how to do a love story right

=I agree partly with your post, I feel Kjo should have made Ishq win and not Kalank win.. I thought Kalank won and Ishq was killed.. Alaia and Varun were superb .. Magnificent.. I didnt like anyone else since no one else was needed..

Yes I liked the movie too.. I agree with you, they should've made love win. The ending killed it for me. It was so heartbreaking. All in all, Kalank was a good experience.

Oh yeah, and obviously Shandaar flopped because aside from the actual movie, she and Shahid look so miscast together. That didn't matter in Udta Punjab because it was barely a love story, the love story was more Kareena-Diljit, but man she looks more like Misha next to him, I'm sorry, that's what she'll look like as a teen and he doesn't age a lot, that's literally what they'll look like.

To Kjo and Alia- you know you've really pissed off the general public when they all rejoice at Kalank flopping and also wait for your upcoming projects to flop. This isn't a good place to be in. I would say, now would be a good time to take a step back, self reflect, stop plotting to steal other people's movies/boyfriends or make them look bad on your show, and most of all, stop shoving bad content and nepo kids down our throats. Audience today have access to a wide range of content on the web and have no reason to go to the theatre and pay to watch crappy illogical movies.

so so true...they shd analyse n change their PR atleast..from someone who thought alia was honest n charming, i cant stand her now..

I hope this shows these producers and casters that people aren't going to accept what gets shoved at them just because an "elite" says so. Alia in a role like that was a terrible fit. She isn't a Deepika or Priyanka, just as that film's story was. If Takht survives it'll be because of Kareena, Ranveer and Vicky starring in it.

This what happens when she keeps trying leech Deepika's energy into her lol

Get your head right.. Alia is a much much better actress than Deepika Katrina or Priyanka anyday..She is a natural beauty and looks much better than those three lambi ghodis and now botox ghodis

Priyanka is NOT a lambi ghodi, she is a moti ghodi.

Brahmastra might bomb like a Bombay Velvet.

Kjo copying SLB and alia copying Deepika-result ..flop failure disaster:}all of the above

Project with Salman is flop even before release as that casting is pukeworthy. Ayan’s project is produced by Naginjo so that’ll be rejected by audience. Rajamouli movie is the one that can give her a hit. Good luck to Alia and Nepopapa.

Stop pretending Alia. The girl has always seem the best side of her life. She didn't want to go collage and become actress at 18 and she succeed thanks to being a producers daughter and kjo she got a dream debut. She wanted to date hot guys like varun,sid and ranbir and she got to date them. She got so much of appreciation for doing mediocre acts for which an outsider might not even be noticed. She bought filmfare awards and made audience believe that she is a great actress. And of course her luck too is favourite her as she is delivering big hits. So surely this failure wouldn't have gone down too well with her and esp when she is the one who received maximum flaks for her acting. She is just pretending to be calm and cool. But I feel it's the beginning. She will see a downfall similar to katrina.

She should facetime SRK, that man knows failure after failure more than anyone.

Next flop KJO produced Bhramastra

She was fed this script by the pupper master KJo. This woman gets high-pitched and distraught over losing a silly promotional quiz with her costars...I don't believe for one second this mature act of her. She would have screamed and shouted and maybe scratched someone before this event.

Lol. One more flop and she will slap

Lol laughing soo hard at this comment. True that. On the KWK Episode, she was acting like she deserves the best of everything and can never lose, and her insecurities showed the whole time.. While DP came off looking super chill and mature.
I'm sure there was screaming, shouting, crying and a lot of drama in the background.
She apparently needed a vacation to mourn Shaandaar when it flopped.

someone please ask vd how he feels about kalank flopping. on kwk he was bragging about he had no failures in his career

Kalank has not flopped and VD is superb in the movie as a dancer, asa an actor, as alooker.. and so is Alia.....Welcome to ALIAVARUN WOOD..


I watched the movie, i did feel it was overwhelming with the big set, costumes. I didnt witness any poverty during the movie. Karan should have calmed it down, as the film could have been more real.
Another actress should have been in place instead of Alia.
There was not one British army which is very strange.
So in theory Karan over looked that and gave us the same old pompous show.

Please get married to Ranbir, so both of you can learn a lesson. Oh yes and Neetu Singh as well, she will have the most obnoxious daughter in law and 'Well reputed' Samdhiji :)

At least lets appreciate her honesty in accepting that it was damp squib .

can she really say its a hit ?

Over the top pompous movie.
Nothing real at all, not one British solider hanging around.
Another actress should have been taken on.

Nepotism exists ? They just shot down a good actress like Kanagana as she had the balls to speak the truth. Karan Go after the talent that is available to create quality films. We don't mind u taking Alia or your favorites if you are making films only for your Bollywood family. When you want our money then their is something called "Quality"

Kangana doesn tnot know how to speak Hindi let alone English.. Cannot understand a word he says. Please leave Bollywood Kanagana.. Most of us hated Manikarnika and the poorcollections show

Isme karan ka ghata iske baap ka kuch nahi jaata:p

You are being shoved down the throats of audience, overkill of karans favourite starkids.please could we have a beautiful film with madhuri mam only

You are being shoved down the throats of audience, overkill of karans favourite starkids.please could we have a beautiful film with madhuri mam only

You and the entire cast was a tortute to the audience, we dont want you , collection is way more than it deserves .

pls take some time and give us some

Madam, please take a break. We as audience dont want to you. your overdose is overkill and you aren't even pretty or someone we can idolize.

she is not in position to be her arroagant self aster kalank disaster.Don't try it ,accept you're worst at it, because of you, two big directors SLB and SS rajamouli are going to have their first flop,atleast be considerate towards them and exit these two films.

Get your facts right in US alone KALANK made 34 million US dollars and counting.. Every theatre is full no seats available even on weekdays in the USA..ITS FAR FROM BEING ADISATER

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