Alia Bhatt on Kangana Ranaut's statements on Manikarnika row: Was busy shooting; didn't follow the controversy

Alia Bhatt responds to Kangana Ranaut's accusations of Bollywood not being supportive of her work during Manikarnika release. Read on.
Alia Bhatt on Kangana Ranaut's statements on Manikarnika row: Was busy shooting; didn't follow the controversyAlia Bhatt on Kangana Ranaut's statements on Manikarnika row: Was busy shooting; didn't follow the controversy
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Kangana Ranaut in an EXPLOSIVE interview to Pinkvilla had opened up about Bollywood not coming out in support of her and her movie Manikarnika. The actress had taken name of Alia Bhatt saying that when Raazi's trailer released, the actress had asked her to watch it and give her feedback and she had did it. For me, it was not a Karan Johar film or Alia film, for me, it was a film on Sehmat Khan, the girl who had given her everything to the country," Kangana said.

Alia, who has been busy promoting her movie Gully Boy, has now opened up about the controversy saying that while she has been too busy with her shoots, she always supports actresses and actors for the films they do. She told Asian Age, "I didn't follow that controversy at all. I was too busy shooting. I will always support actresses and actors for the films that they do and if they are in any trouble, but this is something personal, which I don't think is fair for any of us to get into. Kangana is a strong woman and very outspoken and a fab actress. If she ever needs support, I am sure people will stand up for her, but I don't think she gives that feeling that she needs support."

Despite hardly any support in her favour, Kangana managed to impress one and all with her acting chops and direction in Manikarnika which has already crossed Rs 100-crore mark worldwide. The actress was at the receiving end of a number of allegations levelled against her by director Krish and other cast members of Manikarnika, but she held her own and refused to bow down before anyone trying to pull her down. 

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Y u need support when already ur movie is doing good on large y begging

alia is living in a bubble and puppet of kJ.she is nothing without him - will crumle. so in order to make kjo happy and he keeps giving her work she will say and do anything she is instructed. all repo gang is so stupid and they are jealous and worried because they cannot keep up kanagana's intelligence nor her speech skills. so they keep giving retard responses and keep doing retard movies- besides indians who watches these crap bollywood movies ? the bollywood movies are lame and mostly copies to the T from the western movies! so their ideas are zero, concept zero, creativity zero, intelligence zero, but stealing intellectual property skills excellent. now that they have created this bollywood industry of only circulating work within nepo kids its becomes a laughable stock and a joke!!

she should change her name on social media and put'beingKJOpuppet'.That woman praised you despite her differences with Karan and you come with lame excuses. Truth is she shut everyone mouth with Manikarnika and alia is threatened by her. she must be questionning herself, why can't she achieve like kangana,deepika despite the fact karan gave her everything on a silver plate.

At least, Alia achieve more than u in a span of 5yrs career. U should also change your name from Kangana to MrsPancholi silly ex. Stop tagging your name along Deepika, She is class apart n has achieved much much better than u Kangana. Alia Bhatt father and Aditya poncho gave u break into Bollywood without u knowing anything about acting. At the end, they are at the receiving end of your ungratefulness. U will never have peace. Credit thief.

karan papa wrote lame answer for you this time.

Busy shooting what? Nepo movie? You didn’t follow controversy at all? Ask that to dharma queen. She is biggest gossip queen of Bollywood. She told you to say all this crap. PV pls post

Same reason for not attending DP/RS wedding reception.....Hmmmm...wonder what was the real reason....

Alia is so stupid

But you're never busy to ask her to watch raazi trailer.forever karan puppet, she comes with scripted answers by karan and has no personality of her own.

Wow Alia really isn't the brightest spark is she? Kangana talked about no support for her trailer, what is Alia going on about??!!

Ummm Kangana was talking about support for the movie/trailer, not the controversy...

Ya madam was busy romancing the Casanova of Bollywood...she takes her eyes off him and he’d wander, ya, Alia is busy keeping Ranbir entertained

Well said Alia. There is no point giving importance or replying to a delusional woman who has lost her marbles.

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