Alia Bhatt on nepotism: If I was on the other side, I would be heartbroken

Alia Bhatt, during an interaction with a leading daily, spoke at length about the most debatable topic in the film industry that is, Nepotism!
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'Nepotism' is something which will always be a debatable topic and every person will have their share of opinions about the same. There are many actors who belong to film families and have been bashed because of the existence of nepotism. There are several actors including Hrithik Roshan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Shahid Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and others who have been rarely quizzed about it, all thanks to their incredible performances in their films.
Recently, during an interaction with The Times of India, when Alia was asked about nepotism issue, the actor gave an amazing reply stating, "Of late, I have realised that there is no need to defend the nepotistic nature of the industry because it does exist. The reason why it has become an emotional debate is because it is difficult for those who don’t get a chance. If I was on the other side, I would be heartbroken. I may have felt the same way. Yes, it does exist everywhere, but this is the only business where there’s no fixed funda. You need to be at the right place at the right time. For instance, if you want to be a doctor, you study, give your examination and get a job. In the film business, you can do whatever you want, but there has to be that X-factor that people talk about. There are so many people who come from nowhere and make it big purely on the basis of their presence and what they bring to the screen."
She further said, "An XYZ person can be very good looking and some other can be marginally good looking, but the latter can be a bigger star or loved more because of their talent. There are no hard and fast rules as such, so I totally get the emotional upheaval. As far as I am concerned, I won’t even say that I was more prepared because I was so and so’s daughter. I just got very lucky with my first try (Student Of The Year), but you can only get lucky with that first chance. After that only bhagwaan bachaye."
What do you have to say about Alia's this statement on nepotism? Let us know in the comments below.


She'd be heartbroken IF she were on the other side, the side where the roles you deserve on the basis of your talent and merit are taken away by entitled children with famous surnames. But she's on this side, the side where you call your mentor/daddy in the middle of the night and snatch away an opportunity that should have gone to somebody else.

U have gained so much negativity from the fake rk helplessly u r dancing to kjo tunes.its not making you desirable in any way it makes u look desperate.ur a good actress.u should not b indulging in al this nonsense .be matured.

I used to think she was cute but her attitude makes her really unattractive to me now.

yup she has learned from ranbir to read PV 5 times a day and is trying to PR her way out of her privilege hon its not working you still sound oblivious fyi your X factor is KJO NOT you register that btw

Oh god, these nepo babies should just shut their mouths...let your movies do the talking

Jus shut up alia , get married to that douchbag rk asap n leave bollywood . She is jus a mediocre actress with below avg looks n 15-20 years down d line no one vl even remember her, ppl vl only remember deepika , katrina ,priyanka n nw janvi has becm d new youth sensation n vl definitely bcm d next queen .

Not an alia fan.but get well much hatred for anyone will make u I'll.relax concentrate on ur own life .

Jus shut up alia , get married to that douchbag rk asap n leave bollywood . She is jus a mediocre actress with below avg looks n 15-20 years down d line no one vl even remember her, ppl vl only remember deepika , katrina ,priyanka n nw janvi has becm d new youth sensation n vl definitely bcm d next queen .

I hv nvr hated on any celebrities, but this gal really gets on my nerves with her nonsensical verbal diarrhoea !

Alia grow some spine girl.stop the fake link up.its only giving you negative response.listen to audience.focus on work.

Okay, she started off good and then she went the same route as all the celebrities do! They are all so scared to give a hard hitting answer. So far Janhvi is the ONLY one who tackled this answer best..

i think she is really pretty and undeniably talented...also the current number one actress as per all the trade the few losers on PV dont really matter do they ?

Hell yeah we matter, otherwise Karan papa wouldn't release so many desperate attempts to woo us and bring us away from the nepotism hating side, now would he?

#1 who says??? her attempt at performing natural is very superficial, no screen presence at all. she just got lucky with strong subjects

She might be number 1 in box office but she is not a superstar. But besides the point. A lot of people like her, pinkvilla is not a basis for overall opinions. But people are entitled to their own opinions as you are. But because they don’t share the same opinion as you..they are losers. Okay.

I think alia is pretty and good actress but dun u think she shud stop being a puppet in hands of kjo and stop doing fake problem is with that.she is ruining her personal life.why does she need to do that.

Shes still dumb. Yeah she acknowledges that nepotism exists but shes still trying to justify it while being unable to understand it.

So u realise there is no need to defend nepotism but u dun realise that u dun need fake linkup.ur good actress why tarnishe ur reputation for nothing..

First get similar scripts, directors & actors you are getting from KJO from others then talk, Karan has built you & he is screaming it loud by making you dance in his tunes, & you helplessly doing whatever he wants, so go into the market & earn your respect & then shout

Alia needs to understand now that Karan has started leaning towards many articles coming on her.alia needs to branch out with other directors.cos if she won't now later on it would b difficult for her.and plz stop with the fake link up.u should live life on ur own terms not get puppeteer by kjo.

Alia should watch carefully what she says . Janhvi is very good at words , Ishaan and the director themselves says she is a good writer . Alia has gained so much negativity wih the RK link up , people will twist whatever good she says . So watch out Alia.

But Alia is the greatest super star of all time she has nothing to worry about

i feel like she didnt fit her role in Raazi, was a shame...the script was too good and i wish they took better actors than her for the role…. whats with the petite fetish bollywood is going for these Days......

Jhanvi handled this question way better than the rest of the bunch who get all defensive ,deny it & talk complete nonsense like Alia here . If she were not Mahesh & Soni's kid would Karan have pushed her on to Imtiaz Ali for Highway ? SOTY was her worst ever performance , admittedly she has become way better having been given another chance to redeem herself with author backed roles - a luxury the outsider does not have. A Deepika & Priyanka had to claw their way up to the top after their work spoke for itself -for them to land good roles . Must be nice to get it all free without having to compromise or battle for a role ( I can think of at least 2 top actresses who have sacrificed themselves - deliberately & will full consent - all in the chase for fame ) . She's alleged to have taken away DZ from another actress after Karan spoke up for her . That is getting your heart broken !

Standing ovation for saying this . Even in last interview with Rajeev she admitted not struggling to get roles unlike outsider her entire career is curated by kjo where he lobbies for roles while actors like radhika takes years to be just noticed enough to get author backed roles.

Exactly , Alia already has the Bhatts to watch out for her , I don't understand why Karan also needs to get so deeply involved with her career . Admittedly Alia is doing interesting roles but why not do this wheeling & dealing for a talented newcomer who could really do with the extra help ? There is so much of a difference in the way the industry men treat a Bollywood daughter , the bullying will also be on a lesser scale !

joe alia is marketed as dharma product so when kjo likes a script he produces it on the condition that alia is hired simple marketing tool really look at the min 10 star kids coming up with them kjo will set up a system if he likes a script he would produce it given his list of actors are approved by director/ script writer. this will reduce creativity though because actors will not hired based on story needs but rather stories will be written based on actors so that kjo produces them .pvplz post

Kjo build his reputation as a director and his company too by associate himself to srk and kajul...he used to act smart and polite,wearing decent clothes...and represents himself as srk close friend or gauri's friend...later when srk seculded him after his fight with pc...Kjo noticed that he needs to depends on actors who won't ever be big without him and he suddenly changed and started to be himself with weird clothes and vulgar comments...sid is good looking but a really bad actor who won't survive without dharma support...even this can't help his career...and alia is good actress who is so ordinary looking and seems like a kid...but kjo managed to make her a star...she had many hits but she never on the list of high paid actresses...he give her what he wants and add to that some appearances on big events,magazine covers,shows and awards...and she will be grateful and never argues with him even if link her to amitabh bc she can't survive without her to deepika who managed to be the highest paid actress and she knows her worth bc did it all by her own hard work and good look...kangana who keep on making troubles,argues and had a mind of her own...kat who managed to handle salman...I think kjo is fond of starkids bc he is fascinated by the ancestry and bc they are so lazy like abhi,kareena,ranbir and alia...they lack the confidence,and the social capabilities to make a creer from the arrogant and delusional that he can easily controls them...
Now post on...

Alia will never be hot or sexy or even called a quintessential Indian beauty BUT the girl can act the pants off many of her contemporaries and even some seniors. She is gradually building an admirable repertoire and dare I say, she doesn't need a Ranbir or an Ex or mudslinging to promote her movies. Now that KJo has newbies to mentor, hope she experiments with Kashyap, Motwane, Nandita Dad and the likes.

Oh please radhika, bhoomi can act much better than Alia as well. Her entire career is curated by kjo and what you are saying is what kjo uses to justify nepotism in bw . Don't worry now that you have mentioned it kjo Will call these director up to hire Alia as before. She is using her pda with Ranbir to prove how hot she is because Casanova ranbir is dating her. Pv plz Post

More like Ranbir is using this fake linkup to become popular as before nd to resurrect his career.correct ur facts before speaking.

Sorry Alia but Janhvi is here to be the next Bollywood queen.

alia, at age 25 has accomplished more in terms of variety and quality of performance than some actors 10 years senior.
and so long she is talented, who cares what her lineage is? why should this nepotism debate still hold? isnt that a bit hypocritical?

Abhishek had 15 flops before he got a bonfire hit. Check his filmography on wikipedia.

Fardeen, Zayed, Neil Nitin got multiple opportunities. As did Esha Deol and Athiya and Lucky Bhavnaon or whatever his name is.

There are hundreds of nepo kids who have squandered opportunity after opportunity. Contrarily, How many outsiders get instant backing from people like KJo and Yash raj?

yah...but kjo and yash raj are not obliged to give outsiders a chance either.
its their money, their time - they can launch whoever they want to

mahesh bhatt is barely famous...i doubt if he could have pulled strings. He would have had to launch alia bhatt himself for this nepotism debate to apply to alia.

Loved the way Jhanvi handles these topics. These people have much to learn from her.

its like she is trying to copy janhvi's stance but she is so so against it and her denial creeps into her argument still

one thing's for sure - alia read the 100s of positive comments on PV posts on how janhvi tackled nepotism, and decided to take the hint and change her stance henceforth

alia may not have the biggest X factor but definitely she has created a certain brand around herself that signifies she can act.
people trust that her work is good and so people watch her films.... the nepotism debate cant take away from the quality of her performance in almost all her films - raazi, highway, dear zindagi..... even the more commercial ones.

this is why jahnvi will be the superstar..and not you. no one likes entitled actresses.

what is her x factor? i know deepika priyanka katrina all have an x factor. I dont think alia does but she keeps raving about her own x factor. she is apart of good films and acts well in them. I would never go to a movie just because she is in it. movie has to be good.

100% agree!!!

She is being honest , haters can hate her but can't take the innate talent out of her!

m her huge her

well i don't like her, and she's a star because of karan. but let's face it, her EVERY movie (except the one with Shahid) is a HIT. Sonam is a nepo kid too, and she has a lot of offers, but she's a flop. C'mon, not every karan's films is a masterpiece to become a hit, and he had manyf flops, but his every movie with alia is a hit, why so? Alia has something that attracts people to go to theatres and watch her movies.

The only movie I've ever paid to go see in theaters with Alia is ADHM, and that was called Karan shoving her in the movie for two and a half seconds before Break-up song for no real reason. And MAN do I regret going to see that movie in theaters. I mean, I love Ranbir and Anushka, but that movie should be called "Imtiaz Did It Better".

Still, ADHM became a hit.

you have no X factor. It's only Y factor. Why? Why? and it won't be long......

u got your first chance with that ugly face so just shut up now

considering that she mainly gets Dharma movies...she got more than one chance

she gets dharma movies because she gives hits, not because of nepotism... noone is god and certainly not dharma. if alia kept giving flops, dharma would definitely sideline her.
so the more than one chance she has got is more due to her performance and box office pull rather than nepotism.

she still denies the innumerable number of opportunities and favoritism she experiences over her peers. "first try"..yeah right. I might be mistaken but didnt karan tell gauri and imtiaz to take you in their films. actually wasnt gauri shinde "pushed" to take you. I can't stand her. she will forever be oblivious and block out half the reason for her success. stars dont become stars only because of talent..they do because of opportunity. if deepika didnt get the opportunity to showcase her talent in cocktail, she would not be where she is. if other actresses had the same opportunity as you, you would be gone in a jiffy. too bad the audience sees through her and doesn't consider her a self made icon, because she isnt. pv pls post.

kjo gave the same script to everyone to see how well they could execute it and how much support they could garner.
at the moment, janhvi is coming first, ishaan is last, and alia is in the middle

learning from janhvi huh?

Save it Alia! You lack the X factor, failed in the looks department but I’ll admit you do have a small marginal talent but not for commercial films. You are only in this industry due to nepotism or else no one would look twice at you.

no actress ever admits about their own x factor..i have NEVER heard deepika, katrina, or priyanka talk about what it means to be a star. but alia has all the answers apparently...commening on her own self. seriosuly? she needs to grow the f up...and stop being an entitled teenager.

yah srk talks cosntantly about how big a star he is. peecee also believes and talks about her x factor and all... maybe not in those exact words but definitely they do

how delusional are you to compare srk a self made star without PR hype to alia being a product of nepotism with papa kjo PR hype . SRK deserves to call himself after 25 years tell you girl alia to first survive without kjo

There is no X-Factor in Alia. Even Anushka, who no one will ever say is gorgeous like Deepika, Katrina, Priyanka, has that X-Factor that makes her absolutely charming to watch (we often say "bubbly"). That's not necessarily a knock on nepotism, because Kareena, Kajol, etc. all have the star quality. Alia it feels forced. ESPECIALLY for roles like Shanaya. Noticeably, they only place her in absolutely bland roles now. Housewife, farm girl... she can't play any "glamorous" roles like dancer, actress. Good for her acting, but not for Karan's "star" image.

Stop talking nonsense.bland roles?or strong roles.alia has the capability for doing strong roles ok.amd Shanaya her acting was not good but she looked pretty cute keep quiet.

shes basically praising her self like she always does. the talent vs not being good looking, and her having the x factor. She does not have the x factor, and looks matter to a degree. all top superstars have been good looking. sorry alia keep making yourself feel better about yourself.

She still doesn’t get it

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