Alia Bhatt is one adorable kid as she poses next to Hrithik Roshan in THIS throwback picture; Check it out

Filmmaker Anu Ranjan shared a throwback picture with a young Hrithik Roshan posing alongside Alia Bhatt, Shaheen Bhatt, Masaba Gupta, Anushka Ranjan and Akansha Ranjan Kapoor
Alia Bhatt is one adorable kid as she poses next to Hrithik Roshan in THIS throwback picture; Check it out
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Anushka Ranjan and Akansha Ranjan Kapoor, daughters of filmmaker Anu Ranjan, are really good friends of Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt and her sister Shaheen Bhatt. Alia Bhatt is a well-known name in the film industry. Her sister Shaheen is also famous for being a talented screenwriter. Anushka Ranjan, too, stepped into Bollywood with the 2015 rom-com Wedding Pullav. According to reports, Akansha and Alia are best friends since childhood and often share photographs of each other on social media.

Today, Anu Ranjan took to her social media account to share a childhood picture of Alia, Shaheen, Akansha and Anushka. This was a real treat for fans and followers who love looking at baby photos of their favourite stars. In fact, recently Sanjay Kapoor's wife Maheep Kapoor and Chunky Pandey's wife Bhavna Pandey created quite the buzz by sharing Shanaya Kapoor and Ananya Panday's adorable childhood pictures and videos.

In the post shared by Anu Ranjan, a young Hrithik Roshan can be seen posing with adorable Alia, Shaheen, Akansha and Anushka. Neena Gupta's daughter and famous designer Masaba is also in the picture and none of the girls are recognisable! Hrithik Roshan looks like the true Greek God of Bollywood in this picture. The caption of this epic throwback post reads: “These are the most adorable ones ,without realising.”

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These are the most adorable ones ,without realising

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So handsome boy Hrithik Roshan and still the same

Greek God

Hrithik is so cute here. Like a college kid

Awwww Handsome Hrithik with this Cutiepie Alia

God Hrithik looks so fine!!!

Bachchon ke hrithik bhaiya


Who know this alia will be dating hritik after an year or two. She has a thing for older guys. First she was dating sidharth who is 8 years older than her then now she is dating ranbir who is 13 years older than her. Next she may date hritik who is 20 years older her.

HR can date Alia if he wants but he still will not date stalker aunty, so go and burn...

It's because the men in Bollywood are relatively older than the women

You're talking rubbish ,and RK is not 13 yrs older to her

Alia looks like Ranbir Kapoor's niece Samara

Samara has big beautiful eyes and very sharp features even though she is a chubby kid! Stop making bad comparisons

This Hritik uncle is fishing for daddy roles to Kalia?

No he is trying to expose aunty Kangana

jealous Kangana aunty is stalking Hrithik here. You will never get a film with Greek God or Queen Alia you psycho kali
post it

Super Adorable!

Masaba, shaheen and Alia bhatt, Akanksha Ranjan.

I love Hrithik. There really is no one like him. I would like to see Hrithik and Alia in a film someday - maybe something like Dear Zindagi or something. His maturity and her immaturity will be a treat to watch i feel lol

Alia is the one with hairband, OMG so cute...

i see masaba and alia ... cute picture. Now kangna will turn here and start her jaap of nepo kids again !!!

I miss this genuinely simple and innocent look of Hrithik ! Such warmth it radiates ! I remember he completely changed his way of carrying himself so gracefully since Dhoom 2 ! Although ..he was hottest in the ' Crazy kiya re' song. us back your original self !

Hrithik is still genuine and original as compare to other Bollywood stars

Off screen he always remained the same. Simple and Humble

Who is Who?except hrithik no one is recognizable

That's masaba in yellow and alia with the hairband

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