Alia Bhatt pens a sweet letter for Kareena Kapoor Khan, confesses to being a BIG FAN

Alia Bhatt writes a lovely letter for Kareena Kapoor Khan
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Alia Bhatt has always been quite vocal about her admiration for Kareena Kapoor Khan. On many public events, Alia has praised Kareena Kapoor and said that she is her fan. Initially, she was even compared to the Jab We Met actress.

Recently, Alia penned a lovely letter for Kareena Kapoor Khan and wrote, “Dear Kareena,

Apne career ke bulandi pe

Tumne chuna Chameli jaisa role

Par un galliyon mein jo waqt bitaya, kissi ne na jana

Tum ho mere liye ek inspiration


Kareena Kapoor Khan expressed her gratitude and love after reading the letter saying "I love you Alia"

Recently, Deepika Padukone had also written a letter to Alia Bhatt and it seems that Alia Bhatt was definitely inspired by it. Deepika had written, “Dear Alia,

Highway mein tum bina makeup ki bhi khoobsurat lagi,
Lekin road par bitaye woh 52 mushkil din, kissi ko nazar nahi aaye,
Alia tum ho sabse chotti, par mehnat karne mein sabse badi.

Your biggest fan,

Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor starred in Udta Punjab. Alia had then said in an interview, "Honestly speaking, I am not even trying to compete with Kareena because that would be stupid with me. She is in a different league of acting, stardom and talent altogether. I am still learning and very new to this field. For me it's a very big thing that I am starring in the same film with her. Even if she is overshadowing me, then I don't think all that really matters. Each character in the film is different. Over that, the job is not to overshadow but to play your part to the fullest and I am sure that Kareena has done far superior job than I could have ever done and I say that from my heart."





Fake phones baloney... Bollywood celebs

Boring no need for all this drama...all kjo gang had that what's app thing were they alia could easily sent this to kareena and that's it...

Mere apni favourite hoon

My favourites

When Deepika wrote a letter for Alia (just after we saw Kat-Alia bond) Deepika fans commented that they are so genuine and blah blah blah... but when Alia who has always said she is a big fan of Kareena wrote her a letter, Deepika fans commented they are fake. Sour grapes.


alia looks so ordinary here doesnt look like bw actress here

And biggest copy cat of kareena

Last week she was praising Deepika, now she is loving Kareena. Tomorrow she will appreciate Priyanka and God Forbid Kangana one day. This is how bollywood works and Karan Johar does business in the industry...

Alia is looking very average,reality check!

Why do they release these letters? First they released the one Deepika wrote for alia and now this. And both were not even well written. What's the point of this?

Someone should translate pls.

I took the effort of translating both letters,PV didn't bother to post.It's all according to their whims and fancies.this may not get posted either....

Faves since day 1.

I love them.

Pls can someone tell me what she said in English?

Bebo my favourite

KAREENA is my favorite too and you are also one of my 3 favorites dear sweet Alia. You're also very talented, natural and pretty and always keep your vivaciousness, despite the haters. Love how you love Kareena and love both of your genuineness and realness despite all the fake plastics around you two.

Fake. Anyone who is KJo's friend is her personal hero, suddenly.

Love bebo hair. Looking gorgeous there. Was pregnant with baby taimur then.



She's also my favourite heroine

Love her hair

Aaw that's soo sweet.

Shahid will be scrambling to see who will write a letter for Dear Mira

Hahahahahaha :D

Lol... the only person who could write Mira a letter could be shahid about the effort makes makes to be out and about every other day, which is so silly btw

Love their bonding.

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