Is Alia Bhatt a possessive girlfriend to Ranbir Kapoor like her character in Gully Boy? The actress answers

Alia Bhatt plays a possessive girlfriend to Ranveer Singh in Gully Boy. So, in real life, is she the same with her beau Ranbir Kapoor? The actress answers.
Is Alia Bhatt a possessive girlfriend to Ranbir Kapoor like her character in Gully Boy? The actress answersIs Alia Bhatt a possessive girlfriend to Ranbir Kapoor like her character in Gully Boy? The actress answers
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Alia Bhatt is currently busy with the promotions of Gully Boy. Directed by Zoya Akhtar, the film also stars Ranveer Singh in the lead role. Recently, the makers shared a new dialogue promo of Gully Boy. In the promo, we saw how Alia's character is a possessive girlfriend of Ranveer Singh's character. She can't stand how he replies to one of his female admirers and ends up calling that female.

So, is Alia Bhatt a possessive girlfriend in real life to Ranbir Kapoor? While talking to Deccan Chronicle, the actress said, "I am not at all a possessive girlfriend. It is about giving a free hand to your partner because I have been bought up in a way where we give space to each other. We are very trustworthy and loyal and we expect and believe the same out of the other relationships in our life."

The Raazi actress added that as far as jealousy is concerned, every person must have felt it during their school days but not it's gone. She added that one doesn't need to be possessive in life because it's a wasted emotion. When asked about her marriage plans with Ranbir, she said that they don't plan to marry for now. 

Alia added that she is very settled in her life and very peaceful and content. The actress stated that she will get married when the time is right.

Well, looks like Ralia won't get married anytime soon.

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor will be seen together in Ayan Mukerji's Brahmastra will also stars Amitabh Bachchan. The couple fell in love while shooting for the film in Bulgaria in 2017.


Ranbir Kapoor has been hit by Karma and Katrina and Deepika have got there revenge. He's dating a girl he can not afford to break up with as she might as well be Karan Johar's daughter lol. The reason the Katrina break up could have happened was because some people felt that Katrina was bad for his career and was panauti. though there must be numerous other reasons which have been floating around, but I do believe one of the reasons was career.I do think he loved her.
Ranbir in the past has been heavily promoted by karan in koffee with karan and even ended up bagging a movie, but he isn't in his next movie Takht and he has no future movies lined up with the johar production other than Brahmastra. Which is suppose to be a trilogy so now Ranbir is stuck with Alia for a very long time. If he dumps her then that is the last Johar movie he will be doing. What has he done to his life?

Kjo doesnt hold grudges for that long esp with his golden boy ranbir.

He has patched up with random people in the past who were horrible to him.

She cannot call the shots in this relationship. If he dumps her, she will lose face. So, she will put up with anything and everything.

He will not dump her. she will not lose face. Its an open relationship from the word go.

I doubt if this AB and RK relation will end up in marriage . I have a strong feeling this is a PR stunt .

Alia,and trust? Look how she dumped her best friend Katrina and dated her boyfriend. She sounds like a complete idiot with no personality. Difinately not meant for Ranbir at least. If she really allows space and trusts...than let’s see her allowing Ranbir and Katrina to do another movie.??? Like Katrina allowed Ranbir to do... with Deepika.

Mahesh bhatt was anything but loyal or trustworthy to his wives so how were you raised with such beliefs?

She won't be.
She knows that's the reason RK broke up with DP and Kat.
Alia thinks she's start and liberal like her father and Pooja Bhatt.
It'll come back to bite her...

She's into open relationships and has beaten Mahesh and pooja in their games.

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