Alia Bhatt is in a relaxing mode and fans wonder if it's beau Ranbir Kapoor's foot photobombing her picture

Recently, Alia took to her Instagram account and shared a picture of herself relaxing under the sun in a bathroom. However, there's a foot photobombing her beautiful picture and the fans are curious to know if its Ranbir's. Check out her post.
News,Ranbir Kapoor,alia bhattAlia Bhatt is in a relaxing mode and fans wonder if it's beau Ranbir Kapoor's foot photobombing her picture; Check it out
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Recently, Alia and Ranbir took a break from shooting and went on vacation to NYC. The duo had left for New York to meet up with Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Kapoor and Riddhima Sahni. Meanwhile, Alia and Ranbir also met up with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan and Aaradhya a few days back in New York City. They all met up for a dinner with the Kapoor family and the photos went viral.

Today, Alia took to her Instagram handle and shared a picture of herself relaxing in a white bathrobe. Looks like the picture is from their NYC trip as many fans commented asking the Raazi actress if its her boyfriend Ranbir's foot photobombing her picture in the right corner. Alia captioned her post as, "मूड" with a tea/coffee emoticon.

On the work front, Alia will next be seen in Ayan Mukerji's Brahmastra. The star studded film also features Amitabh Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor and Mouni Roy in the lead roles. This trilogy is set to hit the theatres in December, this year. The logo of the film is already out and the director Ayan keeps sharing BTS pictures from the sets on his social media handle. Apart from Brahmastra, Alia also has Sadak 2 and Takht in her kitty. 




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Chahe jitne papad Bel lo uncle aunty - brahmastr to flop hoke rahegi..

Stop blaming alia alone. RK is equally into this relationship or fakeship

They thought this pic will create havoc like mahiras pics did but nobody even picked it up ha ha ha serves there fake relationship right

No body believes these liars. Rangoli has exposed these two

At 36 tagging a 26 year old everywhere for sake of a film lol aisi zindagi Bhagwan Kisi ko na dena lol

RS RK SID VARUN all dharma directors Abhishek Shashank Ayan etc all are special and janmon ke saathi for Alu lol

Don’t blame only alia guys. RK philosophy is also any publicity is publicity. So they all in this game together . Alia is not only one. Without RK how will Alia go and stay with his family and be spotted everywhere? It’s coz RK also is in it. RK is such a user he uses alia for news but in front of paps behaves like he is not into alia. Lol

RK poor guy must be sick of flaring nostrils while you know what!! Hopefully he got a sneak peek of her pea sized bird brain.

Everybody blaming alia for the pic give it a break guys....RK is more active on insta and how do you knw it was his idea and not alias in the first place. She never had RK in any pic till now but now she including his toe and hinting of his presense . Of course RK knws about it and KJo must have given the idea. Kjo and RK making Bakra of alu

Yup, we'd recognize Ranbir's ugly feet anywhere. What's your point, PV?

Wat a strategic photo lol

Nangu and Pangu doing fake relationship coz no movie till next year

AAaaaaaaaaaaa THUUUUU

Tat can’t be RK toe....he has white feet....maybe he tanned :P

Is tat really RK toe? I doubt lol

rk and kat should never have parted ways. They were good together. Though they never came out so openly with their relationship the couple chemistry, compatibility was visible unlike rk-alia. Age compatibility was also there. Also kat was ready to settle and even slowed down her work. I don't know what had gotten into rk. Also there was absolutely no interaction between his parents and her. I personally feel it's his loss.

Kat and RK was PR relationship for JJ. Kat is another strategist like alia and RK...all use it each other for news.

I agree completely.

RK needs to stop acting like Alia is forcing herself on him ...he is the one taking photos and putting it on alias Instagram . Why the fake nautanki of not interested in alia? Rangoli is right when she says these are liars and fake promotion

Is there something so awkward about this pic or is it only me? Lol

After all this RK still ignores alia in front of paps and makes it seem like she is the one doing all the publicity...GUTS

Every time Ranveer Singh comes up with a killer film ..kjo and RK come up with a chick scandal to divert attention of fans lol SICK

RK has ugly toes

Nice try despos...RS has killed the first look and HOW. Wat are you scheming next? Is the next pic of intimacy ready yet? Hope it’s more than just. Bathrobe lol

Alia is trying too hard to make people believe she has had many firework filled nights with RK. I don't still buy it. At best, they saw fireworks together from some rooftop. As someone rightly said above, even if they put out a sex tape people don't give 2 shits abt them as a "Couple"

Truth. You can just see the difference between this and the pages for the other popular celeb couples, Salman-Iulia, Natasha-Varun, Arjun-Malaika... there are ALWAYS some comments from the sexist PV people trolling the girls about one thing or another, but never are there lines and lines of comments like this for months now that say "THESE TWO AREN'T EVEN TOGETHER!" It's crazy.

RK is also trying hard to prove he is having many firey nights with Alia. He is the one taking her pics in a bathrobe and making sure his foot is scene and surely he must have told alia to put up this pic .

Every time RS comes with a movie the nepo gang gets so shaken up they start creating affairs for news...during Ramleela it was Spain scandal ....during padmaavat it was majors scandal and now for 83 Alia affair....aaaaaa thu....and everything RS has created history showing these nepo gang there true worth

These publicity beggars! Nanga pradharshan kab? Is tat before 83 release? lol cheap

TRY HARDER GUYS. Take next level Kjo...your puppets should put out a sex video in the bathroom directed by you. That will create more buzz then first look of 83....looooooosers kjo and gang

Thinking of both showering together ha ha ha it’s just ridiculous. Someone grown up should be in Brahmastra. As Imtiaz Ali once said RK and Alia are not a pair! Alia is very young for Being a Jodi with RK rofl kjo must stop this

The thought of these two being a romantic couple is just disturbing . Sorry guys. Even if you put out a sex tape and it’s ‘leaked’ we can’t believe you both are a thing. Even if you are :P


The actors like kiara shahid etc are all giving 100 crores and here we have these two kjo products doing the PR bullshit with some tinge of sleaze with this bathrobe hinting a lot of things. Brahmastra will be a disaster while 83 will be a blockbuster. Every time Kjo and gang have tried to destroy RS movie buzz it has backfired with a disaster of nepo kids your karma. Yuck

Who is this short below average ugly man ??

I guess Alia intentionally does this to provoke some know..who? Lol!

It’s not just alia. It’s RK who does PR as well

Alia and RK....not Alia alone

After showing with alu and enjoying holiday why RK behaves like he is not interested in Alia?

As if she will sit in a bath robe with a stranger ?! Lol has to be her boyfriend RK

Tats RK toes? Ewww ugly

If both hadn’t put up pictures of showering together then it would have created more buzz then RS kapil Dev first look lol nice try

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