Alia Bhatt responds to Kangana Ranaut calling her ‘spineless’ & ‘Karan Johar’s Puppet’

During the promotions of Gully Boy, Alia Bhatt spoke about Kangana Ranaut's recent comment on her being Karan Johar's puppet. Read to know more.
Alia Bhatt responds to Kangana Ranaut calling her ‘spineless’ & ‘Karan Johar’s Puppet’ Alia Bhatt responds to Kangana Ranaut calling her ‘spineless’ & ‘Karan Johar’s Puppet’
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The war of words between Alia Bhatt and Kangana Ranaut has caught everyone’s attention. It all started after the Queen actress expressed how Bollywood has never stood up for her. In an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, Kangana recently spoke about how Bollywood stars, including Aamir Khan and Alia Bhatt, didn’t praise or support her during the release of Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi. Known for her bold and fearless attitude, she went on to make another shocking statement about how Alia should raise her own voice. The Tanu Weds Manu actress revealed to us everything that she spoke about with Alia Bhatt on a phone call. 

Kangana said, “I suggested that she grows some spine and supports an important film about woman empowerment and nationalism...if she doesn’t have a voice of her own and her existence is all about being KJo's (Karan Johar) puppet then I don’t consider her successful...I told her if she is only focusing on earning bucks and not raise a voice, then her success has no value.” Now Alia Bhatt has reacted to the same.

In an interview with DNA, Alia reacted to Kangana Ranaut’s recent comment about her being spineless and Karan Johar’s puppet if she is not raising her own voice. The Gully Boy actress said, "I would like to react to her personally if she has any complaints. I don’t want to talk about it in the media. As I have said before, I really admire her as an actor and the choices that she makes. She’s a very outspoken person and I admire her for that as well. If I have upset her unintentionally, then I don’t know. Basically, it wasn’t my intention. I didn’t do anything to get a reaction like this."

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At a recent event, Kangana made a sensational statement on exposing each actor for ganging up against her. She said, “Main inki waat laga dungi, ek ek ko expose karungi,” said Manikarnika actress during a media interaction.

Watch the full video here:

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Hello. And Bye.

Then all you should want to do is keep the list happy, make them great offers, and
enjoy the ride. Remember you don't want copying
anybody that is just rude and not adequate.

Alia is an ordinary actor as much as her cabal wants us to believe otherwise. One dimensional weeping scenes is not a barometer of good acting. Ordinary looks, great PR, ordinary talent but lots of opportunities which could be capitalized much more by a better talent.

Dunce Kalia bhatt gave a scripted response. Shocked :)

So Alia called her nepopapa and he wrote this dialogue for her. We all know that Karan papa tell Alia what to say in real life, which movie to do, which guy is good for her to date and even when to breathe

I will talk trash about bollywood, I will disrespect everyone and I will go nuts if I don't get support from them... lolz

okay, so let me understand this. The person who answers with respect and dignity is poor looser and scared and the woman who belittles and disrespects another woman publicly is gutsy??? Wow, I guess so much unnecessary hate can mess with brains. Kudos to Alia for keeping it dignified... pv plz post.

This makes me angry. And it takes me a lot to become angry. What a puerile and pathetic reaction to the failure of a film. The only person responsible for the flop is Kangana Ranaut herself who decided to usurp the role of the Director so she could place herself (the actor) right there in the centre – under the spotlight. The end result is an often-robotic heroine/protagonist who does not have a foil to make her real (or shine). This sort of self-aggrandizement and complete lack of concern for the feelings and wellbeing of others is Ms. Ranaut's downfall. She needs to take a break and spend some time on therapy and introspection.

Kangana is horrible. If she respects others, she will gain it. If she is trashy to this extent, people will ignore her. That’s the norm of the world.
Sad that an actress who won awards and whose talent needs to be appreciated with humility and decency may be remembered more for her rude behavior. Most successful actors and actresses are outsiders. Most nepo actors and actresses are flops. Why is she insecure? She has to be more humble and decent. I liked her years back and wanted her to shine. She is shining but her bad character is clouding it.

Ignore, Kangana, Alia. Do not engage with this vicious person. She doesn't know what she is doing any more. Her disappointment with the failure of Manikarnika has driven her round the bend.

You seem to have been driven crazy loser. Manikarnika is a success! Take that!

Kangana, its time you grow a brain. Why do you need bollywood to support you and validate you? If you are good, audience likes you. Thats it. You made manikarnika, you did well, not shut your mouth and move on to making the next blockbuster.

Alia, the more you speak, the dumber you sound. Let KJO do the talking for you like he has been doing.

What Kangana says is true, but how could she demand Bollywood's support, if she getting herself into a controversy everyday. Everyone wants to be away from her for obvious reasons. Bollywood is corrupt like politics; diplomacy is the language there. Kangana ! haven't you learnt anything from all the years in Bollywood. You can't be loud and critical about the most connected guys and expect everyone still maintain the same relationship with you.

And maybe Alia should also tell her sister Pooja to not criticise her in public like she did when Manikarnika first released. Its okay for others to call Kangana names, no one batts an eye lid when she is threatened and abused and openly called names but not privileged Alia, successful means you also have to bear social responsibility. Kangana is not perfect but she needs to be supported as she is the only who speaks up about nepotism, sexism, pay disparity, nation etc.

Deepika handled her best and others are finally catching on. Even kjo can’t compete with kangana’s mouth, shocked honestly. I think she’s indirectly attacking kjo using alia

Deepika is not in the level of Kansans. Kangna has better acting and looks to and Who care about deepika Who sucks khan for movies

If Kangana really had a spine, she would have attacked Khans, but she's gutless.

Alia does not need to explain because Kangana will only understand from her level of perception.

Kangana - STFU.

Ignore her Alia, psycho is always jealous of successful people. She tag her controversial life on successful actress up stay in news. She did same with Deepika

Kangana is a mean human being. She comes across as the spoilt child that threw a tantrum when they didn’t get what they want. Be nice to ppl and they’ll be nice back to you!!!

Girls need to be for each other

Whatever Kangna said about Aalia is the truth but that was not a nice comment, no need to degrade anyone, it’s her luck that she got movies because of connections and all these other amazing actresses have ti struggle, so that’s the life, what can you do , let your moveis speak, there is no need to get anyone down, hope someone advises Kangna, there ink point in this war.. Aalia is one smart woman, she gave a good response.. staying away from controversy, she knows how to play this game.

Kangana may be right but it’s not what you say but how you say it.

Kangana literally said what everyone on this site has been saying for years. Deep down Alia knows it's true and hence she didn't even bother.

I am surprised Mahesh ji didn't give her any gyaan about continuing to hold Karan's hand in taking relationship advice and movie advice. And Karan who doesn't have the spine to hold the hand of his true love is suddenly love guru! Alia- you are not a 12 month old baby.. Start letting go of the hand and learn to bask in your own sunshine. Don't stick to Ranbir because it makes you "happening". Listen to your heart and you will be really happy in life.

Alia knows what Kangana said is the truth. Alia can't deny what Kangana said as it will hurt his daddy Kjo. Alia can't accept what Kangana said as it will be against her dignity, despite being true. The poor kid can only dodge it by using the tiny brain she is endowed with.

hahaha.I love u kangana so much.She is the only one who can show alia and kjo their place .

Alia we know what kind of insecure and jealous person you are.

Alia dont bother about Kangana.

Kangana - you lost a fan forever after this incident. I remmeber you used to harass deepika similarly

Kangana needs to absorb these realities. Audience rejected Manikarnika even after tons of controversies created by her. It's Bollywood who gave her movies, I don't know why is she trying to fit in KJo gang. One can't force friendships and likings on people. Kangna face is not conventional for an A list Bollywood heroine. Kangana diction and dialogue delivery are really bad.

Use your brain Alia... Kangana is right .... Dont be kj puppet he is using u all and making heis koffee with karan show popular... Alia u have a cllibre like with kangna show the women power to the men influenced industry..change the industry

Alia needs no kangana in her life. Kangana didn’t care to develop the roles of her co stars in her own movie. What will she do for Alia. It is alia’s family that launched the snake. It is no women empowerment, it is only kangana empowerment in her mind. Watch and see how many female actors she will launch as filmmaker.

What Kangana said was true but it wasnt nice LOL

well done Alia. Kangana aunty lassi p lo

hahaha yes, nepo papa will prepare a speech for her when she will call Kangana but when will you call Katrina and apologize after backstabbing, you loser puppet.

Alia is so dumb. KJO has ruined her life with ranbir.

Nice answer. Of course Kangana fans will think that she is scared to argue with Kangana. Because they are like their idol, knows no way other than badmouthing. I don't like Alia but her answer on this matter is beyond her intelligence level.

When did alia become so nice and smart?nepo papa had prepared this answer for sure, because alia being her arrogant self, would not say such thing after such degrading comments but kangana ,you should not have scared this kiddo.

Awww... got the great boyfriend talking for you, you can never match up to his class. Kangana is a psycho but you are no saint either

Ye kangana har movie ke time aise statements kyu deti hai..and why does she need any validation from Bollywood? Isn’t audience reaction enough? Alia bhatt isn’t her bff then why she expects her to watch her movies and comment..ek taraf feminism ki baat karegi Kangana then on other hand she will call another woman puppet just bcz she didn’t praise kangana

Kangana was insulting to so many celebs. Why on earth she want applauds from film fraternity,oh because she did good job. She is just a moron who is just insecure. Every year she accuse different celebs for something.And that person always remain mum. Because they are not mad like her. There are so many talented people(came as outsiders) but now not only proved themselves but have a good rapport with film fraternity. And even they get that applaud from Btown.why you need that. Dont you have a spine to stand on whatever you said before,that you dont need anyone. And why you always share your hidden personal call or chat talk. Do you have a problem.Just do your job and your fan who call you brave will see your work. Bdw we boycotted you long ago.

Kangana, YOU grow a spine and tell that to their faces, instead of pouring your inner crap on your audiences

Lol her tone changed completely after messing up. After she and puppet master plant blinds against Katrina, and degrade her through interviews. She did not dare to answer the same way for Kangana remarks, she is suddenly nice and playing it cool.I'm glad Kangana showed her real place, she said something which even alia enemies could not dare to do..Too much arrogance, it was much needed.kudos to kangana.

No ome degraded’s kangana who’s using derogatory remarks like spineless, puppet etc. its not like Alia started and Kangana had to use such words in reaction! Stop blindly praising such behaviour

No ome degraded’s kangana who’s using derogatory remarks like spineless, puppet etc. its not like Alia started and Kangana had to use such words in reaction! Stop blindly praising such behaviour

looser puppet

Well said Alia, now don't comment further, as Kangana thrives on making a mountain out of a molehill!

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