Alia Bhatt’s first look from Kalank reminds us of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan from Jodha Akbar

The first look of Alia Bhatt as Roop in her upcoming film Kalank surely sent us down the memory lane and reminded us of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as Rani Jodhabai in Jodha Akbar. Take a look.
Alia Bhatt’s first look from Kalank reminds us of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan from Jodha AkbarAlia Bhatt’s first look from Kalank reminds us of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan from Jodha Akbar
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In Bollywood, many times actors play bride and groom on-screen and most of the time, their looks are varied and different from each other. However, at times, one actor’s bridal look might be similar to the another and this is exactly the case with Alia Bhatt and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s bridal looks from Kalank and Jodha Akbar, respectively. Today, Alia’s first look from Kalank was revealed, and in the poster, we get to see a shy and coy bride dressed in red. Alia’s looked shy in it and she also was seen sporting traditional jewellery.

Alia Bhatt’s look in Kalank reminded us of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s look as Rani Jodhabai in Jodha Akbar. In the trailer of Jodha Akbar, we get to see Aishwarya Rai Bachchan dressed as a traditional Hindu bride with a long veil on her face. Along with the heavily embroidered clothing, Aish can be seen sporting gold jewellery and a gold nath

Much like Aishwarya, Alia’s first look shows her as the shy bride with a veil over her head and nath on her nose. Seeing both of them as brides, we wonder whose look seems better.

Take a look:

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Talking about Alia Bhatt as Roop, she will be seen as an innocent person with a fiery instinct in Kalank. Along with Alia, Kalank stars Varun Dhawan, Aditya Roy Kapur, Sonakshi Sinha, Madhuri Dixit Nene and Sanjay Dutt. Helmed by Abhishek Varman, Kalank is a period drama set in the partition time of1940’s and is being produced by Dharma Productions. Kalank is slated to release on April 19, 2019.


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Alia busy copying everyone ....dp kat kareena now ash....I am sure she watches all of kangs for beauty not in seven lifetimes can she match ash or it kj

Actually Alia looks better than Ash in this. Aishwarya never looked good in Jodha Akbhar. Alia has quintessential features and charming personality. Aishwarya is only good in ice maiden roles.

this puppet is thinking herself as aish and deepi and puppet master thinking himself as SLB. Both will fail big time.

Alia is a better actress but no way is she beautiful.

Aishwarya of course

Everyone saying Deepika came close is so dilusional. Deepika has nice features but the way she looks in movies is highly Thanks for make up. She looks below average without all the make up. Alia has nice features and nice skin too. Beauty is all different, someone might have 1-2 nice features but really good skin and that is their beauty. Someone might have really nice features but still requires a lot of make up to even out skin and make their features stand out and that is their beauty. I do not see why people are obsessed with Deepika.

Alia has nice features? Not with her duckie lips. Her features are average and she looks like an adolescent teenager most of the time. Make up helps too, for some looks. However, there’s no doubt she can act. She’s only bettered her acting since SOTY

Ash is a timeless beauty, the way she plays Jodha was classic, regal, no one could do that, and Alia is Kjo's puppet and here she looks ok but nowhere close t classy Ash, she is so avg.

Imitation is the best form of flattery. Ash deserves it, she is The Queen! Alia looks fine too but Aishwarya is something else.

Ash is in a league of her own. Only Deepika came close but is a distant second. Alia, although her face looks fine might not have the persona needed. Imitation is the best form of flattery though. So, thanks Alia! Good effort!

Lol..ash and deepika..both can't that sense also they are equal..Alia can act and that's the most important quality required for an actor!!

Aishwarya was magnificent, charming and lovely. Alia looks cute and good too. But, Ash is different league. Atleast Deepika and Alia come close. Rest never even had a chance, ha!

did you people just compare aish ans alia ROFL. its ash

Lol cheap version of ASH, Ash looks so regal, where as Alia is like 0

I have no reason to compare them. They're both lovely, talented women with different strengths and approaches to their careers. Mrs. Rai-Bachchan was amazing in Jodhaa Akbar, and I hope Ms. Bhatt continues to have success.

THANK YOU! The best comment so far!

No where near Aish in terms of making a stunning impression. No matter what they do for Alia, she can never be a timeless beauty. Her acting skills and KJo connection save her.

Aish created such high standard for beauty it’s just sad for this generation of actesses. Deepika comes close, but I can’t wait for the next one that would be more graceful than Aish.

Gareebon ki aishwarya rai lagti hai Alia

Come on now.. Is avg mouse ko itna badawa dene ki kya zaroorat hai ?

She’s a knock off version lol

I thought the same thing when I saw it. Alia is pretty but let’s be honest she is nowhere near the beauty of aish Rai. Not many people are. Aish in Jodha akbar was incredible though her most beautiful looks and performance will always be him dil de Chuke Sanam. That was her best movie and her beauty was raw in that movie.

copy copy copy copy

Aishwarya didn't know A of acting at 45 while alia has already proved her mettle at 25.

Alia proved her mettle? Really? If her performance in Kalank is even half as graceful and expressive as Ash in Jodha Akbar, she might prove that she can act.

Aishwarya rai bachchan was timeless as jodha and nobody comes close!

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