Alia Bhatt shares her thoughts on nepotism, says, 'It does exist but it's important not to discard hard work'

News,alia bhatt. The actress has often been trolled for being a star kid and her general knowledge, but Alia has indeed taken it all in her stride.
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Alia Bhatt made us fall in love with Saifeena in Zoya Akhtar's Gully Boy. The feisty little girl exploded every time she appeared on the screen. After a gripping performance in 2018 with Raazi, Alia has surely won hearts and fans with the blockbuster Gully Boy. The actress has definitely made her mark in the industry and will next be seen in the multi starrer film Brahmastra with Ranbir Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan. The actress has often been trolled for being a star kid and her general knowledge, but Alia has indeed taken it all in her stride.     

At a recent conference Alia was quizzed about her thoughts on nepotism and she acknowledged it. Alia said, "Nepotism exists in every  field. My thoughts on nepotism don't come from a negative place. If you know somebody from a certain field you will always help them. But having said that, I am so in love with acting and being an actor, I would be devastated if I never got the opportunity. So I am in no place to say that, 'Oh, they don't know what they are tallking about'. Or 'How can you say that'." 




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The actress added, "Of course, it feels terrible if you feel that someone is getting an opportunity because of their family line. So there is no way to counter that thought. It does exist. But having said that, once you come into the foray, the audience chooses you. So if you are working, it's not just because you're getting lucky every time. There does go some hard work into that. Quite a lot of hard work."

She concluded by saying, "So while keeping in mind the sentiment it is also important to not discard a lot of hard work. Like I said, there are no negative thoughts. I can't wake up and say sorry for being born in this family. But I can definitely say that I will work as hard as possible to prove that I deserve to be here." 

Check out the video below and leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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risha chaddha, tapsee needs chance to prove themselves. they can beat alia...but alia is STILL taking unfair advantage of nepotism...alia needs genuine personality for showing off,right?

What "hard work"? she has been handed everything in her career by KJo. She has never had to struggle or fight for anything!

She is a very good actress

Ok Alia. Can’t stand how shrank in every A-lister movie and given extra prominence in every award show/ event etc. At this point, I don’t even know if it’s her fault. Why the hell aren’t people calling out Karan and refusing to work with him?!

Alia Bhatt is a product of nepotism but we can all say that she knows how to act and she has earned her place in Bollywood.

Alia is the most luckiest actress on this planet... Look at her released movies with best directors who doesn't sign everyone.. And lined up movies big projects and her success rate is so high... Alia Tu toh cha gayi... Lucky in every department.. Ek do movies doosaro ko bhi chodado yar...

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