Alia Bhatt-Sidharth Malhotra call it quits?

Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra mutually breakup after constant fights.
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Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra haven't admitted publicly that they were in a relationship. However, their pictures and frequent appearances together had a different story to tell. Not only are the two spotted visiting each other at their homes, but the lovebirds have also gone out on vacations together.
Though the two have never opened up about their relationship, it was pretty evident in the past two years that both Alia and Sidharth were together and have been very fond of each other's company. But now, according to a popular daily, both Alia and Sidharth have gone their way and have decided to mutually split.
Yes, you read it right!
An insider revealed to the daily, "Sidharth and Alia have split, and unlike previous instances, this time, it seems permanent. They will not get back together again.”
The insider further added, "Alia and Sid are avoiding each other and are not even on talking terms now. Maybe with time, they will get back to being friends, but for now they are maintaining a distance from each other. They were having a lot of fights in the recent times. Mutually, they decided it wasn’t working out and it was better to end it."
While no one knows the cause of their breakup, the whispers about a third wheel responsible for their relationship have been doing the rounds for a while now. Sidharth's closeness to his A Gentleman co-star Jacqueline Fernandez and Alia's equation with a senior actor seem to be causing issues between the couple. Despite the issues, the couple was together. In fact, last time also when they took a break, a few months later, they kissed and patched up. However, this time no one can predict!
We would love to see both Sid and Alia together. How about you?!


He's too handsome for her.

He is only popular for his relationships in Bollywood. Alia for one and everyone knows which are the others !

So he is back with Karan ??

i feel alia and varun will end up together. doubt jacqueline will end up with sid though..her type is...not sid lol

I hope this is true!

I don't like Sid anyway so this is good news. He seems like he as issues and can't even respectfully admit he's dating a girl

SENIOR Actor?like who?


Gentleman's promotions.

Karan Sid Alia and their PR.

It is just for promotion of his new movie but I still am not convinced Alia was dating him.

Aww love these two together!

She's probably moving on to Ranveer Singhhh! Good for her. Sid go get your jackie! Yayyyy

Why this people even get as couple when they know they will get attract towards other people especially male stars who just can't when they work with this girls who r more of an bf stealers than actors like jacqueline and katrina ,its industry where they will find so many options and eventually they will breakup .

She's had this huge crush for ranbir forever and now is the time to dump boring sid to start a relationship with available ranbir ! And pls natasha and varun are for keeps you fools. Varun is way more sorted than confused sid.

Wake up sid, alia chale gayi (to rk)

ive never felt he was romantically compatible with alia in any which way. they are good as friends , but literally there is no spark or attraction between them atleast on his part. i feel bad for the people who ship them and wholeheartedy belive these rumors word for word. i never thought there was anything between them except friendship since they debuted together.

No!! Don't you break up with Sid the exact time you start working with Ranbir.

oh nooooooooooooo hope not true fans luv 2 c allia sid 2gether.

LOL. Coz now Jacqueline is under contract. They'll give her a few films in return.

He needs to get together with Katrina!

she is more confident then him she is smarter then him, it wont work, she is upcoming pc

alia has always been very overconfident with herself in her looks and personality, nd believes that all the genext boys have a crush on her or something. i find it very unrealistic really that men really look at her in that way. shes cute but thats about it and gives off the vibe of a little sister. i find parineeti and jaquelne 10 times sexier

Jacqueline, yes she is too hot but Parineeti? Seriously?

parineeti is hotter than alia imo. personality can make a girl sexy

Thank god. They look like siblings more than a couple! Sid, if you read this message please don't be with this immature kiddo. She's below your standards both in terms of looks and talent! And her life experience consists of gossiping with KJo and ducking important questions during press conferences! PV please post. Sid should get this message!

I wont be astonished at all if after some days I hear that "Varun breaks up with long time gf Natasha".

They really want us to care about this relationship. Is there anyone here who truly believe they are actually more than friends?

They will be back together during aashiqui 3. I also have this question why karan favors sid so much?

He's in love. He was speaking to Sidd so tenderly when he was on KWK . Aww.

he is the only actor where his publicized relationship with alia gets more attention than his work. hes asked about her in each of his interviews barring a few

I wont be suprised at all if the next headline in a week will be "Varun breaks up with long time girlfriend Natasha Dalal."

i cant believe they have anything past friendship tbh. the way he treats and compliments jaquelene is more of an attraction while with alia he is friendly and more protective

This is a publicity stunt for Sid's new movie Gentleman...They are trying every trick possible to get people interested in the movie after seeing the debacle of Tubelight and JHMS!!LOL!!

Even i felt that

this relationship was totally for media sakes...they never ever's so obvious...they have zero chemsitry..just to hide the fact that sid is not straight.

fake triangle..he is neither with alia nor Jacky

seems like KJO PR had enough of this relationship.

I don't believe they were even a couple but if they broke up then it was always bound to happen...I can't think of two more incompatible people.

During the promotions of Brothers, Sid clearly stated alia is a colleague and he is ready to work with 'women'. Ever since he has gone on to work with Katrina, Jackie and now Sonakshi. She was the one who was pursuing him since the SOTY. Her KWK interview she said 'he is not into me now but he will be. He sees me as a kid right now'. How can you make a one-sided 'relationship' last? No grown person in his 30s wants to be told who to hang out with and what to do. He clearly likes Jackie, and they have more in common than he has with Alia. Jackie is around his age, is a woman, not a girl, is into fitness and sports, is genuine, hardworking and goofy/funny that men usually like, and she is good looking. All Alia does is be insecure of taller, sexy actresses, and hang out with Kjo, and has no life experience beyond Juhu-Bandra. She has picked up hobbies which I think is good for her character development. Good luck to them.

If alia Has feeling for varun then 100%sure varun Natasha ka brakup hons hai

Who is this senior actor ? Somehow , Aliaa always comes across as having a thing for Varun more than Siddharth .

Senior actor...Ranbir maybe!

but arent ranbir and varun pretty much the same age? Or is it senior in terms of yrs in the industry?

Oh Ranbir ! How strange , Jackie has been linked with Ranbir , Varun (according to an old blind item) & Siddharth too .

Poor Potato to Sid she's only a colleague lol

Very happy for Sid

Pv needs to chill...we all know by now this is her strategy every time before her film even sid learnt it frm his smart kiddo gf


He said recently Alia is only a colleague not his gf

Finally he is free of this insane girl

It seems that he is very close to jacqueline and that Alia does not like. Anyway he says that he is single and doesn't understand why he can't be close to his co stars

Do they follow each other on social media? I always wonder will celebs unfollow each other after break up like regular people, that moment you understand its over

He said in a recent interview that she is only a colleague to him. Sid looks so into Jaqueline

He said in a recent interview that she is only a colleague to him

It was all a fabricated story by Karan Johar.

Varun & Alia were dating after SOTY but then broke up.Alia started dating Sid & due to some issues broke up with him too.But Alia & Varun are still not over each other.It's evident from the way they are with each other.

It's going to be RK-Alia rumours next.Kjo will go to any extent to portray Alia as a desirable girl who is the desire of every new gen actor in Bollywood.

Thank goodness. I hope wish and pray that this news is true! It's about time Sid should move on as he can do a lot better than her. She's a below average looking mediocre actress! Much below Sid's standards. He should now hook up with Jacqueline or Sara Ali Khan! Both are great options! PV please post. People should know the truth and Sid should get my message too!

theyy have the weirdest relationship ive ever seen among an actor and an actress

Varun & Alia have a weirder relationship than Sid-Alia.

That why Alia spotted vd house before leaving the airport.. And I have a pic of Alis kho ko post ksru pv please post my comment

I'm not even convinced they are dating, how' am I supposed to even believe this...

Why is there rumors with him involving her even when he is releasing a film with another costar/acresss? Kind of takes away from his pairings and promotes his pairing with Alia only. Gosh leave him for other actresses too. Alia doesn't own him

Sid Alia rumors were planted to divert attention from Sid Kjo relation. Nothing else. Why wud Kjo invest so much on a talentless outsider without getting anything in return. There were rumors even during SOTY how despite being a newcomer, he was living a life of luxury thanks to Kjo.

Sid's family has money. His uncle has an awesome mansion in Los Angeles, u need to be very rich for that

his uncle having money does not guarantee a karan johar movie.

Sid's family has money. His uncle has a Mansion in Los Angeles guy

Since when is uncle's money, your money ? lol

Hmmmm.....let me guess the next rumour will be either Alia is rumoured to be seeing either RK or RS since she has a movie coming out with ech of them. This article seems to be referring to RK since he can be considered a senior actor for her as he is older than all the others (Varun, Sid and Ranveer). But let's see what KJo's pr cooks up. It's all BS to promote her upcoming movies that's all. The fact is that these people think these stupid tactics still work shows they will keep getting less than 50% success rate at the box office.

I was wondering how Alia looks so happy & cheery nowadays, Now i know the reason, Anyways they never were a couple though she may have landed to him coz of no option, Her love for Varun was not something hidden & may be Varun loves her too, but circumstances landed were they were. I am again re-assured Alia-Varun is actual couple coz I see Alia actually very happy when she is with Varun

You are the biggest idiot in this entire section! Varun is very happy with his long time gf Natasha Dalal. And Sid-Alia have definitely been in a relationship. Whether it's still on or not is really the question here. But stop making ridiculous claims and distract everyone from knowing the truth! PV please post. People should know the truth!

I never knew Varun-Alia always talks to you so often moron

Don't know about Varun & Alia being a couple,but they do have strong feelings for each other & do a very bad job about hiding them in the public.

i think it all gotta do with dragon, Alia's next rumoured bf will be RK. trust me in this.

Jacqueline seems to be linked with every other co-star. She's got this playgirl vibe she gives.
Aalia is insecure as Jacqueline is hot and beautiful so maybe that lead to this breakup.
Anyway, who really cares about these celebs relationships as they jump from one boat to another every now and then.

She's young, he was her first bf as an adult. I could see how they weren't very compatible.

This was never going to end up in marriage.And I wud be surprised if Sid did not knew it already.Alia is a true Bhatt and in best case scenario she will end up like Pooja Bhatt.Not even a remotely succesful actor can stick with her ambitious and demanding nature for long.So both Varun and Sid fans shud calm down.None of them will risk their career to be with a girl like her with lot of deep rooted mental issues.
Sid will date some not so successful but immensely rich star kid or some1 from v powerful family.

They were never a couple.

dil iss news ko nahi mana chata hai but going by sid's recent interviews and alia's absence frm his parties & house, seems this news is indeed true! very disheartened. Both looked genuine and very much in love...umm seems like finally jealousy and insecurity won.

Omg this news seems so fake! Breaking up a couple that was never together to begin with. Lol!

which senior actor is alia close to? I hope its not SRK

exactly! u can say this news is fake coz why wud they break up due to closeness with senior actor?? I mean senior actors that Alia is close to are SRK, Salman or Shahid (given hes in industry for a decade now) but shahid is happily married. And does PV want us to believe that Sid was jealous of SRK and Salman bonding with Alia??? C'mon PV think of some other news...atleast Sid & Jacky closeness makes sense bt reason being Alia's closeness is pathetic...

Really hope they get back together if this news is true...really wished to see them take their relationship to marriage. Wonder why in bollywood relationships dnt last forever. This whole stupid shipping thing has ruined everything. It divided people n created hatred amongst fans which eventually rubbs off to celebrities. M so sad...

Sid Alia romance was to get movies in Dharma.

And next, the story will be that they didn't break up and are still couple goals like dp rs. All these fake pr couples are so predictable and boring now.

Jacqueline is definitely the reason I am sure.

Its VARUN DHAWAN for sure

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