Alia Bhatt's mom Soni Razdan says Mahesh Bhatt gave Kangana Ranaut a break yet she attacks his wife & daughter

Soni Razdan reacted to Kangana Ranaut's constant attack on her and her daughter Alia Bhatt. Even Kangana's sister Rangoli Chandel recently targetted the mother-daughter duo.
Alia Bhatt's mom Soni Razdan says Mahesh Bhatt gave Kangana Ranaut a break yet she attacks his wife & daughterAlia Bhatt's mom Soni Razdan says Mahesh Bhatt gave Kangana Ranaut a break yet she attacks his wife & daughter
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A few days ago, Kangana Ranaut called Alia Bhatt's performance in Gully Boy 'mediocre'. This isn't the first time Kangana targetted Alia, she had earlier called Bhatt a puppet of Karan Johar. Recently, Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli targetted the mother-daughter duo in her tweet and wrote, "These non Indians who are living off this land, using and abusing its people and its resources, lying about intolerance and spreading hatred, time to think about their agenda and not to get carried away with their provocations."

When Alia Bhatt was asked her reaction to Kangana's mediocre comments, she gave a smart reply by saying that she remembers how the Queen actress praised her for her performance in Raazi. Alia also added that she will work hard enough to get her recognition again. Even people are confused with all the Kangana-Alia mess going on. Today, screenwriter Nina Arora shared, "Kangna up to her old tricks-pretending ya sis’ handle!! Now that Kangna has achieved fame & fortune why is she still consumed by jealousy towards Alia?"

Soni Razdan replied to her tweet mentioning how Mahesh Bhatt gave Kangana Ranaut break and she keeps targetting Alia and her, especially Alia again and again. Soni tweeted, "Mahesh Bhatt is the man who has given her a break ... she goes on to attack his wife and daughter. Daughter over and over again. What is left to be said then about abusing and hatred I wonder. Apart from character of course. Agenda ? What’s hers ... ?"

Read the tweet below:

Today, actor Randeep Hooda also came out in Alia Bhatt's support and wrote, "Dearest @aliaa08 I’m so glad you are not letting the opinions of very occasional actors and chronic victims affect you and your work .. kudos to you for your continued efforts to outdo yourself".

Alia also gave a sweet reply to him with 4 hugs emoji in the tweet. 

However, Rangoli bashed Randeep also in her tweets and called him Karan Johar ka 'chatukar'.


Oh really, what will happen to your classy daughter after she knows her dad beats women of his daughter's age with chappals!

No.1 actress - Alia
No.2 Deepika
No.3 kareena
No.4 Katrina
No.5 Sara
Kangana isn't popular at all and is a big flop.

ok karan

Kangana will you bring up Salman for nepotism or is it just personal choice of targets?

Popcorn time lol this is going to get a tad bit fun.

Agree. Every time her movie comes she attacks. Used to do that to DP and Hrithik and Sonam. They ignored her and now she is after Aalia. I wonder if it is because Ranbir ignored her xxx rated picture. Upbringing shows! She is not courageous just rude!

Who is this so called Rangoli, tell her to get lost

Why kangana and her sister always say bad thing to other people. I think this is just for publicity otherwise nobody talk about them.

Suddenly soni and her daughter are victims!what about she and her step daughter Pooja tweet demeaning comments in the krish-kangana battle.they can write long paragraph about it, but when it comes back to them, they are crying so much.kangana serves them right, good job KR.

This is not the act of a strong woman, this is publically bullying an individual. Although I understand why Alia doesn't respond, she certainly doesn't have to be so respectful towards this silly excuse of a human being. As a Pakistani I was annoyed by her comments recently...but yea tho apnon ki nahin, kisi aur ki kya hogi. There is a daily display of blatant disregard and disrespect for her industry, for the other stars, she makes a mockery of people...first was that guy that told terrible tales about her, then the ongoing drama that was the Hritihik saga, Ranbir....Aliaa.....strangely though Priynka ke sath Bari khush hea? PC India chor chaar ke 20 saal ki bachi bani hui hea US mea. US kay paas bhaag bhaag jati hea .... Freak of nature. Alia has the patience of a saint!!! ughhh

Wow, supporters or bots of Kangy! Kangana can say what she wants coz its her truth then she has to hear other people's truth too

Who is this Soni Razdan? Why is she fighting for limelight.?

Kangana was full of talent,Ali’s doesn’t deserve the roles she’s getting.even Shraddha Kapoor was much better than her.....
Bhatt’s are fortunate that Kangana worked with them.randeep Hooda is really a looser

Trashy sisters r back

Slavery mentality ok he gave her a break so she be in debt! Disgusting Bhatts!

Swara Bhaskar Aur Barkha Dutt pe toh muh khulta nahi iska. Kyunki iski friend hai

ooo this is getting uglier by the day..kangana dsnt have to judge or comment other actresses performances good or bad..she portrays herself to be very she should act mature and continue focussing on her own's like she cant let go of the past &wants to keep stirring controversies.honestly alia aint that bad an actress...jealousy is taking over kangana ,she needs to calm down&do good movies&let her work talk instead.

there it is as clear as water, kangana fights against these people who are untouchable, one can no longer speak either good or bad about them. because they get angry and become victims.

Kangana knows that whenever she wants to get some work she always has to fight against these mafias that seek to discredit her, but it hurts for them, Kangana Ranaut is a strong woman who does not bend.

Thank you kangana for showing us the true face behind the BW mafia, and keep fighting for those true talents that remain as supporting actors and extras.

More power for the kangana queen !!!!

Kangana and her sister should spend their time in more constructive ways. Attacking other people be it right or wrong is not going to get then anywhere and certainly not get Kangana any roles . One has to admire Hrithik for ignoring her all these years, shows a lot of maturity on his part.

why to even pay heed to this stupid woman!

They should be happy that a talent like Kangana worked with them.

What talent?? Woh ek dialogue thhek tarah se bol nahi pati.. Kangana is terrble with pronounciations.. I cant stand her

Kangana is the best thing to happnen in bhatt films. You should be fortunate she acted in your movies.

Remember your words Soni Razdan. You ll be forever in debt with karan then. Your daughter will not have any right to say a single word to KJ even if he does wrong to her. He didn’t spare kajol n its only your daughter. KJ want star kids n their parents to be remembered as legend who launched them. Its call long thinking.

So life long Kangana should be indebted to this family ? Like they didn't benefit from the film ? Come on Bhatts.. Enough with the entitlement.

Chronic victim sisters will come up with another victim card

You daughter will never be happy. You husnband who you think is holier than thou has been a nasty man.

Soni and alia's flop sister tried to run kangana down during manikarnika. Their hyppcrisy is exposed.

Wow now the whole Bollywood decided to attack her. Freedom of speech is one thing, restricting someone’s voice is another. Just because you gave her a break you want her to not speak the truth. Your daughter doesn’t deserve the roles and awards she’s is getting. Nepotism needs to stop.

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