Is all not well between Boney Kapoor and his family?

Boney Kapoor's family was conspicuous by their absence at his birthday bash in Chennai.
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Boney Kapoor ringed in his birthday over the weekend in Sridevi's hometown Chennai with her family. The small birthday party was attended by their daughters Jhanvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor, Shabana Azmi, Manish Malhotra, AR Rahman among others.
It was surprising that none of Boney's brothers Anil Kapoor and Sanjay Kapoor, his children Arjun Kapoor and Anshula Kapoor wished him on his birthday. Talking about it, a family friend of Boney stated to a leading daily, "Boney’s relations with both his brothers have been deteriorating. Ever since Boney’s first wife Mona, who was loved by the entire Kapoor family, passed away, the strain in the relationship between Boney and his brothers has deepened. These days, Boney doesn’t visit Anil or Sanjay and they don’t visit him, even for family functions."
The source further said, "As for Boney’s son Arjun and daughter Anshula, they’ve made it very clear that they do not want to be associated with Boney’s second family."
Well, that's quite a surprise!
Earlier, when a leading daily asked Arjun about working with Boney again, the actor revealed, "We will definitely be working together and there are no two ways about it. Of late, I’ve been busy doing my film while he was releasing his production venture (Mom), so we have actually not caught up properly. Then, he went for a holiday. Now, I have got into the prep for Dibakar (Banerjee; film-maker) sir’s film." 
Arjun also stated that they will figure something out but as of now, there is no script that has excited them and added, "But that thought is there, so let it happen organically. I would like to believe that I am here (in the industry) for a long time so, whenever I get the correct film, I will do it. That might happen next year, or take six months or even one-and-a-half years. It’s just a matter of finding the correct material and director."


Arjun himself had a long affair with a married woman who had a child ... At least , Boney and Sridevi have maintained a happy marriage and family for the last 20 years, that's a rarity in Bollywood!

This is what happens when you take someone's hubby right under their noses.

pinkvilla wants to stir trouble.

Peepedika, your ignorance is appalling.Don’t discount his first and second offsprings. They both lost their childhood for no apparent fault of theirs. Pigman was just their sperm daddy.

The fact is he never gave respect to his first wife.. look at Salim Khan managed to give space to both his wives and they one big happy family

Gross. That man is practising polygamy in broad daylight! He should be arrested.

Now they'll put out pics of them all together, just to show the world that they are a happy family!

Hypocrisy. Anil Kapoor had numerous affairs in his outdoor shoots according to his costars (refer to the silk lungi story) and Arjun himself had a long affair with a married woman who had a child . They are in no position to act morally superior to Boney. At least , Boney and Sridevi have maintained a happy marriage and family for the last 20 years, that's a rarity in Bollywood!

The time will come when the wife and daughter will distance themselves from him too .
We see what happened to Hema

No comparision to hema. hema did not kick prakash kaur after her marriage to dharmm, any other woman would have forced her man to divorice his wife to marry her. her daughers did not end up successful so they are resentful

so how come sri as always at sunita kapoors karva chauth parties.

totally dont believe this. sridevi seems to be quite a humble and kind person. whatever happened in the past, happened. feel really bad for arjun and anshula but i really hope boney makes up for it by being a wonderful father as he is to his two girls

Sri, Shabana, Rani, Vidya all took to married men. Because they are insider and are spouse of big people no one bats an eye.

No grown up child can every forgive what dad did to their mom . Bonney wronged them all, if he loved Sri so much he should have never married in first place. He deserves the backlash and so does Sridevi. You can't have it all, deal with it

A few months ago, there was an article where Sri Devi had shared how much Boney loves her and how she is very happily married. She was gushing about it, speaking in detail. And the first thought that came to my mind was that she should have shown some sensitivity toward Arjun and his sister who most likely would have read the article and for them it would bring back a flood of memories of their mom's suffering. I don't think one can ever completely move on from the loss of a parent especially one that came in a cruel way. Sri Devi is not some newly-wed on her honeymoon that she had to gush about her marriage in such a way. At her age, she could have just kept it simple. And if how she acted in that interview is any reflection of how she behaves in real life, then I don't blame the rest of the Kapoor Khandaan for keeping a distance from Boney and his family.

Arjun and Anshula do come across as bitter - hope they find peace in their hearts and the strength to move on and forgive... I might be completely wrong in thinking that they are bitter, though -

Get a life guys, he has a birthday every year, you don't have to celebrate in a big way. She had a party with her side of family, so what. Do not create problems that were not there. Arjun and Anshula not liking their stepmom and her sisters is no secret. i am sure they love their father inspite of what all happened.

Arjun and anshula definitely don't get along with their stepmother and step sisters that's quite obvious. Boney kapoor birthday just went by and he spent it with his wife 2 daughters and friends out of Mumbai and it was Sri who threw the bash. No one knows if Sri has ever really tried to bond with them or make them welcome in her family but the way she threw a party out of Mumbai for boney birthday I feel was wrong she could have stayed here in Mumbai and thew the party and maybe invited them even if they didn't come at least they could at least spend some time with their father on his birthday maybe out somewhere. I don't blame arjun and anshula for not getting along with their step mom and sisters

Hi Madhuri - Arjun and Anshula both have been seen with Sridevi in the past, infact in 2012 after the release of EV, arjun and sridevi were both present for his birthday. All these years this family has been living happily in peace without badmouthing each other, and each one is busy with their own work. Sridevi is truly blessed to be part of this amazing family. Please keep your delusional thoughts with you.

just love that you mentioned Madhuri. Madhuri has nothing else to do than writing comments on Pinkvilla. Unbelievable. I am a Sridevi fan - but just onscreen fan. Offscreen i dont like the life she made for hereself.

Chennai is her hometown and has a big banglow over there, wher she can arranage a party, more over she is comfortable in chennai.

Boney and sri did visit Anil on his diwali bash.

"Well,that's quite a surprise!" You think so pink villa? Had you thought Arjun,Anshula and Sridevi's families would become one large happy family?

There are snaps of all of them together . Someone's out to make mischief .

I kinda like all this generation actors despite being products of nepotism.. They r grounded and comes off as fun ppl.. Alia, arjun, varun.. And the outsiders ranveer and siddharth r wonderful too!! Somehow Ranbir us the only actor, who surely is a great performer comes off a spoilsport.. Arjun - malaika affair seems nothing before Ranbir's hookups and controversies

They all celebrated Karwa Chauth together and Mona died years ago so what is this news?

boney has sridevi, that’s enough for him.

Yesterday , Sonam kapoor also tweeted about sridevi's film mr.india

Lol..last month they all celebrated KARVA CHAUTH together at anil kappor 's home

It's all so sad

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