All is well between Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra; her latest Twitter post is a PROOF

Priyanka Chopra latest tweet hints at all being well between her and Salman Khan. The actor walked out of Salman Khan starrer Bharat recently.
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Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra were said to return to the big screens with Bharat, to be directed by Ali Abbas Zafar. However, Chopra walked out of the movie last moment citing some personal reasons. But, the actor reportedly walked out as she was offered a bigger Hollywood project opposite Chris Pratt. On the other hand, other reports suggested that Chopra's forthcoming rumoured wedding with Nick Jonas is the reason for her walking out. Katrina Kaif later replaced PeeCee in Bharat which also stars Disha Patani in a pivotal role. 

Following this, there were rumours of Salman being upset with Priyanka. When PeeCee's mother Madhu Chopra was asked about the same, she had retorted saying ask Salman instead! Because she is not aware of this. Salman too opened up on Priyanka's exit at a press conference in Delhi. However, the rumours of a possible bad blood between the two refused to die down. However, seems like things are well between the duo. Well, at least, Priyanka's latest Twitter post suggests so. 

Amidst all reports and putting a stop to the rumoured tiff, Priyanka took to Twitter to send her love and best wishes to Salman's brother-in-law Aayush Sharma for Loveratri. She wrote, “Welcome to the movies my friend Aayush Sharma... From the looks of this trailer, you are going to make quite the debut! All the best Warina Hussain and lots of love to the ‘Loveratri’ team." Given how close-knit PeeCee is to Salman and his family, this doesn't come as a surprise. Priyanka Chopra is a very good friend of Arpita Khan and clearly, there is no love lost between her and family.

Loveratri is being directed by debutante Abhiraj Minawala and has been produced by Salman Khan Films. The movie releases on October 5, 2018. On the other hand, PeeCee has begun shooting for The Sky Is Pink which sees her reuniting with Farhan Akhtar. The movie is being directed by Shonali Bose. 


Fake Chopra is trying yo undo the damage she did.

Tryin to make things good after walkin out of his movie! Ya it wont work PC!

Aayush didn't even react to PC's tweet. Things are definitely sour between Salman and PC.

Lmao..does it really matter if ayush reacts to PC 's tweet. I mean...ayush is not in movies out of talent....who cares if he reacts or not...get real..

The fact the PC had invited him and his Wife whilst they were in NY to meet The Rock, and now he snubbed her big time when she wished him luck.

Priyanka walking out of Salman’s movies doesn’t affect her and Arpita’s friendship. Even when Priyanka walked out of Main Aur Mrs Khanna they continued to be friends.

All this news apart, whoa at PeeCee's pic. It was after 200 surgeries, but before 20,000 I guess !?????

Doesn’t look that much different than now

You definitely need glasses if you feel she doesn’t look much different!

It isn't. And deep down, PC knows it pretty well

Lol. Damaged already done. Now go and make Hollywood films since that is your first home, isn;t it?

Let's hope the buttering up works.

"Buttering up" is an opinion, not fact. She is Arpita's friend, though I am sure haters want to interpret the friendship as buttering up too. Anyway, you are free to comment. I think she is glad for AS simple as that.

Arpita's friend ??? Ya sure - that's why PC dumped her dear friend's brother's movie after telling them fairy tales (which said bro has recently confirmed) and then scoots to sign other movies . This ,my dear, is not an opinion , it's a fact!

Just because they’re friends doesn’t mean she will do a movie she doesn’t believe in. Priyanka walked out of Main Aur Mrs Khanna too and Priyanka & Arpita still continued to be friends after that.

She signed it so she believed in it! Salman is a MCP so he will never forgive her no matter how much she and PR spin this story. She burnt a final bridge in Bollywood for A-list roles.

U just don't get it, do u ? It's not about the walking out as anyone is entitled to change their mind ,it's telling lies which is the problem. PC asked her dear friend to get her the role , the least she can do if she wants to scoot is to courteously & professionally be honest with them before walking out a few weeks when shooting was going to start . Not the same thing with MAMK. One expects complete honesty between friends .

"One expects" you to go back to school and learn fact from opinion. You are assuming what gossip columns fed you of her lying as truth. You are so busy preaching you can't think of possibilities that engagement plus time commitments may have become parallel problem. Or that stuff happened you not anyone else yet know.

This is no gossip column ,this comes straight from the horses' mouths aka Mr Salman Khan & Mr Abbas Ali Zafar . I think we can all agree those two are in the best position to know the truth from the false . Yes, she's sooooo busy with her "engagement" & " time commitments" , that's why she's doing TSIP in India & the Chris Pratt movie in USA ( but can't do Bharat bcos it's in some rare unapproachable parallel universe) .

Yeah she's soooo busy with her "engagement" and "time commitments". I like how you put those in quotation marks. lol

Damage control her management runs her social media

Of course, and tomorrow we will see nice pics with Arpita again. ...yawn, desperate PR.

They’re friends and they will hang out, that’s what friends do.

Is it a proof ? Really ?

After all the damage, she is trying to get into good books through her "FRIEND" Arpita THE KHAN lol

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