Alok Nath admitted to groping Navneet Nishan, former co star reveals

Alok Nath's former co-star has shared with a leading daily that Alok Nath himself admitted to molesting Tara co-star Navneet Nishan.
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Vinta Nanda, the writer and producer shared an account of the horror she was faced 19 years ago shocked everyone. Vinta Nanda accused Alok Nath of rape and brutalization in the chilling post. She also shared the emotional trauma and isolation she had to go through for years. Vinta wrote in the post how Alok Nath not only harassed her, but also messed with the lead actress of the show, Navneet Nishan. Navneet seconded Vinta in a media interaction and said that she had slapped him for misbehaving with her on the sets of Tara.

A former co-star of Alok Nath who has been really close to the actor, on condition of anonymity, told Times of India that Alok Nath had himself admitted to molesting Navneet Nishan. The co-actor worked with Alok Nath on another show. The co-actor revealed that Alok Nath seemed guilty about his actions then. The co-actor said, “He was under the influence of alcohol back then and did not know what he was doing “ Alok Nath will reportedly hold a press conference after 2 days.



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“Alok admitted that once they were shooting and he was a little high. He did not know what he was doing and went ahead and groped her. No sooner did he do that, Navneet slapped him and that made Alok get back to his senses. He realized his horrible deed but the damage was already done,” Alok Nath's co-star said. 

Alok Nath in an interaction with ABP News did not deny or accept Vinta's allegations. He said that it (rape) must have happened, but he did not do it. He also claimed that whatever Vinta is today is because of him. Today, Sandhya Mridul and Deepika Amin have also accused Alok Nath of sexual harassment. 


Why was he coming to work drunk?

"He also claimed that whatever Vinta is today is because of him"....yes, she is the tortured one because of him....disgusting man.

Sanskari bane sexkari... lol!

the best reply ever!!!!lol

“Raaz ki baat batayein...” As he once sang in HAHK. Well the “raaz” is disgusting Alok, how could you do this. Can’t watch his Mr Smooth performance in movies ever again.

What a sick man- always played well cultured characters. He’s just sick

So let's put all the alcohol bottles in prison since its their fault...#massiveeyeroll

What a predator lmao sankari sexual predator!

How many times is he going to use the excuse of being drunk? This man obviously has some issues!

ha ha! so it's the alcohol that should stand in proxy for you in court na? nice try....!!

Being drunk is just not a good enough excuse. Men can't keep getting away with such atrocities in the name of alcohol.

if he had realized his horrible deeds..wudnt have let the tv channel take off all their other programmes off air or try his level best that all those who stood against him did not get work.he is a molester,harasser& a tyrant..nothing he says will take that away from him.

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