Amitabh Bachchan cautions his followers about Covid safety in THIS poem

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Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan took to social media on Sunday to share a poem urging his fans and followers to take precaution against coronavirus amid the ongoing pandemic.

Big B took to Twitter to share the poem written in Hindi.

The poem reads: "Suno suno aye duniya walon: yeh virus ghar dhoond raha hai; aur uska ghar hai insaan ke phepre, lungs! Khabardar! Darwazein khidkiyan sab bandh kar do, ghar mein ghusne na do usse! Mask pehno aur duree banaye rakkho dusron se, bhid se, party se! Aur haan, hath-wath dhote rehna barabar! Ok! (Listen Oh residents of the world; this virus is looking for home, and it resides inside human lungs! Beware! Keep all the doors and windows shut and don't let it enter its home! Wear a mask and maintain safe distance from other people, from crowd, and from parties! And yes keep washing your hands repeatedly! Ok!)"

Just a few days ago on National Doctors' Day, Big B had tweeted words of gratitude for doctors for their selfless service especially during the ongoing pandemic.

He wrote: "On National Doctors Day .. salutations and great pride for the Doctors of India, IMA who have fought and continue the fight against this dreaded virus, selflessly at great personal risk .. in the service of the Country and humanity."

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