Amitabh Bachchan: NO woman should ever be subjected to any kind of misbehaviour

Amitabh Bachchan who turns 76 today, in an interview opened up about sexual harassment at workplace amidst the MeToo movement gaining pace in India. Read on.
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With the MeToo movement gaining pace in India, many Bollywood celebs have come out to share their horrific experience of sexual harassment on the social media. With names of Alok Nath, Rajat Kapoor, Vikas Bahl, Chetan Bhagat, Rohit Roy, among others coming to the light for their involvement in the heinous crimes, many have been questioning the recourse in place to make sure sexual harassment at workplace is dealt with sternly. Last evening we saw Aamir Khan issuing a statement wherein he announced he won't be producing Mogul any longer since one of the member Subhash Kapoor has been alleged of sexual harassment. 

Now, Amitabh Bachchan who turns 76 today, in an interview opened up about sexual harassment at workplace and said, "No woman should ever be subjected to any kind of misbehaviour, or disorderly conduct ; especially at her work place. Such acts should immediately be brought to the notice of concerned authorities, and corrective measures be taken, either through filing complaints or a recourse to law. Discipline and civic, social and moral curriculums, should be adopted at a very early educational level."

He added, "Women children and the weaker sections of our society are the most vulnerable. They need to be under special protective care. It has been most heartening to see women representations in most work vocations, on the increase in our country. It would be an unrepairable blemish if we are not able to provide them the welcome they deserve and the dignity of the security of their presence."


The guy who checks which side the river is flowing before plunging into. Let's boycott him for what he said about Tanushree incident, and more importantly for him being the biggest hypocrite of India.

Tell him to ask sayali bhagat what she felt when she accused him.

Thanks but no thanks AB. Go back to figuring out which side your bread is buttered.

You are the Original Candidate for the me too movement and the world is waiting for a girl to come out that you preyed on. No respect!! Praying that you get exposed soon.. I Would stop believing in karma otherwise..

You should have kept quiet this is so contrived. You care about women in the workplace yet your wife took had to stop doing films to stroke your colossal ego? You'd rather distance yourself from your successful daughter in law and make a grand show of your affections for your unsuccessful daughter who is unsuccessful because you refused to educate her, married her off early to a man who is reportedly gay. And you do all this for IMAGE. You have nothing positive to contribute to this discourse, this entire statement is dishonest. I pray that Deepika Padukone comes out against you, being an A-lister that will give strength to the other women you have harassed. You were scum in your youth and it remained unchecked, not for much longer. Yash Raj has been touched, Sajid Khan has been touched, women are finally outing the Big Fish and Jalsa houses the whale.

Oh Bachchan shut the hell up and stay home.
Your days have passed, your not a saint yourself are you?
Inciting the Sikh massacre of 1984?
No time or respect for the likes of you.
Hope the skeletons in your closet come out soon.
Dirty old perv.

Mr. big B------ Judgement days nearing. You ruled Bollywood, intimidated many young, new actors, had numerous affairs ( You are married with children), now you are old and running out of gas and talking non sense. Pl stop preaching.

Yes sir---- you are exception. You are the poster boy

Come on guys cut him some slack. He didn't want to comment at that time and it was in bad taste. He is saying something powerful now, why criticize him for that?

Die and die soon yu old prick.may you never rest in peace for what you did to parveen babi others who did not even have a name like jiah khan

some tabloids have reported that bachan had harassed amrita singh,sayali bhagat,deepika padukone [aleegedly]

Fake as ever...he should have said "i'm neither a woman nor was I sexually harassed."

He wrote this because he was asked to,it is not from his heart..

Useless old bastard who did everything in his youth ;drove Parveen Babi to craziness

Stop it.. Parveen BAbi was ill. you cannot balme one person for triggering someone's pyschotic breakdown. She was paranoid and she was aware he was married..

He could have started this way too early when he was asked the question! He follows the herd when no one cares for his opinion anymore

Women children and the weaker sections of our society are the most vulnerable. They need to be under special protective care.-----------> WTF? Isn't this man considered to be well spoken and eloquent and what not? What does that mean? Mr. B, we don't need any special protection, just don't prey on us. And we are much much stronger than you, all those women who spoke up are much stronger than you, who hides behind the facade of a good family man with his past deeds lurking behind him. I thought you didn't speak unless you were either the accused or the accuser. What happened?

whether you like it or not, based on international data, women and kids are 'considered' weak and hence all the things done against them. He is just stating facts. For people calling him names for his young days, it's a all rumor. Unless something comes out in open, judging someone based on masala magazines are so uncalled for.

mr bacchan you have already dissapointed most of us by your frivoulous statement about not knowing tanu or have lost countless fans.just dont have the same respect for you as i did before you spoke such dumb words.

Cut the crap old man, everyone knows that you intimidated women and had multiple affairs while still being married. Stop talking like you are holier than thou. We all see how you are hurt when your bahu is praised and you show partiality by not writing about her hard work be it her film releases or awards but you keep blowing the trumpet about your talentless daughter who left her husband to live with you

Well Said

Well Said

his statement now does not hold any value.

What about Sayali Bhagat, Mr. B?

also deepika padukone,amrita singh

Says someone who misbehaved with Sayali bhagat on stage! Tharki budda, he might turn into bill Cosby of india

What happened to the Sayali Bhagat incident... Any thoughts on that?! Or did you just become the BUTT of all jokes

You have ruined so many lives .Have some shame.

Oh look, finally someone saw the news. Too little too late Mr. Bachchan, if you had said this when asked about Tanushree, you would get brownie points. Now jumping on the bandwagon is not going to help. We know you're scared, whether anything comes out or not. Save your breath.

What a 360 degree turn Mr B !
Lost all respect for him after he said nothing and now chimes in when no one cares what he thinks! This movement is bigger than Big B so move aside #timesup

Look who is talking...

He’s only saying this now since the movement has picked up momentum. What happened to ‘I’m not Tanushree Dutta nor am I Nana Patekar’ Such an irresponsible remark. It’s very easy to make lofty movies like Pink and talk about women’s rights but when something actually happens in his backyard he refuses to take a stand. At his position of power he should be setting the tone at the top and sending a strong message down the line. Instead he stays quiet and makes stupid comments. Grow a pair Mr. Bachchan

Okay Amit you were a predator and used to threaten the women you harassed.

I appreciate the sentiment, Big B, but you're not quite the saint either.

You are a God of acting and always true to it, even when it is not the order of the day, how pathetic !!!

Look who is talking!

Hypocrisy at its best. If Tanushree - nana episode had died a quiet death Big B would have nothing to say. Now that this movement reaches epic proportions he has an opinion. Whatever happened to I am not Tanushree , nor am I Nana? I am Big B , some one that will never take a stand unless it suits him or his film release.

True , See Arnab Goswami's interview with Tanushree .. he kept on emphasizing that the bigwigs of Bollywood are mum on this ...he directly took a jibe that they do all kinds of women uplifting films ... And they have nothing to say? I think he watched that interview...

HE is saying this....?

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