Amitabh Bachchan on NOT celebrating his birthday: After 75 years, you run away from it all

Amitabh Bachchan, in his blog, tells why he chose not to celebrate his birthday in a grand style.
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Amitabh Bachchan or call him the Shahenshah of Bollywood chose to celebrate his birthday with his family rather than  throwing a grand party for his B-Town friends. Expressing why he chose to do so, he wrote in his blog, "After 75 years, you run away from it all .. there is apprehension and embarrassment of celebration .. of what expression to be worn and where .. to what must there be celebration of gift .. and the list of guests to be in proper shades of etiquette .. the care and hospitality, the personal touch of host formality, the … Many objects and lists and meetings later .. it merely succumbs to the ultimate argument .. all this for getting a year closer to the final closure."
He went on to add, "And today as I sit by myself in elated company of the near and the dear .. listen and read and get enveloped by the reams of praise and effects that my presence has supposedly created .. there is fear .. A fear of losing myself." 
He also wrote, "October 11 .. for years and years this date has remained with me at endless moments .. its description its presence its significance, valued and absorbed through 75 years of existence, brought great expectation and prize .. as the young we waited for the moment to arrive to wear those newly stitched clothing, that special attention, the special food and by the end of the day that party where the birthday boy would walk up to his invited guests and ask : what present have you brought for me ..? It was the ultimate innocence of those childhood years."
As per the report in a leading website; it had taken Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Shweta Nanda a long time to finalise the itinerary of his birthday celebrations. The trio had arranged for some crackers and a huge cake to be cut, sharp at midnight. And all of this had been kept a secret from the superstar.


Subse badaaz hai ye tharki buddah.

all his party sponcers like Gandhis, Yadavs, Amar Singhs and ADAmbani having cash crunch it seems.

Not celebrating? Foreign vacation, beach party with family, cake cutting, fireworks ....that's more party than any regular person gets.

Sad. I hope he lives until a 100 or more and still be healthy

After coming back anyways there will b a BIG Diwali celebration...

Big B tweeted/posted on FB that they won't throw a big Diwali celebration party this year.

I agree with Mr. Bachchan. These Bollywood birthday parties are just a show-off.

Yes, but he and his family are a big show-off. I'm sure the reason is something else. Trouble in paradise, maybe.

Amitabh already said that some people will speculate, but that doesn't make their imagination true.

Ok but this insane pattern of defending/trolling makes people even more convinced that the speculation is true


What's dramabazz in not celebrating in a grand way???

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