Amitabh Bachchan: The true actor of our is family is my daughter Shweta Bachchan

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan, who has shared screen space with his daughter Shweta for an ad, feels he is incapable of giving advice.
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Megastar Amitabh Bachchan, who has shared screen space with his daughter Shweta for an ad, feels he is incapable of giving advice. 

Shweta will be seen in a jewellery ad with her father. She is making her on-screen debut with the latest jewellery ad campaign. 

Did he give her any advice to face the camera? 

Amitabh said in a statement: "When we are in front of the camera enacting a particular scene, then we are in a character. Just like with any other artiste on the set, you want to exchange views and points or sometimes just like keep telling her... She is facing the camera for the first time so I can say a few things to make her feel comfortable or an advice. I don't know whether she has taken some advice. I am incapable of giving advice." 

The 75-year-old actor says Shweta was very comfortable in front of the camera. 

He feels that while the family has four actors -- including wife Jaya, son Abhishek and daughter Aishwarya Rai Bachchan -- "the true actress is Shweta". 

"I know she won't admit it but she is very good. She does fantastic mimicry. Anywhere we go, some incident happens, she will mimic everybody exactly to the point. She is a good actress," he added. 

Does Shweta plan to explore a career in acting? 

"No. I don't plan on taking acting as a career... It's not a career. The only reason I am doing this is for Kalyan Jewellers. I think most women enjoy wearing jewellery and as a designer, I also enjoy the process of designing it... and I enjoyed myself on the sets. It was great spending an entire day with my father."  

Amitabh is very proud of Shweta, who is also coming out with her book "Paradise Towers". 

"I have been reading her columns. She has a very natural flare of writing. Now, she has written an entire book which I am yet to read... I am very proud of the fact that she is writing because then it's a hereditary continuation from my father to her. I feel very proud of her. I wish she continues to write," said the actor. 

"Paradise Towers" is entirely fiction. It's about a building in Bombay and the story revolves around the lives of people who live in this building. 


Did she just say acting is not a career? Is that a dig at Ash..

Yes, her best performance is pretending she's still married to Nikhil Nanda and not in a relationship with hr.


seriously now have to put up with Shweta as well.

if that's true, why did you and jaya marry her off so young to the first stinking rich guy you could land? now he is not giving her enough money so you are trying to land her newspaper columns as if she is a writer (LOL) and other nepokid "work".

I guess theres no nanda in her name anymore.

There's some Vogue thing she wrote of the reasons why she moved back. But I think AB senior I think is just making up to the time lost...her getting married early, stayhome mom, different city etc.

Height of nepotism

Hadd ho gayi yaar

Yes kareena is truly lucky when it comes to husband and in-laws. They have never put restrictions on her(can tell by her career choices and the way she lives her life) and sharmilaji treats her like her daughter. Bebo gets along with both her sis in-laws,they are always spending time together and going on vacations and now that soha also has a child their is no jealousy between them infact kareena was also seen doting on soha daughter.bebo is in Delhi promoting vdw and like every day taimur went to spend time with his nani babitaji at her home. This time soha sis baught inaaya too(that too in bebo absence) to play with her cousin which shows their close relationship. Kareena truly loves and respects her in laws because of which she also receives it back too. She is truly blessed.


I wish he would stop overcompensating for her late career-start but lavishing such excessive praise on her. Truth is Abhishek is a damn good actor. It upsets me that Big B doesn't praise Abhi more.

Suzanne, Guari, Shweta... arw all "designers"...i get it *rollseyes

Is she divorced? Does anyone know? I feel for Aish though, it is hard to have your sister-in-law poking around the house, different rules for daughters and daughter-in-laws all together. But I am shocked to see that a family like this, who have money, world-view, knowledge would make it so obvious that Aish is the outsider. From a regular person perspective (sitting in my Vancouver office and passing opinions) it seems like they would have only praised her if she behaves like THEIR idea of how a D-I-L should behave. That school of thought is soooo archaic. Look at Kareena's in-laws or Sonam's in-laws, they seem relaxed. I don't know these people yet I can sense the tension between them. There is definitely something wrong no matter what they say. So sad, I wish aish would just leave him. Then these 4, shweta, ab, jaya and sen bachan can live happily together! They seem like really mean people and it seems worse since this useless socialite woman has moved in with them.

Karisma must be thanking her lucky stars

Lol, Jaya B is one of the most talented actresses we have had, Aish is an accomplished star and even his son has performed well in movies like Guru, but of course, his daughter who has not done any acting is the best actor.

It's just his way of encouraging her,so take a chill pill.

We all know how talented she is, Her husband & Aishwarya have experienced her talents first hand.

Lol! How? What's the scoop?

Sweta is looking very very beautiful. She should be a actress instead of AB Jr.

When it comes to inlaws Kareena got lucky. Bachchans are turning out to be like those typical inlaws who corner their bahu. Ash also could be at fault but she should have known better what is she marrying into. A man who if moves out of his daddy's house will lose his only identity.

Mimicry toh comedians bhi karte hai jaise Raju Srivatsav. Sonu Nigam bhi mimicry karte hain par great actor toh nahi hain dono.


Okay! Promoting her daughter!

Yeah because none of you'll can act

Enough of this BS

bechara abhi, ash..

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