Amitabh Bachchan's son Abhishek Bachchan is a product of dynastic legacy, says Congress VP Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi mentioned Abhishek Bachchan’s name while talking about dynastic legacy abroad, says it has been a long lasting problem in India.

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi is currently in Berkeley for a two-week tour to the US. While addressing students at the University of California, he answered several questions including the accusations made against him for being a dynast

Reacting to it, Rahul, who is the son of Congress President Sonia Gandhi, said, “Most of the country runs like this. That's how India works."

He further went on to list several leaders and prominent names from our country who were born into famous families. This included the name of Abhishek Bachchan, who is well known to be the son of Megastar Amitabh Bachchan. "Dynastic politics is a problem in all political parties. Akhilesh (Yadav), (MK) Stalin (son of M Karunanidhi in DMK), Abhishek Bachchan (son of Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan) -- are all examples of dynastic legacy, also (Mukesh and Anil) Ambani (son of Dhirubhai Ambani), that's how the entire country is running," the Congress VP said. 

Union Minister Smriti Irani reacted sharply to RG’s remark and called him a "failed dynast".

Fielding her words against Rahul, Irani said, "Appalling to hear him say 'dynast run everything in India' when asked about dynastic politics. He seems to have forgotten that in the Independent India, there are many citizens who have contributed in different walks of life, but they do not have any political legacy. The Prime Minister himself is a man who has risen from a humble background, as have the President and the Vice President.”

At the time when nepotism has become the hottest topic around, this comment by Rahul Gandhi has opened a new window for a fresh debate. 

Credits: ANI

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After seeing Abhishek in KBC...for once,.I believed Rahul .....I think KBC is financed by The Bachchans....

Lol..u would believe anything bad about the Bachchans.

he sounds embarrassing tbh, can't believe he's out there on such a public platform spouting nonsense

Let's see now. Two talentless, obscenely overrated nothings, Rahwful and Abysmalshek, riding on the coattails of their family members who were also nothing special and obscenely overrated...I guess that is a dynasty.

Abhishek is still more talented than Rahul and more independently successful than Rahul.

Abishek should be happy that someone even mentioned his name. LOL

You know you have a lousy credential when you have to hide behind a failed bollywood actor. The worst outcome from Abhishek could be a bunch of flop movies. A billion + lives would be in limbo if Rahul were to be PM. Even if we were to compare the two of these, Abhiskey at least is a decent actor and has few hits to his credit. Can't say the same about this pathetic excuse for a politician.

Did u see the KBC ad .....desperate Bachchans are all out to show they are better than Gandhis......we all know you all are the same....

Amitabh alone is more talented and have contributed more to the nation that the whole of Nehru-Gandhi family put together. All they have done is created a dynasty to loot for centuries to come.

They don't have to show anything.. Everyone knows Bachchans are way better than Gandhis.

Both AB and RG has the same origin! not surprised

I am fed up of him continuously criticising Mr Modi for anything and everything who is restlessly and sincerely trying to bring a positive change in people's lives. All these years Congress ruled this country couldn't make or create the things they are criticising Mr Modi for not doing (whatever it is) and expects him to change in 2 years, first let him clear the mess, give the same 70 years to Mr Modi and then see the change and guys isn't it amazing that to NOT read about scams every second day in the news paper

kuttay bhukatay hai and haathi nikal jaataa hai! its good to be rich and sometimes you are born to a rich family... completely not in your hands... so why be jealous ? rahul and abhi - both born in rich and famous family.. is it their fault or its your fault that you didn't born in a rich and famous family ?

Clearly, your parents either could not afford to or did not want to send you to a good school.

clearly , you are one of those who work like dogs in a cubical just because they are poor. hahha

btw , I am blessed with a wealthy parents and i choose to not indulge in grammar ;)

hahha .. i can only laugh at you . you smell poor!

If Rahul Gandhi was invited to the Apple event, he would blame PM Modi for the missing part in the apple.

So true, Mr Modi is blamed for every damn thing. Sometimes it scares me that if these people cannot differentiate between what's right and what's wrong, don't think before they speak how can I give my vote to them. So many scams happened, never took the responsibility and accepted their mistake and punished those people and expects us to listen to sorry actually why the hell should I say sorry.......For my country my vote goes for Mr Modi, sir I fully support your efforts .....GOD bless India and wish you win again

What Gandhis are to politics, Kapoors are to film industry. Both families are uneducated and good for nothing. Just living off their forefathers family name and thinking that the public love what they do. Please smell coffee and understand that we don't want Gandhis and Kapoors. We want fresh passionate and talented individuals in politics and films. Rahul Gandhi and Rishi Kapoor should do us a favor and go on a holiday to Europe and never come back.

Ha ha ha, pappu Rahul irked oldie Rishi Kapoor and he is now drunk and tweeting like the Kapoors are the flag bearers of art and oscar worthy films of India. Lol, one pappu was not enough that now Rishi is also showing how uneducated and foolish he is.

Just when you think Rahul Gandhi cannot be any dumber!! he literally is high off something he doesn't make sense at all! Fool!

Leave Abhishek alone, I like him as a human. At least he did not loot our country and is not poking his nose in others business. Rahul Gandhi has a brain which is under developed and doesn't even know what he talks. He can't comprehend even one sentence properly, and he thinks people will vote for such a cartoon to be the PM of this large country. How sad that his mother and his script writers don't do anything to make him look better.

The nepotism is the problem,because it's increases the number of talentless people's in any fields,the true talent is ignored,thus, result in inferior products,in the form of artists, politicans, businessmen and women ! Everyone should get in line, for their positions, let the best people win!

Reservation is a much bigger problem than nepotism.

Rahul should be the last person taking digs at others when it comes to dynasty politics and specially when he has no education, experience, qualification or passion towards India.

One failed in Bollywood the other in politics

Atleast he is a good actor.. Being successful dies not mean everything. See Sushmita Sen, Kara Dutt for example

Its true about one would give him a second glance. He is better off with kabadi

will take nepotism in cinema anyday than in politics. at the end of the day politicians rule the country. cinema is just timepass.

Is this a joke? Abhisek's "dynasty" is only one generation deep, his father made it through sheer force of his talent and personality and then his children, grandchildren are basking in that glory. Rahul's dynasty spans many generations, at least two centuries, starting from Motilal Nehru (his great-great grandpa and supremely rich mega lawyer), Jawaharlal Nehru (his great grandpa, 1st Pm of India, founder of Congress party), Mahatma Gandhi (poor Bapu, the Nehru family kinda forced his hand in adopting Feroz "Gandhi", so that Indira could marry him), Indira Gandhi (his grandma, another PM), Rajiv Gandhi (his dad, another PM), Sonia Gandhi (his mom, Congress PM puppet string holder and true power center in the Congress party). Nehru-(fake) Gandhi family is the true and longest lingering dynasty of modern India. The real Gandhi family, biological descendants of Mahatma Gandhi are no where in spotlight.

Totally agree. Jawahar Lal Nehru and family were muslims but faked that they were Hindus to get votes. Just like how they got Indira's family to take the Gandhi surname when it had nothing to do with any of them by family, genes, biology or adoption. Biggest hypocrites of Indian history are Congress dynasty uneducated families. Nehru had so many affairs and even with the British women. None of them are educated, be it Indira, Rajiv, Sonia, Rahul, in spite of having access to the best universities all they did is while time there and fail in exams. Sonia an Italian controlled the puppet Manmohan and once again we had foreigners ruling us. Rahul the lesser said the better. Actually let Rahul keep proving his stupidity for many years and it will help BJP stay in power as the opposition is so weak with one over grow 47 year old YOUTH leader. LOL. It is a shame that Nehrus and Gandhis wanted power and fame so they did not let the real freedom heroes shine, like Bhagat Singh, Netaji, Tilak, Pal and others.

100% agreed! They realized so early on that they had to sell the "Gandhi" name! BIG propaganda.

What does he smoke before his public meeting he's useless i dont think people take him seriously

AB junior is a wonderful guy. My whole family loves him! Please keep him out of controversial messe

Aren't they friends ?

Gandhis and Bachchans were friends many years ago, not anymore. Sonia and her children hold grudges against the Bachchans. Uneducated and fit for nothing Gandhi family is shameless to take names of others and poke fun when they themselves and good for nothing. At least Abhishek is doing what he likes, by having sports teams and standing by his family. What does this pappu Rahul do other than showing his ignorance and stupidity at National and International forums.

The fall out came bcos of the Bofors issue & AB's aborted political career where the Bachchans felt the Gandhis did not /would not support them . Thought they all made up at Naina Bachchan's wedding to Kunal Kapoor. On Rahul Gandhi , he's unfit for politics .

This man is bigger joker than krk why does congress still insist on pushing him

He doesn't even know what examples to give.

Rahul Gandhi himself belongs to a dynasty.. So can we say that he understands that he is a problem? No reason to drag Abhishek in this comment..

He is a failed dynast politician like Abhishek is a failed dynast actor so it's a good comparison though, Ultimately it is work that sustains be it in any field

Hahaha..!! Someone bring me some popcorn !!

Now KKK will say Nepotism is overrated..for every Rahul Gandhi, we have a Narendra Modi lmao PV plz post

U bebo hater..dnt drag kareena here.


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