Angelina Jolie not interested in dating just yet, contrary to Brad Pitt's flirtatious attitude

Recently, Brad Pitt was rumoured to be flirting with a woman by using his real name William and has been linked with many actresses. On the other hand, estranged wife Angelina Jolie is not interested in dating anyone for a long time.
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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's split in 2016 is still talked about given the circumstances of their split and also for the fact that Brangelina was considered as Hollywood royalty in every sense of the word. 
Angelina has had her fair share of rumoured link-ups, whether it be making Drake her toy boy or getting serious with Cambodian lyricist and filmmaker PraCh Ly. However, as of now, Angelina is very much single and not interested in dating, according to a leading US-based entertainment magazine. She is also just friends with PraCh Ly and admires his work but is not dating him
A source revealed to the magazine, "She isn’t dating anyone and won’t be for a very long time. She is focused on her children and their needs." 
The actress is focusing all her energy on her 6 children; Maddox (16) Pax (14) Zahara (13) Shiloh (11) twins Knox and Vivienne (9), and their well-being.
On the contrary, recently, it was reported that Brad had flirted with a woman while on a coffee run.
According to a leading US-based gossip magazine, a source informed that Brad while looking handsome as ever in a leather jacket, jeans and sunglasses arrived at the coffee shop in a motorcycle. That is where the woman in question (attractive Kate Bosworth lookalike who was overly bubbly) was spotted by the actor.
The conversation went a little like this: The woman said, "I’m Lydia," to which Brad put out his hand and surprisingly responded, "Hi, I’m William." 
"Oh, you look like a Bradley," Lydia quipped and to this, Brad quipped back "Well, that’s my middle name," with a wink and smile in tow. A flushed Lydia replied, "Nice to meet you, Bradley … I mean William," which made Brad laugh to himself and he left on his bike. 
Brad has also been linked to Kate Hudson and Sienna Miller post his split with Angelina.


Aishwarya Rai is much better looking than Angelina skeleton yet people of India don't ever cut her a break. not fair.

Imagine if it was Angelina who left her 6 kids with Brad and went around dating man to man. The world would have torn her apart. Men get a free pass on everything.

May be this break up affected her a lot, she does not look very healthy, rather sad and unhappy.. Hope she find peace soon.

She is not that wild girl anymore. She is a caring and elegant mom, media should respect her and her children

I think her health playing a big part in this...maybe she lost her desire or her confidence...

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