Anil Kapoor's son Harshvardhan is Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra's 'Mirza'

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Few weeks back it was reported that Sonam Kapoor will assay Sahiba in Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra's 'Mirza Sahiba'. However TOI reported today that Sonam Kapoor's brother Harshvardhan Kapoor will be seen playing the lead role of Mirza in the movie.

It has also been reported that Sonam and Waheeda Rehman have already been roped in for some meaty roles in the movie. The hunt for a heroine to play Sahiba is still on. Shoot will begin in 2014.

Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra confirmed this - "We needed a fresh face and I liked Harsh, as he has the fierce intensity of a lover in him, combined with an innocent softness in his eyes.Mirza Sahiba is a subject close to my heart. Gulzar bhai started writing it three years ago. In fact, the draft was ready even before Bhaag Milkha Bhaag went on floors. It's a unique love tragedy based on folklore which has been given a contemporary touch."

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Wed, 2013-07-31 12:12 — Anonymous
Anonymous's picture
Wow Mirza-sahiba in bolly excited.already waiting for it.this is the only punjabi love story left unknown to world.

Mirza-Sahiban isn't a Punjabi folklore, it's a Sindhi.

Def. Sk for sure should be te heroine. I one to se more of my girl. Hope they considering her, could possibly be good for this kid starting career as well.

Don't blame me but I don't find him good looking at all

Chalo another star son with no talent will earn lots of money and fame , and they deserving ones will be called strugglers :(

I wonder if Anil Kapoor is financing this...

Hope he's a better actor than his sister.

God surely blessed his family with good looks.

Wow Mirza-sahiba in bolly excited.already waiting for it.this is the only punjabi love story left unknown to world.

Shraddha Kapoor please! they'd look so good together

From the director of rang de and BMB , handsome boy great director . Massive launch

shraddha kapoor should be the other lead, shes looks good with any male actor and also makes them look good

dying to see Harsh on the big screen , hes hot

alia bhatt will look gr8t with as they ages are close
20 and 21

Lets see if he can impress us. I don't dislike it when star kids like Hrithik or Ranbir are actually doing well and knows how to act, I dislike it when some star kids do not know the A of Acting and still exists in BW and keeps getting chances over and over again to "improve themselves."

Shraddha Kapoor for the lead actress please.

Sadly real talented people never get a chance, this is filmy family business..

Mirza was just made with Gippy Grewal in it..and it was awesome. Im surprised he's making that movie when it was just released a year ago

Sonam was never doing this film, she and Rakeysh confirmed that she's doing his other film, a mythological thriller which will probably release after this.

ok ppl r up in arms about how bwood is run by families - yes to some extent e.g. abhishek bachchan got many films because of whose son he is, but i think now he gets them form certain ppl wanting a certain type of actor

these kids r around producers/directors in some way or other, polished, good looking and lets face it the audience do want to look at these ppl as well - ooh this is so n so's son/daughter, being someones kid they will get films offered as USP and maybe even getting an automatic producer out it as well e.g. uday chopra but soon they will realise no one wants to c them, and its only the talented ones that r left still making movies eg. kareena, ranbir, parineeti, farhan, hrithik etc etc

what we need to be more up in arms about is the role of female actors is still ridiculous and how some actresses e.g. katrina and sonakshi are bringing back the days of looking pretty n song dance actresses, while others e/g/ masti girls are bringing back the days of sexual objects only, while the men do the actual acting!

Alia Bhatt and him will look good g
To gather

Wed, 2013-07-31 03:18 — Anonymous
Anonymous's picture
sonam can still play sahiba. so what if he's her bro. it's only acting.
eww, come on!! have some boundaries!

Thought Sonam was playing Sahiban?! And so tired of nepotism. It's become a joke

Finally a good looking leading man

Ummm what exactly is talent for you bollywood folks smh


He is cute.

He is my fav actor already! Would love to see him pair up with my fav actress Vidya Balan soon..

sonam can still play sahiba. so what if he's her bro. it's only acting.

what character would sonam play in the movie with Harsh being the lead?

he is way too young to bring any sort of gravitas.

Bollywood has become like a family run mafia....seriously who are these guys kidding!! Family name and not talent seems to be the catch word and in the bargain we audiences get sub standard people since no new genuine talent is encouraged. Disgusting

has potential but doubt hell mk it grt !! we will see i guess but good sharp features - susan

Oh for god's sake...not another well connected kid. Filmmakers of India...hold auditions!

and he said he doesn't want to use his father's name! yeah you got the film based on your 'talent' indeed!!!!! ROFL

he's only 21 and an AD right now... this film wont be made in a couple years! Harsh is cute though!

I like the first pic with the beard look. Hope he keeps that. He can totally be a "Mirza". I also like him lean and not chunky. Looking forward to see his talent.

Wonder why filmmakers always see some talent in star kids but not in others who has talent but never get opportunity

Please make this deluge of star kids in BW stop. It's high time we start getting excited about a debut by a "relative unknown". The pun is intended.

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