Ankita Lokhande and boyfriend Vicky Jain to reportedly tie the knot this year, purchase 8 BHK flat

A video of the two lovers dancing and kissing at recent wedding party made news and there was no hiding that the couple are very much in love. Looks like they are all ready to take the next step.
News,Ankita Lokhande,Vicky JainAnkita had admitted that she is 'in love' and dating businessman Vicky Jain.
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Television actress and now a movie star, Ankita Lokhande made news early this year for her rock solid performance in Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi which saw Kangana Ranaut in the lead role. Ankita, who won hearts with her show Pavitra Rishta, has more often than not kept her personal life private after her relationship with Sushant Singh Rajput went kaput in the public eye. However, the actress has often been spotted spending time with Vicky Jain.

A video of the two lovers dancing and kissing at a recent wedding party made news and there was no hiding that the couple are very much in love. Ankita had also admitted earlier that she is 'in love' and dating Vicky Jain. Rumours of Ankita getting hitched with Vicky have been doing the rounds for quite sometime. 

Now, as per a latest report in an entertainment portal, the couple are planning to get married soon. Turns out, the couple have also taken a big step and purchased a sprawling 8 BHK in Mumbai's suburbs. A source told Bollywood Bubble, "Ankita is planning to settle down because she’s in the happiest phase of her life with Vicky. They are deciding on a particular date for the big wedding but sometime around December this year or January 2019 is what they are looking at."

The source also added, “Both of them have bought a 8 BHK in the suburbs. The apartment is getting ready and the lovebirds will move into their nest soon after they get married. Both the families are also happy with their union." Vicky is a Bilaspur-based businessman and we guess congratulations will soon be in order for the much-in love couple.  

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Its very very painful for a woman to break her relationship after 6 years. I'm a woman & I know. I'm the biggest fan of Sushant on this planet but I think Sushant dumped Ankita. Ankita is trying to pick the scattered bits of her life & if we can't help her, we should leave her alone.

Ur right pple shud mind eir own business instead of harassing her ND let her enjoy her lyf nd stay 4rever nd ever

Yes ur right dats not our business just leave her ND let her enjoy her lyf ND stay happy forever nd ever.

Ankita ??? Who ??? Vicky Jain ??? Who ??? A nobody loves another nobody and it's in news which is nobody's business.

Go on gal enjoy every bit o ur lyfe ND stay happy always in whatever circumstances it's just keep ur self happy ND just know one thing dat Allah is always with u ND He will always bless u .And ur happiness is our happiness allow de best ND gud luck in your new life.

Of course he will get some bt plz leave ankita alone ND stop harassing her for dat past 6yrs breakup bse neither of them ever come out in public ND talk at their breakup ND I know one thing she tried her best to make her relationship work bt Mr sushant is de one who confirm his split w her ND she is happy ND no need to harass heron dat so guyz get lyfe she is happy ND u clean ur heart w happiness as she did ND evn she Neva come out personally ND speak ill at him bt just media exaggeration as u say at ssr so plz stop ur harassment

I am allowed to speak my mind. Ankita doesn't own this page. And she has insulted Sushant on her social media page several times. Just because you are extremely ignorant of her true colors doesn't give you the right to shamelessly lie to cover up her mistakes. She messed up she couldn't say sorry and correct her mistakes. Sushant's conscience has always been clear Ankita's hasn't. That's why she retweeted somw1's comments last year about kicking his ass and Sushant ke muh pe maat. She has always insisted him not just after the breakup but even before. She deserves to be criticized and you are no1 to tell me I can't

ND so what do u gain in harassing her leave her she had enough ND if she doesn't react back ND dis means she choose to stay quit ND doesn't mean she didn't know or notes ur hatred message to and she doesn't care ,she's immune to both gud ND bad comment s which is ok .And kriti was frd of sushant evn be4 his break up w Anky ND after dat 1 month o his breakup he ND her started dating ,how did u know dat may evn sushant was cheating at her ND no one will gve dat man 6yrs long relationship a she did so stop ur nonsense ND plz stop harassing her ND get life she has moved on ND sushant did da same which is gud plz stop harassing her .

Ankita herself said he never cheated. She effed up but was too arrogant to acknowledge her mistakes. Sushant did not start dating Kriti after 1 month. Those are lies created by media. It was several months later. And no woman will give 6 years of her life to him??? What exactly has your Ankita accomplished that makes her better than Sushant? She was a parasite on him. She herself admitted in a Spotboye interview she got Manikarnika because of a producer she met through Sushant without any audition. Ankita was always a ghaathi. I hope for her and her fans sake this guy doesn't run away as well lol

Sushant did not start dating after 1 month of his breakup. It happened many months later. Ankita herself said he never cheated. That's why she lied about the breakup news trying to trap Sushant but it did not work for her.

Ohhhh if u talk of ankytaking dig to Mr sushant evn him take dig at her calling her sugar man won't u early......ND nt only dat he did it's may tym then what do u want her to do ?,to react back so plz stop harassing her ND leave her alone she is happy which is gud ND if sushant his 2yrs relationship with sanon notwork dats his problem to so plz stop ur hatred towards her ND u pple ur jelousy of her ND she will always be happy ND mark mi wards ND Allah w her everywhere.

He didn't date Kriti immediately after Ankita. It happened several months later. And don't worry he will get married to some1 a billion times better and accomplished than Ankita. I know he did not cheat for sure because Ankita herself proved it by saying on multiple occasions he did not cheat and lying about the breakup news first trying to trap him. Why would any woman be desperate for a cheater???

How does any1 know for sure she did not cheat on Sushant with this guy? Maybe that's why Sushant left forever. That first picture of Ankita anf Vicky is from December 2014 on Vicky's Instagram page. Also no need to bring up Kriti. Ankita deserves to be exposed for her lies, hypocrisy and ghaathi behaviour

I stopped reading after the first line cuz I realized you just want to bark. Nothing else. Can't expect anything sensible or intelligent from Ankita fans who can't handle the lies and fakeness of their idol being exposed.

HI guys plz stop judging some one bse of his or her past what's wrong iffy she is happy with her bbf plz stop harassing her in her past 3 yrs break up ND an ways it's over ND ur he nothing ti do w dat.Android I pray to Allah dat she will always be happy

You seem to forget that this is an open platform just like our democratic country and people have every right to say what they honestly feel, not just to flatter you and say exactly east you want to hear like a robot.

Oh really already forgot the hundreds of times Ankita took digs at Sushant even on her social media. Ankita and her fans are such pathetic hypocrites.

Sushant was too good for this user .She is so cheap

she is so below average .Wonder how these people get roles in TV and movies

8 bhk i didnt know few tv shows can make u earn so much money

Thank this attention seeker will hopefully stop milking her 3 year old break up in the name of sympathy

The top picture was taken when she was with Sushant. She knew this guy long back. Quite cozy to someone for a girl who was with Sushant at that time. And people were pointing fingers at Sushant and Kriti. Sushant was right about her being a hypocrite. She has zero interest and passion for acting and just want to enjoy the luxuries of her man's hard work like a free loader. Good riddance. Sushant must be relieved.

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