Ankita Lokhande reveals Sushant Singh Rajput's sister Rani had told her 'I am losing my brother'

Ankita Lokhande also revealed that she and Sushant Singh Rajput were not in touch for the last four years, but she shared a good bond with his sisters.
News,Sushant Singh Rajput,Ankita LokhandeAnkita Lokhande reveals Sushant Singh Rajput's sister Rani had told her 'I am losing my brother'

Ankita Lokhande is speaking out for the first time since the demise of her ex-boyfriend Sushant Singh Rajput and has made some shocking revelations. The actress spoke to Republic TV and debunked the depression theory. She had also revealed that Sushant had made a diary for his five-year plan and achieved all those things. Now, Ankita has also revealed that she had spoken to Sushant's eldest sister Rani in November 2019 and she was worried for the late actor.  

“I really have a very good bond with all of the sisters, and daddy,” Ankita told Republic TV. The actress said that Rani had gone to meet Sushant around November 2019 when he was reportedly down with dengue and asked him to come with her. While Sushant was ready initially, he backed out at the last moment and did not give a reason. 

Ankita revealed, "She (Rani) said ‘I felt some kind of pressure on him'. Because Sushant never used to go against Rani di. After his mother, Rani di was the only one whom everybody listened to. I was shocked to know this, because in the entire time that we were together, it hadn’t happened even once that Sushant went against Rani di.”

Ankita further added that Sushant’s sister told her, “Mera bhai kho raha hai (I am losing my brother)." But since Ankita was completely out of Sushant's life, she only consoled Rani and told her to give the late actor some time. 

"Rani di was worried if there is anyone who is influencing him, because Sushant was not somebody who would listen to anybody. Over the past year, Sushant had distanced himself from his sisters, I know this because Rani told," Ankita said. 

Ankita also said that after their breakup in 2016, Sushant and she were not in touch with each other and she didn’t even have Sushant’s phone number. "For the last four years, I was not in touch with Sushant. I knew that we couldn’t talk to each other in that way. What’s done is done. I could see that he was happy in life and I’m also happy in my life." 

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Anonymous 1 week ago


Anonymous 2 weeks ago

This GF if she is the culprit then she and her brother should be booked, they ruined him completely.. so sad to see this greedy people.. Heartbreaking what his family must be going through..

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Sushant fir the past one year was lost in Rhea’s thoughts . She was playing him. He got played. He saw a glamorous girl in her. He treated her like a Queen. Indulged her and spoilt her with luxuries she did not deserve. She took advantage of his fragile mind. Her brother played along. Both deceived Sushant. Looted him out of his money. Hope his family recovers all the money he spent on this greedy , unethical sister & brother.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

What makes you say “fragile mind”? Did you know him? Stop peddling this nonsense that he was weak.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

What happens when the family doesn't like the girl their brother is dating. They blame the girl! Never will see maybe he took his life because he decided that

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

An intelligent adult taking this decision means there were several other problems and it just the girl. He was a vulnerable n sensitive human being and even though rhea cud hv bn pushy as a gf but it's not that she asked him to hang himself.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

If he had to take his own life then why is the reason ? If it is depression you say any human will be depressed the most when they loose their mother he fought through that and became a superstar if he could handle that whT else was their that he couldn't handle ?

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Run...or u might as well kill urself...n no one will fight u...think any it

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

But y wud he take the decision to end his life?...he was a successful actor, financially stable...he was made to tk dat decision...Rhea is d one who did it...or probably murdered him

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Finally I saw someone who thi ks exactly what I am thinking. I am not allowed to talk to my family. I have been isolated from my froends and family. That does not mean if I kill myself, my wife is the culprit. I am an adult. If I am staying in a relationship, that's my choice.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

What the f’ing hell. Where are all the comments

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