Another male lead to star alongside Deepika Padukone and Irrfan Khan in Vishal Bhardwaj's next?

Hunt for another male lead in Sapna Didi's biopic is underway.
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Piku duo, Deepika Padukone and Irrfan Khan are set to reunite on screen in Vishal Bharadwaj's next which is based on female don Rahima Khan aka Sapna Didi. The movie will be helmed by Honey Trehan and is slated to release on October 2, 2018. 

Now, according to a leading, the hunt for a second male lead in underway. The character will play an important role however, it isn't sure as to how much screen time said character will have in the movie. 

Who do you think should play the second lead in the movie!? Let us know in the comments below.  

In an interview with Pinkvilla, Prernaa Arora (head of KriArj Entertainment and co-producer of Deepika and Irrfan's movie) had said to us, "I'm very excited because I think Deepika is a beautiful person. She's extremely talented. There is nothing better than having Deepika Padukone and Irrfan sir in the film. We start shooting in January, next year. We plan to release the film on October 2, 2018. Personally, I'm excited to start the journey with them and more to work with Vishal ji on set. Right now we are prepping and a lot of work is going on. Right now, we are looking into the music and the arrangement that we are planning for the film. So we are prepping right now."  

On Bhardwaj, she said, "Vishal Bhardwaj, he is an inspiration. He's not a difficult man at all. I have heard that he is very strict but he is one of the nicest people and I have so much of love and respect for him. I want to continue working with him."


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Deepika had a rich and famous father who gave her professional choices. She got a chance to be badminton player whereas kangana was a middle class girls and for middle class kids its a crime to see dreams beyond Doctors, Engineers etc. Deepika did the typical actress thing by starring alongside superatars, made a star bf for being in news also linked herself to two most loved cricketers Dhoni amd yuvi and became popular everywhere whereas kangana always chose substanicial roles.

No way can Deepika and kangana be compared. In recent films of kangana one cant even finger a single mistake whereas It is very hard to appreciate deepika for Mastani. No offence but kangana would have nailed Mastani and might have stolen the show but Deepika just ended up being glam doll dressed as queen and gave an extremely lifeless and forgettable performance. Maybe she was not as bad but because of priyanka and Ranveer's acting she looked weak. Now kangana is one actress who can steal show from priyanka too so Deepika is no one.

Acting is not her cup of tea, sorry but she has a long way to go in that department, no one comes close to Kangs. I am not her fan but it is the truth, she is an amazing actress.. I think Rajkumar Rao will be a perfect fit for second lead..


I am like Rs......when dp is around don't want to look at anyone else. Love you dp.

Kangana fans, can't you see how severely type-casted your heroine is becoming? Rather than come here and spread hate toward DP who is truly doing different roles, give your precious 2 minutes rather to this question: can KR do anything else than play a eccentric woman? She did that in queen and yes she was fantastic. But that role kept coming back to her didn't it? Tannu in both TWM movies, Payal in Katti Batti, Julia in Rangoon and now Simran. Oh and she's a great actor is NOT THE POINT. Both DP and KR are good actors.

She is younger than deepika and already has three national awards. I am not a huge fan of kangana's but it needs a person to be really dumb to put them at par with each other. Deepika on the other hand is an average actress , who undoubtedly has delivered masala hits

You just reiterated my point: DP has done diverse roles and KR is a good actor. Now I believe DP is a good actor too and you have no right to call me dumb as I haven't call you one. If you think DP is average, your opinion. I think KR is a good actor who got lucky with roles. KR said in No Filter Neha that some other actresses got the roles she was supposed to and have messed them up. This means it is not her but the roles that are award worthy. She just does her usual eccentric laughing/ weird dancing stuff to those roles.

Sounds like a supporting in role then.

Love the fact that she's experimenting with her choices.

If this is for her husband's role, then I want Rajkummar Rao

Anil Kapoor plz.

This movie will give Deepika Padukone a whole new dynamic as an actress per excellence!! Love it how she isn't playing safe despite knowing that she is at the peak of her career and it can go away anytime.

It's Saif Ali khan

I know it says Saif on Sapna Didi's IMDB page, but that's not confirmed yet. Though I hope it's true.

I'd be down with that. Everyone talks about Ranveer and Ranbir, but I think Saif and Irrfan are her good underrated couples.

Spot on.Absolutely agree.

why compare her to kangana? im fan of both so please katrina pr stop doing that!
you did the same with pc and deepika on every post..

ranbir pleasee! katrina can have salman we what deepika with ranbir

Enough yaaar ... They 're already did 3 movie together

She is trying hard by accepting only Female Oriented Movies. She let go SRK's movie and many more. She wants to prove sh eis better than Kangana which she is not. She looks beautiful than Kangana but Acting wise, Sorry Dips.

She let go of SRK's film because of dates. She's committed to Padmavati. And also, if she's getting these amazing woman-centred projects, why let them go? They're more worthy of her time than masala movies.

Acting dur ki baat, Her looks not beautiful than kangana but yes depika is a good dancer.

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