Anupam Kher reacts to Naseeruddin Shah’s comments: How much more freedom do you need in the country?

Anupam Kher reacted to Naseeruddin Shah's comment about fearing for his children with reference to the killing of a police officer in Bulandshahr district in UP.
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Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah shared his views on mob violence in the country earlier this week and shared that he fears for his children on imagining a situation where they might be surrounded by a mob and will be asked whether they are a Hindu or a Muslim. Naseeruddin Shah made this statement with reference to the killing of a policeman in mob violence in Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh where cow carcasses were found earlier this month. He had said that the ‘poison has already spread.’.

Naseeruddin Shah spoke out after the UP Police had arrested three people in the cow slaughter case, but there hasn’t been significant progress in the investigation of the police officer’s killing. Shah was sent a ticket from Mumbai to Karachi for August 14 by Navnirman Sena’s President in UP, Amit Jani. He clarified his remarks yesterday after he was trolled and questioned as to what he has said for him to be called a traitor. Many political leaders have reacted to Shah’s statement and his appearance at Ajmer Literature Festival had to be cancelled.

Today Anupam Kher reacted to it and ANI tweeted his statement, “Anupam Kher on Naseeruddin Shah's statement: There’s so much freedom in the country that you can abuse the army, badmouth the air chief and pelt stones at the soldiers. How much more freedom do you need in a country? He said what he felt like, it doesn’t mean it’s the truth.”

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Anupam totally missed the point here. What Shah says applies to all types of mob lynchers who kill in the name of religion - whether its for cow or "blasphemy" for insulting the prophet.

If that is the case, which country can we go to ? - Iceland ?
one or the other, almost all countries have civil problems and passions run high - basque, ku klux klan, prophet's cartoons, unrest by and against past colonial immigrants, fundamentalism, piracy, oppression, human rights violations, parochial rulers, wars, stark poverty, interfaith clashes, meddling by superpowers etc. Others may have severe entry restrictions.
may be we should ask Taslima and Parsis whether they are happy in India or not.

Well said Anupamji !

Very well said Anupam ji.
Naseeruddin is commenting this because he knows he can getaway with anything as India is and always been a very Tolerant and forgiving country.We hindus respect every religion equally and
thats why people like him are living in India and enjoying all the benefits and still complaining.
India is a tolerant country because of hindus not other way around.
He is free to go to which ever country he wants to.People like him should be put in a place.Indeed a traitor.


All these people saying Anupam is a Kashmiri pandit should realize his family didn't move due to some religious exodus, he was born in Shimla in 1955, no one forced them to move. Everyone knows Anupam is one of the most selfish actors in bollywood, him and his wife both are corrupted.

The real inhabitants of India may be Hominina or Polynesians since there is strong evidence that India itself detached from Australia and hit Asia which impact was the reason for the formation of Himalayas. So, the Tribals may be the only original inhabitants. Even they took over India from Hominina and before them reptiles.
Ref Wiki on :

Aryan invasion theory has been replaced by the Aryan migration theory that happened after the fall of Harappan civlization. Mortimer Wheeler corrected himself later. There was enough room for everyone then for no one having to loot anyone else.
“In the later 20th century, ideas were refined along with data accrual, and migration and acculturation were seen as the methods whereby Indo-Aryans and their language and culture spread into northwest India around 1500 BCE (1800-1500)”
Now, migration was an essential part of early nomadic living. We should distinguish migration of ancient times from migration of recent times and an invasion for many reasons :
(a) Former is relatively peaceful (in recent times Parsi migration into India was peaceful);
(b) There was enough resources for everyone to share;
(c) There were no concept of nationhood and private property rights; the rivers, plateau and forests belonged to everyone;
(d) Different groups occupied different places or they intermarried and intermingled. The 2nd link (Time line) indicates that “Dravidians” settled mainly south of the Vindhya ranges and Harappans to the north. So, Aryans would have intermingled with or moved into the space vacated by the waning Harappan civilization. Dravidian and Aryan communities prospered through intersect marriages at least in South.

I agree with Aryan migration theory. NorthWest is where Pakistan is situated. It's not even current Afghanistan and Iran. Pakistan's three states KPK, Baluchistan and FATA were actually main Afghanistan and Iran- The home of Aryan. Brtish took it from Khorasaan ( Iran and Afghanistan) and gave it to Pakistan. I've visited Pakistan and have seen all. Over 95% of Pakistanis are native to the lands from 1000s of years. The more your state, city , region is away from KPK, Balochistan and FATA (Pakistan) the less Aryan you will look unless there's intersect marriage.

India is a land of hindus or sangis as one anonymous mentioned here. Take it or leave. Enough of tolerance. Time to put antinational forces at their place. By the way india is a tolerant country because of hindus not other way around.

This sounds very ... Hitler-like

wow the sanghis keep up with bollywood gossip now too huh

There's freedom of speech,no one should be asked to not express their opinion

Khan is unhappy bcos no one supports kashmir pundits issue in bellwood. Boyhood in general don't support each other when it comes to Cotraverses. He himself won't do it to his costars. But he has been vocal about it only after but rule. Shah hasn't supported any religion In particular and has only questioned mob rule. Nothing going wrong. I think keep is venting his anger I shah bcos shah has commented about his pune academic attendance percentage. Keep needs to grow up

Hindu extremistism should also be rejected

Some very intelligent person thinks that a exiled and persecuted pundit can have some “pain” but should keep quiet. But a person who imagines a hypothetical situation is profound and can selectively voice.

Anupam kher is a man of average intellect and Kashmiri Pandit with some pain. Neither he understands Army nor have any intellectual depth of most of issues. He is emotional man and opportunist to some extent . He just argue presuming he is intellectual. You should have sympathy for him.

Aryans migrated following the fall of harappen civilization.
Did not invade.
Dravidian culture was different and to the south of vindhya

Seems like, you are blindly following what the invaders propagated for centuries to divide Indians. Time to learn our history.

have quoted sources and reasons elsewhere on this page

very well said Mr.kher. Sha type of people should be put in place.Where was he when 1000 of hindus killed in kashmir and in mumbai blasts? He was not scared then but selectively now he is. Badmouthing his own nation, indeed a traitor!

United India’s population was 390 Million – 330,30,30 Million (India, Pakistan, Bangla).
Do not manufacture lies.

“Indias population itself was 3 million in 1947... where are the converted millions”
Do you think that India was some town in 1947 ?
United India’s population was 390 Million – 330+30+30 Million (India, Pakistan, Bangla).
Do not manufacture lies.

Annymous said :
Indias population itself was 3 million in 1947... where are the converted millions
Do you think that India was some town in 1947 ?
United India’s population was 390 Million – 330+30+30 Million (India, Pakistan, Bangla).
Do not manufacture lies.

Different cases take different time frames to solve, Naseer.
Don your Vishwatma hat and help them solve.

Now, different cases have different complexities, Shah.
It takes different time frames to resolve.
Why don't you investigate - Vishwatma style ?

Such a large country and there are such type of incidents happening all Cross the world. With much greater intensity. Nowhere, people badmouth their country... He is off free to go to Pakistan , Iran, Bangladesh, iraq, turkey, Serbia etc countries where nothing of this sort happens ... By the way he go so much from this country.... He is making a political comment.... Shame on him

His wife is a BJP MP. He gotta get her a ticket for next year too.

A policeman was murdered by a Mob, and Naseer commented on the mob rule.
Maybe Anupam justifies this.
Where was Anupam when the policeman was murdered, no comments then why..
So only when a Naseer spoke, this man wakes up from his slumber to comment and score brownie points.

How much freedom do you want..... for a change AnuPM should say this to the families of the people who were lynched by mobs.

PV post this please.

By your logic, exodus of Kashmiri Pandits should be of the highest order for any of the bollywood actors to speak about, how many do actually talk about it?? Anupam Kher represents that community and he has every right of speaking as much Naseer has the audacity to question the so called "bad times" hes going through. Is Naseer bereft of money, work, facilities or practicing his religion in this country that he's crying so much hoarse about??

Well said!

Love Anupam Kher!!! Everyone else being PC and not stating the obvious, the actual natives of India and they everything being wiped away everyday and he is the only one who has guts to talk facts. The other side should reverse the situation and see what they would have done if native Indians invaded their land, killed millions, pillaged, forcefully converted millions and the atrocities still continue at some level. Reverse the roles and they would be so much revenge and destruction. PV please post!

100 per cent correct

1. The actual natives are the dravidians, so even the Anupams should get out
2. everything being wiped away everyday.... whatever you mean, please elaborate
3. guts... he is a bootlicker
4. reverse the situation... what do you mean... you want a genocide
5. forcefully converted millions... are you nuts.... Indias population itself was 3 million in 1947... where are the converted millions
6. atrocities continue..... what are you talking about... come out of your whatspp shakha

Your comment is hateful, and displays your bigotted views...

I cant believe PV posted your comment.

But lets see how bigotted is PV, lets see if they post my reply..

And please PV can we not have the politically motivated articles... this is a entertainment site

Why did PV post this hateful comment.

Anupam Kherr have two personality one for USA goody two shoes and one for India ... Intolerance !

Sorry but he does highlight something that is buried-

The word truth is like a mirage Anupam. Different people see different things based on what ones Core and beliefs are and the situation.

What Anupam said is the truth, the international media should high light Anupam fake personality ,that he is representing in USA! Defender of human rights, high time !

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