Anupam Kher WALKS OUT of a shop when rallying for Kirron Kher as shopkeeper asks of BJP’s work in past 5 years

Anupam Kher is busy rallying for wife Kirron Kher in Chandigarh. While doing so, a shopkeeper questioned him about BJP’s fulfilment of promises over the last 5 years. Here’s how Anupam reacted.
Anupam Kher WALKS OUT of a shop when rallying for Kirron Kher as shopkeeper asks of BJP’s work in past 5 years
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It is one of the most active time for Indian politicians as the Lok Sabha Elections 2019 are going on in India. One of the biggest events in any democracy is the General Elections when the leaders of the country would be chosen. One of the candidates of BJP is Bollywood actress Kirron Kher. She is contesting the eElections from Chandigarh Constituency and her husband and actor Anupam Kher is by her side. Anupam accompanied Kirron when she went to file the nominations as well. 

Now, amidst the political atmosphere, Anupam has joined wife Kirron in campaigning in Chandigarh. The two are often seen visiting the markets, colleges, university and other places to create more awareness about Kirron’s campaign. However, during one such rally, Anupam Kher was questioned by a potential voter in a way that forced him to walk out without saying anything. A shopkeeper quizzed Kher when he was rallying for Kirron Kher about the work that BJP did in the last 5 years. 

The shopkeeper flashed BJP’s election manifesto in Kher’s face and asked him, “How many promises has BJP fulfilled in the last 5 years?” To this, Kher didn’t say anything and simply staged a walk out. Now, this particular incident has angered the voters who are sharing this video online. Anupam Kher has been actively supporting his wife Kirron Kher by rallying and campaigning. However, this incident surely has left the voters’ questions unanswered. Meanwhile, the voting in Chandigarh will take place on May 19 in Phase 7 of Lok Sabha Elections 2019. 

Check out the video:

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Both nautankis made for each other

The Shop Keeper is staged guy by Congress. Better not entertain him. What process the country has done in past 5 year is there for every one to see. Open you tube and see infinite videos demonstrating the work. For people who have low attention span they have edited videos with pictures to explain. PM has also explained the progress in recent interview.

When did these two become fascists?

Is pinkvilla a political discussion website now?

Inko pucho kuch na. Bas vote de do aur phir 5 saal ke liye gayab ho jayenge.

LOL @ antinational comment. This hypocrite Anupam did Paki Kumail Nanjiani's hollywood films and spoke against "islamophobia" in Hollywood. and comes back licks Modiji's boots in India. total opportunist.

Very well said. He is truly shameless

Anti Nationals working hard. the questioner is prolly not walking on the road, but on the sky walk built by Congress

It's a valid question dude. Why didn't he answer... Why should it matter who asked.

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