Anurag Kashyap loses his cool at paparazzi; asks them don't they have anything else to do, WATCH

Anurag Kashyap lashed out at the paparazzi today when they tried to click his pictures. The director was outside his doctor's clinic when the paps started clicking his pics. Watch the video.
News,Anurag KashyapAnurag Kashyap loses his cool at paparazzi; asks them don't they have anything else to do, WATCH
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The paparazzi culture in India is very crazy. It isn't easy for Bollywood celebs to escape the shutterbugs whether they are at the gym, film studios, any doctor's clinic or the airport. Most of the times, these celebs smile and pose for the shutterbugs and sometimes, they don't like the constant attention on them. Today, Anurag Kashyap lost his cool at the shutterbugs who were clicking his pictures.

Today, Anurag Kashyap was snapped while he was outside his doctor's clinic. This angered the Manmarziyaan director and he lashed out at the shutterbugs and said, "Tum log ye doctor ke yaha kyu khade ho photo lene ke liye? Tum logo ko kaam nai hai life mein? (Why are standing outside a doctor's clinic? Don't you have any job to do?)". One of the cameramen told Kashyap that it is their jobs to click pics.

Anurag lost his cool even more and said, "Jao jaakar shakal dekho sheeshe mein... log kahi bhi jaa rahe hain, unka photo le rahe hain. Ek baar baithke socho aur pucho apne aap se. (You should take a look at yourself in the mirror. You need to question yourself about the sort of job you are doing?)" A video of the same was shared by a cameraman on his Instagram.

Check the video out:

The cameraman wrote, "A humble request to @anuragkashyap10 on not guiding us on our jobs.

Aapko koi Haq nahi banta kisi ke profession pe comment karne ka.

Hum apne aap se puch ke hi ye kaam karte hai Aur hum, Aur ye poori #Bollywood industry proud hai hamare kaam se.

Get A Life Anurag Kashyap."


KJo tells that they themselves inform photographers at the location. How do the phtographers know which doctor, which gym, which hotel, which icecream shop, who is riding bycycle, out of so many options. Anurag is not star director whose photo would have got proper remuneration, im sure he would not have informed the photo journalists. If he doesnt want to be clicked, you could have let him go

Media needs to be respectful and recognise boundaries. Yes, it is a cameraman’s livelihood but you can still earn money in a more dignified manner. Reverse the situation, would you want your pics all over internet when you are vulnerable????? KARMA

He selected this profession himself . Did any one force him to come in show biz ?

He absolutely said the right thing in a calm way. Didn't lose his cool at all!

He didn't say anything wrong. Though I don't like him

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