Anurag Kashyap opens up on Ravi Kishan smoking weed, Bollywood's drug cartel & SSR's case being politicised

When asked about his views on Jaya Bachchan and Ravi Kishan's Parliament jibes, Anurag Kashyap called out the Bhojpuri actor and said that he is known for consuming weed for the longest time.
Anurag Kashyap reveals Ravi Kishan has been smoking weed for the longest time. Anurag Kashyap opens up on Ravi Kishan smoking weed, Bollywood's drug cartel & SSR's case being politicised
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For majority of Sushant Singh Rajput's case investigation Anurag Kashyap has not been active on Twitter. However, in the past few weeks, the filmmaker broke his silence amidst the various angles that have been cropping up. He also shared screenshots of his conversation with Sushant's former manager where he called the late actor 'problematic'. Now, in an extensive interview with Faye D'souza, Anurag has opened up on a variety of issues that have caused an unrest in Bollywood in the last three months. 

Speaking about Sushant's case, Anurag revealed that he feels like the case is being completely politicised. When asked on the same and if he thinks artists should pick side, Anurag said, "Am friends with people whom I don't share ideologies with. I will say whatever it is.. am still friends with Ravi Kishan. Am still friends with Ranvir Shorey. we disagree on ideologies. There was a time when we could differ in ideologies but still have a drink or dinner together. People have a choice to make ideologies and take sides."  

He added, "And I'm fine with that. I come from a family that has voted for the BJP all their lives. Kangana has been a very good friend of mine but this is not the Kangana I knew. I know that what is going on right now is pure politics. It is pure powerplay. And that would include even Shiv Sena and even Sanjay Raut." 

Commenting on Sanjay Raut's slur against Kangana, he said, "For me, Sanjay Raut falls in my eyes when he says 'haramkhor'." He also questioned the BMC's hasty decision to demolish Kangana's office and said, "If something is illegal and you wanted to demolish it.. why wasn't it demolished long back? When government demolishes something to make a statement they are playing the same game that Kangana is playing. For me, what's the difference between the two."

When asked about his views on Jaya Bachchan and Ravi Kishan's Parliament jibes recently and who does he support, Anurag called out Ravi Kishan and revealed that the Bhojpuri actor himself was known for consuming weed. 

Anurag said, "Ravi Kishan is an actor whom I have known for a long time. He acted in my last film Mukkabaaz. He starts his day by saying 'Jai Shiv Shankar', 'Jai Bham Bole'. For the longest period of time he has used weed. And everybody knows it. The whole world knows it. He might have quit now. He might have cleaned up now that he is become a minister..but do you include that in drugs?" 

He then added, "No, am not judging Ravi Kishan because for me I have never seen weed as a drug. When he talks about it and takes a self-righteous stand I have a problem with that." The filmmaker also spoke about his personal struggle with drugs and said that he was a "coke head in 2006-08" when he was an unreleased filmmaker and he was going through his marriage separation. 

When asked if there is a prevalent drug cartel in Bollywood, Anurag replied sayig, "It is absolutely bullshit and I can say it with confidence. There is an investigation going on and CBI, NCB are on it..I hope there is something they find. But I have never heard of it, I don't know of it." 

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Anonymous 8 months ago

The best thing to do according to Ravi Kishan is admit you used to smoke weed and then blame the friends you took weed with lol

Anonymous 8 months ago

woah so that's why u were so hyper...that ur past history might show up ....

Anonymous 8 months ago

ANURAG KASHYAP.... is one woke and joke activist. He makes good movies . But he is not in the right frame of mind. He picks and chooses the battles that he thinks can make him famous. He says he is a secular liberal progressive... But he forgets that these are terms hijacked from the western democracy. He justifies his liberalism with his multiple marriages, multiple divorces , Sugar Daddy, alcohol drugs , bigotry and racism . Just like many Indians , he fails understand the true meaning of being a liberal progressive. May be he should talk to his western counterparts who can teach him about “ liberal “ policies .

Anonymous 8 months ago

Time wasted

Anonymous 8 months ago

One thing is for sure, no one is more rattled by the drugs investigation than Poor Anurag loves his Nasha!

Anonymous 8 months ago

Well spoken guy!

Anonymous 8 months ago

Ha! Ha! Ravi Kishan, Ulta chor kotwal ko dante...